Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yes, you read that right. I finally went to the gym and signed up. Not only did I sign up but I'm going to be working out with a Trainer for awhile too.

I wish I could say I'm excited but I'm really not.

I went to weigh in today and the scale went in the wrong direction. Up! YIKES! Not again!

Well, I knew they would. I was so bad last week.

Things didn't go as planned in Laughlin. It was so windy there was no way we were going to be able to do our planned walks along the river.

Plus we ate at the buffets and while I had veggies, I didn't have the right kind. I had potatoes with gravy, corn and I put butter on the other ones. Plus I had bread.

I pretty much had starch/carbs and fat.

Then it was Thanksgiving and I ate whatever I wanted. Plus I had pie. Real pie, not the Weight Watcher kind I planned on having.

Oh yes and let's not forget the left overs. It's no wonder I gained.

So after I weighed in I went to Knotts Berry Farm. I got a year pass because they are going for only $59.00 a year.

I thought it would be another great place to walk around and get some exercise in.

I spent a few hours there walking throughout the whole park.

While there I was thinking about how I'm going to start all over with my weight loss. I need to get back on track so I'm starting off as if it's week one again.

I knew I wanted to do this right and I didn't want spend any more weeks going up and down with the same two pounds.

So, I stopped at the gym and signed up. Since my health insurance pays for the yearly membership fee I thought I would spend the money it would have cost me to join and get a trainer.

I've always wanted a trainer to show me what to do and how to do it. Plus it gives me someone else to check in with.

He wanted me to stop going to Weight Watchers and make up a plan for me but I told him no. That I believed in Weight Watchers and when I follow it I lose like I should.

So he agreed. He just wants me to bring in my food diary every week so he can go over it with me. I can do that.

While I hate the thought of going to the gym I am sort of looking forward to it.

I'm going to take it one week at a time. He figured up my fat to muscle ratio and feels it should take me 21 weeks to get to where I need to be if I go to the gym 3 times a week and stay on Weight Watchers.

That is so do able! Heck I was thinking it was going to take me years. Just thinking that in May I will have reached my goal and be in shape makes me excited.

I'm almost looking forward to going. I feel like I have a new plan and I'm going to be moving forward now.

How did you do? Were you able to be good over Thanksgiving? I hope you did better then me but if not, start over like I am.



SandyQuilts said...

I'm a Lifetime WW. I also go to the YMCA. I also have a trainer for almost a year.

Even after you get to where you want you have to keep doing WW, going to the gym and connect with the trainer every so often.

Getting to where you want is the easy part ... staying where you want is the hard part.

Do as much aerobics as you can squeeze out .... that will melt the fat. It's time consuming but rewarding. Pilates is wonderful for the tummy area ... it does reduce it.

Good Luck

SharDon Exclusives said...

Joanne, I am proud of you! Good for you! WW & exercise should do it & just think of next spring how gorgeous you will be!

Glenda said...

Well ya can't always win the battle everytime. But it's good that your motivated to do the gym thing. Working with a trainer will be good.

I'll try to come by if a can, but not having an Internet all the time makes it harder.


Donna said...

Oh, good for you, Joanne! I wish I could get my butt in gear (literally) and go join a gym. I know me well enough to know that I'd just be throwing money away! I wasn't able to get to my WW meeting this Monday as I still had to take one of the girls back to the city after the Thanksgiving weekend. But I have a feeling that if I had gone, I'd have also had a gain. Thanksgiving dinner and the days worth of leftovers were just too tempting! ha ha You'll have to fill us in on how the gym is going with a personal trainer. Maybe reading your posts will inspire me! ... Donna