Saturday, December 19, 2009


Last night, I was lucky enough to have been invited to Trinity's Brownie's Christmas party.

The Troop Leader had it at her house and it was decorated so cute. She had a fire going in the fireplace, the stockings were hung, the tree was shinning bright, Christmas music was playing and there was a table set up with goodie bags and her gift to each of the girls.

Truth be told, I was invited so I could show the girls how to make and decorate the Candy Cane cupcakes I told you about yesterday.

They each made a chocolate one and a white one. They had fun and really liked them.

When everyone was done, they said they really loved the whipped topping. So I gave them each a big mouth full that I squirt right into their mouths. Wow! Did they all have a sugar high after that.

As if that wasn't enough to hype them up, they also had hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream.

As they were dancing around the Christmas tree, a knock came on the door and sleigh bells could be heard outside.

Once the door was opened the girls got really excited because it was Santa!

Somehow he knew they were having their party, and since they had all been so good this year, he wanted to stop by and give them a little extra gift.

He knew everyone's name and called the girls up one at a time. Each girl told him what they wanted for Christmas and he promised to do his best to bring it to them on Christmas.

All of the girls got to take their photo with Santa too.

OK, so I got a bit jealous because I wanted to sit on Santa's lap and take a picture too.

I settled for grabbing him while he was up walking around and having my picture taken with him.

I must say, Santa was much taller then I remembered him being. I'm 5'4" so he must have been at least at least a foot taller then me.

After the other adults saw I took my photo with Santa they felt brave enough to get their photo taken with him too.

Only they didn't fess up and admit they wanted their photo taken alone with Santa. They used the girls as their excuse to get their arms around him.

I mean really, is there any man more wanted then Santa? I don't think so. Old or young, everyone loves Santa.

Hey, by the way, look at my sister, Maureen. She has lost 43 lbs. Isn't she looking great!

After talking to each girl, giving them all a gift, taking photos and then letting all the adult women put their arms around him, Santa had to leave.

It was then time for the girls to exchange their secret Santa gifts. They drew names before and no one knew who had who's name.

They also got to open their goodie bags and the Troop Leader gave them her presents.

Everyone was thrilled with the gifts they received.

Trinity's secret Santa gift was a darling Reindeer from Build A Bear. When you push his paw his antlers light up. Very cute.

By this time, I was tired and still had lots to do at home, so, I slipped out. The girls were still enjoying the party and going strong.

I have a feeling they all slept well and had sweet dreams of all the fun and excitement they shared at the party.

Oh to be a kid again...



Christy said...

Hi Joanne! It's Christy from the Brownie troop. So excited to see that you have a blog. I had to laugh out loud because I blogged about the girls party & the very 1st picture is almost identical to yours!! We were on the same wave length! Thanks again soooo much for coming to our party with your amazing cupcakes. The girls loved it! I will now be a new reader of your blog!!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
What a great party! The photo of Trinity and Santa is adorable!! And YOU are looking good too! I'm so proud of how well you've done this past year getting healthy.
The Whitehouse ornament this year is gorgeous. What an honor to have such a collection in your family. I like the one of Mrs Tyler, so elegant.

Hope you have a fabulous Christmas!! Love, Sherry