Friday, December 11, 2009


I finally made it to my storage and got some of my Christmas items out so I can start to decorate.

The first box I opened was some of my Santa's that I've collected and thought I would share them with you.

I love this Santa with a big bag full of toys in his sleigh.

The Christmas tree in back of him belonged to my mom. Her friend made it for her and she treasured it.

These two Santas are so colorful and cute. They are actually salt and pepper shakers but I never use them for that.

I really like this Santa because he is simple. Nothing fancy. Just Santa!

This little Santa is actually a Dept 56 trinket box.

Here are three littler Santas.

This is Mr. and Mrs. Santa. They are in the process of changing from their Fall outfits to Christmas ones. I guess I could put this one up in the Fall and leave it out until Christmas but I never do.

I wait to put all my Christmas things out at once.

This one I got 1/2 off at Macy's a few years ago. It was their after Christmas sale.

It's actually a tea pot.

This Santa reminds me of the old Santas from days gone by.

One year, on my trip to Rogers Gardens, I picked up this Radko Santa.

Here are three more Santas that have that vintage feel to them.

A few more Santas to enjoy. The one on the right is a candle holder. You lift up the top of the presents and there is a candle in there.

I love this one! It's the Coke Santa. It is actually my sister, Patty's, but I put it with my other Santas. I'm hoping she will one day forget it is hers and I'll get to keep it. Shhh! Don't tell her.

These are two more candle holder Santas. I never burn them though.

Well, while I have many more Santas. I think these will be about the only ones I'll put out this year.

After all, I have snowmen, reindeer, trees and other Christmas items that I need to save room for.



Glenda said...

Can you believe I am on the internet !!!!!!

I love your collection. I like the look of old Santa's mostly. Those are the ones I go for when I look for them. Love the Mrs and Mr Claus.

I bet your home looks more like Christmas now.

It's been so cold up here. Raining etc.. been in the 30º at night and 40º in the evening. Brrrrr


Glenda said...

I meant to say 40º in the day time. Don't know which end is up anymore.


Rach said...

Awesome collection!!

jerry said...
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