Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today I went to Rogers Gardens. I love that place. It's in Newport Beach and is by far the nicest Nursery I've been to. However, it's so much more then just a Nursery.

During the Christmas Holiday they are all decked out with over 26 theme trees, every sort of decoration you could want, Christmas trees, plants and even Santa is there.

They offer different classes throughout the year. Most are free or only a very small fee. All of the ones I've been to have been wonderful.

Today they had a free (love that) class on getting ready for Christmas.
It was held outside and it was a little chilly. We were bundled up in our sweaters and jackets. The cool morning really made it feel like Christmas time.

They showed how to decorate a mantle, table, or entry way.

We learned how to make beautiful fresh flower arrangements and fresh wreaths.

They gave great ideas for place card holders, small hostess gifts, decorating by theme and color.

The two that taught the class were two of the head designers from Rogers Garden.

The guy has his own line out and does the most wonderful floral arrangements. The girl is the top buyer. She gets to travel throughout the world searching for the best items to sell at Rogers Gardens. Isn't that a dream job!

They not only showed off some of the new items for sale at Rogers Gardens but they also showed how you could take your own items and add them to some of the newer items you purchase to make it pretty.

Also, they gave ideas on how to make your version of some of the things they sell there.

The gold display they put together was so pretty.

Look at those trees! They were one idea they told how you could make your own, with vintage or broken jewelry pieces and a styrofoam tree.
You don't want to know how much they went for there!

They also gave clever ideas on wrapping your gifts. Like taking a brown craft box from places like Michael's and then gluing on wrapping paper or (in this case) wall paper, to make your own gift box.

I loved how they didn't cover the whole box but left the outline of brown showing through. You could also, use colored markers to line the box or even glue some glitter on it.

Put your gift inside, tie a pretty ribbon around it and you are ready to give your gift.

They also gave away hundreds of dollars worth of free items in drawings. Sadly I did not win anything. Maybe next year!

Once the class was over I went inside to look at the pretty trees and decorations.

This year they named each tree. There was no way I could pick the one I loved the most. They were all so pretty.

I fell in love with this rusty looking Gazebo with the pretty greenery and poinsettia plants inside.

Wouldn't that look pretty at your front door.

How about taking your topiary wreath and added a few red balls and ribbon to perk it up for Christmas. Very cute!

They have the most lovely Poinsettias. Every color but of course my favorite is the bright red.

They also had everything to decorate the table with. From table cloths to English crackers in many designs.

I like to make my own crackers. I'll show you mine and how to do them on a later post.

I'll show you mine on another post.

You can make them to match any place setting.

It was so fun walking through there. But, you must walk around a few times. There is so much to see that you spot something you missed each time you go around.

I loved the vintage looking wreaths, trees and stars.

I couldn't get over how the trees were just dripping with ornaments. So many that you couldn't see the tree.

I did this one year at home. Never again! My tree fell over due to the weight and I had to tie it up so it would stay.

Yes, I know I have lot of ornaments! You would die if you saw how many big boxes of them I really do have. I have enough to decorate several trees. I have an obession with pretty ornaments.

These boxes are darling! Another great and easy craft project you could do to save the big bucks these cost.

They had every size, shape, color and theme of a Nut Cracker you could think of.

I thought they were so cute all together.

I had a wonderful time and really felt in the Christmas Spirit. The best part was I had hours of entertainment and enjoyment and it didn't cost me one penny.

So, keep your eye out. I'm sure there are many free things you can do this Holiday Season too. I have several marked on my calender all ready. Of course I'll share them with you as I do them.



SharDon Exclusives said...

Joanne, everything is so gorgeous! Goodness, If you didn't get in the decorating mood after all of the ideas than you just won't.

Nancy said...

Gosh, I would love to visit that wonderful nursery. Your pictures are great! Bummer that you didn't win anything, but you sure got some great ideas for future crafts.
XO Nancy

Rach said...

Those classes sound so fun! What great ideas.