Thursday, December 31, 2009


I thought it would be fun to join in the party that Cindy over at Romantic Homes is hosting. She has asked us to go through our photos and posts and do a review of 2009.

In doing so, I noticed 2009 was filled with parties, parties and more parties.

So, my review is going to be of all the fun parties I've thrown this year.

The first party of 2009 was Trinity's birthday party. Every year it's a different theme.

For her 8th birthday it was all about horses!

We went to a local petting zoo and had a BBQ, played games, opened presents and rode on the train. The high light was when all the kids got to ride on a horse.

For some, it was the first time they had been on a horse before.

It was a fun time and, per Trinity, "a birthday she will never forget".

It's almost time for her birthday party this year. Wow! She is almost 9 years old. Growing up so fast. The theme this year is going to be MAGIC!

The next party was a baby shower for a friend. The theme was "Welcome to the Nest Little One".

Of course that meant birds and nests were the main theme of the decor.

Since she was having a little boy (her 4th boy) the color was blue and brown.

My favorite thing of the whole shower was the cupcakes! Little bird nests with baby birds popping up. You can see them here.

Then came the darling Alice in Wonderland birthday party for my sister, Patty.

This was a surprise party. She didn't have a clue what we were up to. It was just our family as she made me promise not to have a big party for her.

However, the decorations were so cute. Thanks to Donna at Party Wishes. This is one of her parties you can rent. If you have not been to her blog you must go see it. She has the best parties in town!

Summer time was a great reason to throw a FUN IN THE SUN party for Trinity and a few of her girlfriends.

They ate, played water games, jumped on the trampoline as they squirted the hose and had a fun time.

We decided to have more of these smaller parties with just three or so friends over so she can have some quality time with her friends.

Our next girlfriend party is going to be a Barbie theme.

The annual Halloween party, I throw for Trinity, was a big hit this year. It was all about Pirates!

We had food, games, crafts, tattoos and so much fun! All the kids said they loved going to Trinity's parties because they have such a good time.

I'm already in the planning mode for this years Halloween party.

After all the fun with the kids on Halloween, I wanted to have a little party for adults. So I had a Witches Lunch.

It was nice to sit down and enjoy some time with my sisters and friend and it was decided we all want to do this every year.

The year closed up with a Christmas Cookie party for Trinity and a few of her friends.

Each girl got to make and decorate their own cookies to take home.

We had dinner, baked cookies and the girls all won awards for their cookies.

Next Christmas we are going to make Gingerbread Houses.

So that's about how my life is, if I'm not throwing a party, I'm planning one.

I have several in the works right now. Of course there is Trinity's Birthday party coming up in Jan. Then I am having a small Valentine's Day lunch for my friends and sisters, maybe a St. Patrick's Day tea party, an Academy Award party, a New York theme birthday party for my sister, Maureen, a Barbie party, a flip flop summer party, the annual Halloween party, a Witches lunch and a Gingerbread House party.
Oh my! I'm tired already.

The year 2009 was a good year. I hope 2010 is even better.

Now be sure to go to Romantic Homes and see everyone's end of the year reviews.

Happy New Year!


Rach said...

Great themes! I love this stuff.

Stephanie said...

Parties are always fun!! Happy New Year!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a glorious year you've had and shared! I just love theme parties! The baby shower one is my fav!!

Isn't this a great idea for us to share our best!?!? Please come visit my post when you get a chance.

Hope 2010 will bring you much happiness!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Christy said...

Everything is s adorable!! I've always wanted to go into party planning & your post reminded me of why. Very very cute stuff!!!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

happy new year.. nice post! perfectly captured the precious memories of 2009. thanks for sharing.