Thursday, December 24, 2009


This year I wrapped everyone's presents in a red and white theme.

Trying to get through Christmas with spending very little money on Christmas decorations, which included the wrapping paper, I went searching at Big Lots and came across a package of three rolls of paper that fit my theme.

I loved the look and the price was only $3.00 for three rolls. Can't beat that. But, it was when I saw it was actually Hallmark paper I knew I found my paper for the year.

I picked up 6 rolls for only $6.00.

Even my gift cards got wrapped in red and white. I bought these cute little Santa bags from a fund raiser that Trinity was having at school.

Cheep and a tax write off!

I tried to make each present look different even though the wrapping all looked the same. I used ribbon that I already had so it didn't cost me a penny for the ribbon this year either.

Some presents got big bows, some got candy canes tied to the ribbon.

Here I added a T ornament made out of pearls. Since this one is for Trinity, she will love to see the pearl T on her tree every year.

This cute Santa bag was in our supplies from last year. I'm not sure where we got him but he sure is darling.

Do you wrap your presents with a theme?

No matter what you get this year, I hope it's what you always dreamed of.

Merry Christmas!



A Southern Rose said...

Your presents look so beautiful! I like to match my presents to my trees. One tree is shabby chic pink and white and one is tradition green and red. I love to make my presents match. Merry Christmas!

Lee Laurie

Rhondi said...

Hi Joanne
Your presents look so beautiful! I hope the recipients noticed. I used to do the theme thing but now I just buy whatever is cheap. You got a great deal there and it makes me think that I could take a little more care in the present wrapping department.
Merry Christmas,

Setting the Mood said...

Beautiful!! Your presents would match our tablesetting perfectly!!
Merry Christmas!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

love the polka dot paper! I wrpapped in a theme as well- light blue and red with snowflakes.

Hope you got everything you wanted!

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas gifts look beautiful. I think it makes a magical presentation. The best part is that it only cost $3! I am a new blogger and enjoyed reading through yours this sleepless night in NJ.