Saturday, April 10, 2010


A friend of mine invited me to the party she gave for her two boys who had birthdays just a few days apart from each other.

She asked them if they wanted their own party but both boys said no that they like having a combined birthday party with their brother. How cute is that!

The theme was LEGO Construction. It was a cute party with lots of bright colors. She had received yes RSVPs for 36 kids. YIKES!

Luckily she found a great place to have the party. It was at one of those bounce house party places. That way, the kids could play, run around and be entertained. Plus there was lots of room in the party area to seat not only all those kids but the parents too.

I helped her find some cute items to use for the party. Each place setting had a LEGO place mat made from scrap booking paper, a colorful plate, bright colored napkins wrapped around the flatware and a construction LEGO sticker as the napkin ring.

On top of each plate there was a hard hat for the kids to wear and the cup looked like a street cone.

I really liked that she used different types of "place mats" and the plates and napkins were all different colors.

Each place setting looked a little different. Yet they all still were cute enough that no one fought over where to sit.

Here is a better look at the cups. Aren't they just darling! She was very smart and wrote each kids name on their cup so they never got mixed up. Plus it worked great so the kids all knew where to sit.

Look at the bright colorful napkins and flatware. Those colors just make you in a happy mood and let you know this is going to be a fun party.

She got both boys the same cake but they each had their name and age on them. No fighting over who got the best cake this way. Very smart!

I loved the LEGO candles. How cute and perfect for the theme.

The cake tables were set up with the cake, some street cones and caution tape.

This is a shot showing how the tables looked. Look at the walls. Even those were brightly colored and fun.

I really liked the Caution tape. It gave the place a real construction feel to it.

The two birthday boys!

Having so many kids did make it hard to get everyone sitting down to eat at the same time. Some how she got it all to work out.

Smart lady that she was, she contacted a local Mexican restaurant and had them bring the food in. It was super good and came in throw away containers for easy clean up. Plus all the kids loved it. So did the adults!

Even though it was a boys themed party, the girls all had fun and really enjoyed being there too.

The kids spent most of their time running around and going in all the jump houses. A lot of the adults spent time pretending they were kids again and went in them too. Sliding down the slides, jumping up and down and going through the optical course.

The gift table was over flowing with gifts. I cracked up at the one bag a kid brought. Can you see the picture of the kid on that bag? It says "I picked this just for you" or something like that.

The jump house place had a Frog mascot that came out and danced with the kids. Mostly the younger kids had the most fun with the Frog but the older ones also joined in and danced and gave high fives with the Frog. It was really cute to see the kids faces with their big smiles.

Everyone was running around having such a good time. One by one they would finally stop, sit down and take a break. With red faces and sweaty bodies giving clues as to how much fun they were really having.

Then it was time for birthday cake. Again, it was hard to get everyone to gather around long enough to sing Happy Birthday. No one wanted to stop having fun long enough to sit down for long.

Finally everyone was gathered and took their seats. The room was filled with everyone singing. Each boy took a deep breath and made a wish. One big wish that you get only once a year on your birthday.

Don't you wonder what each child wishes for?

Ohhhhhh, I think one of the birthday boys wished to be a frog! Looks like his wish was coming true right before our eyes.

Finally, after hours and hours of playing, singing, dancing and having a blast it was time to go home. Each child got a goodie bag full of Lego's, stickers, candy and other items. I bet everyone slept good that night.

Going to a kids party can be pretty dangerous at times. You never know who will fall, hit their head or get hurt some how.

The little brother of the birthday boys was minding his own business as he was playing in one of the bounce houses when a crash took place. Poor guy got his finger hurt. He was crying and it started to swell up.

His daddy thought it could be pretty bad so he picked him up and took him to the ER. Turns out the little guy broke his finger.

He got a little cast put on and returned to the party and continued to play and have fun with the big boys. It takes more then a broken bone to stop this little one!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What a cute party theme and I love those cups. So adorable! Thanks for sharing. I remember the days of birthday parties when my girls were little. Fun, but hectic!!! Love & blessings from NC!

Shell said...

I'm starting to think you're the Queen of Parties!

What a cute theme! What a lot of KIDS! Wow!

Thanks for sharing!


Margie said...

Fun, fun fun! I really love the cups! Well, I really love all of it! COLORS! ~ Margie

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

What a fun party! I LOVE the drink cups...where did she score those?

I can't believe that little boy made it to the dr., had a cast put on and made it back to the party. He must have gone to a drive-thru office :)

Hope things are going well. I'm so happy the kids went back to school today. The house is so quiet but I've gotten 7 phone calls in 2 1/2 hours. Don't these people know it's my day off? :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Joanne this looks like such a wonderful party! I felt bad for the little guy who broke his finger but it was nice he was able to return and still have fun!

Kathleen said...

That was great! I have 4 little gkids so I have been to many of those bounce/gym/baseball /Build a Bear places. No one has parties at home any more! I use to have 30 kids in my house!
My gdau broke her wrist within 10 mins of the start of her party at a gym..Lovely memory going to the ER!