Saturday, April 3, 2010


It's here! That's right, you heard me. If you are going to a party in the Orange County or the surrounding areas and see this little white trailer when you pull up, you are in a for a big treat!

It means the party has been catered by M3 Taco Company! They just happen to be the catering company that comes to you and cooks up the worlds best Tacos!

A grill will be set up and fresh chicken, beef and pork will be cooked to perfection. The tortillas heat up, and when ready, your tastes buds will explode with excitement!

Here are the owners of this wonderful company, Christy and Tony Monfort. Aren't they are a great looking couple?

They are just as nice as they look too.

They both work hard, cooking away so your guest will have plenty to eat.

How nice that you can host a party and they do all the set up, cooking and clean up of the food. That way, you too get to enjoy the party and your guest.

They make their own salsa and let me tell you, the salsa is full of flavor and comes in a variety of hotness. I could eat this all day.

They make great rice too. It's a cilantro/lime rice. The beans also cooked to perfection!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Grand Opening they held at their own house. The smell of the fresh cooked tacos was heaven and tempted your taste buds before you even got outside.

Everyone was eating two and three plates full.

Oh, they even make their own homemade guacamole. Look, the avocados are even growing in their back yard. How fresh is that!

What ever you do, don't pass up the bacon wrapped jalapenos. Well, that is, unless you are a vegetarian like me. Then you may have to. I hear they are to die for though.

Speaking of being a vegetarian, 3M Taco Company also offers a vegetarian mean option too! How great is that!

So everywhere I looked, this is what I saw, smiling faces and people eating, eating and eating some more.

Yes, 3M Taco Company is a treat in every sense of the way. I recommend them to anyone looking for a way to spice up your parties.

No, I did not get paid to say this. I really mean every word of this.



Maureen said...

The food was great, it reminded me of Chipotle's. I love how everything was made to order and it was so fresh. The different salsas were to die for. I am sure this will be a great business for them and can't wait to use them for some of our parties.

Blondie's Journal said...

What an innovative idea. A traveling catering company!! I love it! And I adore Mexican food. Wish I could have been at the party, Joanne!!


Glenda said...

Only in LA baby.

Oh how I want some of that. I am so poor these days I miss going out to a restaurant.

Have a Happy Easter

vignette design said...

That food looked delicious! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. You asked about my chargers.
They came from Pottery Barn. Hopefully they are still there. Happy Easter. -Delores

Michelle said...

The food was very tasty, I agree. The jalapeno poppers were delish and the salsa was excellent. My daughter loved the chicken tacos so much she declared "they were the most delicious chicken ever". Big compiment from and 8 year old who loves chicken nuggets!
I can not wait to see them in action again.