Thursday, December 10, 2009


One of the many things I love at Christmas time is all the great Peppermint flavored items out there.

When you think of Tootsie Pops you don't normally think of Peppermint but you should now. They are great!

Plus, they are only one point if you are on Weight Watchers.

While ice cream is not something I eat a lot of in Winter, offer me a bowl of Peppermint ice cream and I will gladly indulge.

Peppermint and chocolate just go together so well and when the chocolate is a good chocolate like Ghirardelli it's a little bit of Heaven in your mouth.

Then of course there are Hersey Kisses in Peppermint flavor. YUM!

Growing up we didn't have kisses in all the great flavors they have today. Have you tried any of them? If not, you are sure missing out.

But of course, there is nothing quite the same as a good ol' fashioned Candy Cane!

I like the small ones the best. Perfect size for me.
Every year I make Peppermint Bark with white chocolate and Peppermint chunks.

I'll do a post on it when I make it this year. It's so simple you will want to make up some yourself.


Decor To Adore said...

I too am a peppermint addict. I recently discovered Pepperment Mocha instant coffee my general foods international coffee. Yum.

bj said...

O, i, too, love anything peppermint. I bought a box of the original, full size Candy Canes last night...I love to stick one in my hot so good...
I am on my way to the store today to buy ingredients for more Christmas candy...peppermint bark is always at our house, along with peanut clusters and chocolate dipped cookies.

O..I just read your comment offering the little T. birds. That is so so sweet of you. We have 2 Target stores here. I will see if they still carry them. That way, if you find someone that would love the llittle birds but doesn't have a Target in their town, you could send yours to them.
Thanks again for such a sweet offer.