Monday, December 14, 2009


This year I didn't purchase one new Christmas decoration. I can't believe that because I'm the one who is always buying new things for Christmas.

But, this year, I am keeping it simple and more meaningful. Everything I put out has a memory and/or a story.

Last year I came across a few boxes that belonged to my favorite Aunt and Uncle. I was lucky enough to get them when they passed away. They were full of their Christmas items.

As a child, every year I would go stay a few days with them durning Christmas vacation and I have some wonderful memories of those days.

They would let me help decorate their tree. The ornaments on our tree this year are all of those same ornaments.

It's funny though because back then I wondered why they never bought new ornaments. After all, they had lovely new ones out at the stores every year.

When I would ask my Aunt would tell me she loved all her decorations because they all had memories behind them. She could tell you where each and every item came from or who gave it to her.

Most dated back to when they were first married in the early 1940's.

Of course, when I was a kid I didn't understand her reasons, but, now I do.

So this little tree is dedicated to my wonderful Aunt and Uncle and it is so full of memories I'm surprised the branches can still stand up from all the weight.

I love this tree and I'm very happy I got to put it up this year.



A Southern Rose said...

Oh, it's so beautiful. Those ornaments are gorgeous!

Lee Laurie

Siobhan said...

Beautiful tree! :)

Donna said...

Those are gorgeous, Joanne!! And so special because of the sentiments behind them. Some of them remind me so much of the ones that were on our tree when I was a kid... Sadly, most of those did nor survive through the years. Anyhow, I just love your tree and the memories behind the ornaments... Donna

Nancy said...

I love it...who doesn't love pink! But what makes it so special are the memories it holds for you. What a treasure you have. I'm so glad you can enjoy it each year.
XO Nancy

limo hire said...

Lovely ...tree..i really like it.