Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I've been thinking about starting on a diet. However, I know I would only be fooling myself if I thought now was a good time to start.

I'm tired of my clothes not fitting and not wanting to buy any bigger sizes. I'm tired of my knees, feet and back hurting. I'm tired of taking medicine every day for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

So, I'm making my plans to start a diet, not only to lose weight but to get healthy. Come January 2009 I'm going to take hold of my own destiny and do something about the way I look and feel.

They say it's better to go on a diet with someone you know. That way when you start to get down and ready to toss the towel in you can help each other stay on your plan. Strength lies in numbers.

That brings me to the reason I'm posting about this today. I was wondering if anyone else would like to join me. We can all post about tips, tricks and ideas. We can share recipes, losses and even hardships. We can all cheer each other on. We can pick each other up when we need it and set goals to reach together.

I am going to post every Wed. I know that is a strange day but I figure it's in the middle of the week and would be a good time. We can discuss weigh ins, mini goals, success stories and hardships.

No one has to post your weight, unless you want to. You don't even have to say how much or if you loss. This is a program to use as much and how you want. There won't be any set "diet" you have to follow. You can do what I'm going to do or do what you like.

I will share my plan with you. However, since I'm a vegetarian I doubt if most of you will want to follow what I do.

I will set weekly goals for exercise, drinking water, eating properly. Again, you can choose to follow what I do or follow your own plan.

I just ask that if you do want to do this as a group that we all remain up beat and positive. Please remember that everyone has different goals and their way may not be what you choose to do. If you disagree with what someone is doing please do not put anyone down. We are here to help each other not hurt any one.

So what do you say? Do I have any takers who wish to sign up? I will officially be starting this on 1/5/09 but will not post about it until 1/7/09 as that will be the first Wed.

Let me know if you are interested and if so, do you want to give our group a name?



Unknown said...

I am in! I would like to know more about veggie diet plans...I'm not one but I don't eat lots of meat either. I'd like to eat more meatless meals. I have the same problems as you do and when I have lost weight before my blood pressure and knees improved.
Hugs, Susan

Unknown said...

I probably won't be posting about weight plans, but I will be following this and commenting from time to time! I think it's a great idea! I just wanted to say that I LOVE the comic sketch! It's funny and humor is important to a healthy lifestyle! I just signed up for a "Holiday Weight-in" at work right before Thanksgiving! We get a T-shirt if we stay withing 3 lbs of our original weight at the beginning or also if we lose! I hope I lose some weight over the holidays!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh tabitha over a twinkle twinkle is doing this too...
I don't so much need to lose any weight but do so need to just eat more regulrly and drink water.
I hope i can keep my news years resolutions too.
Good luck

Joyce's Journey said...

Ugh. That means that I will have to stop making excuses and commit. Let me think about this.

Unknown said...

I'd love to give this idea a try, maybe it's what I need to stick to a plan and eat better. Count me in, looking forward to learning more! And yes, let's name the group, something fun and sassy!

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Joanne,
It has been soooo long since I have sat down and gotten caught up on what all of blogland has been up to! I have missed my visits with you so much, and hope to be able to go back and read your past posts.

I am just starting on a 12 week body makeover, I was so inspired by Biggest Losers Families, that I decided I need to set a goal and 12weeks seems so easy. So yes I will check in with you and join you in weight loss land! I am still walking everyday, but have slipped up in the calorie dept. for sure!
Gained back 5 pounds over Thanksgiving...UGGGGH!

Take care and lets talk sometime soon! Kiss those pups of yours for me.
Donna Lynn


Hi Joanne,
I'm IN...:) my jeans are killing me because they so too tight :(
I'm going to try to post tonight and hope to show a pic of Mack & Scout in their "Christmas" collars.
Merry Christmas!!

Alice said...

I am interested in the exercise part of your idea. I really need to get moving and become more physically active. And that is so hard during the cold and icy winter.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Joanne; I think what you are going to do is a great thing. All my wishes and prayers go with you on your journey. I will be by often to check to see how you are doing, you might even inspire me......


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy following your blog, especially the Victorian Tea parties and costumes.
I have decided to live healthier in 2009 and this sounds like a great idea. I prefer vegetarian meals although I eat a small amount of meat occasionally. I will be joining you every Wednesday but I already read your blog daily. Ha! Ha!
Thanks for sharing the adventure with everyone.

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Congrats Joanne on making a great decision. I have been on Jenny Craig and have lost 35 lbs. with 15 more to go. I feel so much better and my knee and back don't hurt anymore!

Anonymous said...

hello from a fellow vegetarian over here in UK - I would love to join you - I am contemplating going vegan high raw during 2009 too....

LaVon Baker said...

I love your idea and I love your desire to keep it positive.
Don & I have been talking about doing a Daniel fast, for both spirit and body cleansing and to help us be more focused on our relationship with God. In case this sounds so very lofty, let me hurriedly say that I related to everything you said about being sick and tired of the way I look and feel (back, knees) and not wanting to purchase larger sizes, so count me in!
You are an angel for organizing this! Here's to a whole bunch of "Better Me's."

One Shabby Old House said...

I am in! And excited about it.
It took me several tries in my closet to finally find some pants that fit. I pulled the zipper up only to find out a few hours later when nature called that the zipper was stuck and I had to cut myself out. Nothing would go over my fat butt no matter how hard I tried.
So count me in Girlfriend.
I'll be seeing you on Wednesdays

Anonymous said...

I'll try, maybe a group support will help me. Good luck. I'll add you to my Blog List to keep me reminded too.


Harbor Hon said...

I don't do diet plans well, but may I suggest a name for your group? It's one of my favorites and it sounds so French ... The Femme Fatales (Fatal Women). We used that name when we were doing a walking plan at work and everyone loved it. Just a thought for your group too. xxoo

Ronda's Rants said...

Hi...I am new here but love this idea and would love to be a part of a "Better Me" group...I love the idea of just "tweaking" myself up a notch or two! Better mind and better body and God willing a better spirit!
Happy New Year!