Monday, December 15, 2008


I know my two dogs, Elton and Zeke love Christmas time. They love when the decorations come out, special food is cooked (they know they get little bites) but most of all they love when Santa Dog comes and brings them presents.

These photos are from last year. They like to share in opening the presents so even though they get their own presents they help each other tear the paper off or pull out the tissue paper if it is a gift bag.

One by one, the toys and treats get unwrapped.

So I was thinking, since my dogs love Christmas I knew other animals must enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit too. So I went hunting and found the following pictures to prove my point.

Looks like Santa has some wonderful helpers out there.

This little one enjoys making snow angles.

Hiding in the tree to see if Santa is real or not.

Hmmm, must be a common thing cats like to do.

Not a creature was stirring...

Awwww! How cute!

Is this Santa Paws?

Oh no, looks like someone got tangled in the lights.

OK, so not all animals get real excited at Christmas time...

This guy looks like he is getting ready to throw a snow ball at the dog above to get him in the mood for Christmas.

Sometimes, the pet owners really get into the spirit of Christmas no matter what kind of pet they have.

Looks like this little dog is discovering snow for the first time. Sometimes it gets pretty deep out there.

Present delivery to the North Pole!

This sweet little face deserves a big treat just for being so darn cute.

Oh this is what I hope to find in my stocking!
Do you enjoy dressing your animals up for the holiday? If so, I hope you show the photos on your blog.

I've always wanted to take my dogs to get their picture with Santa but I never have. Have you?

Share with me the stories of your pets durning the holiday. Does Santa visit them?


Darlene said...

Awwwww such cute pictures of pets enjoying the holiday. I had to laugh out loud at the kittens in the tree. I have a post (Friday the 12th) about our newest kitten Midnight perched in the tree (she LOVES to climb it) and peeking out!

Unknown said...

Those photos are adorable! The ones of your pets opening presents are too cute! I love the kitty making snow angels, LOL! I wonder if that was photo shopped. I kind of feel sorry for cats at Christmastime because I can imagine that the temptation of climbing the Christmas Tree is just TOO overwhelming, LOL! :)

Glenda said...

Oh how cute.

Funny how our pets get into the act.


April said...

This was like the cutest post of my life. SOOO adorable!

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

How cute! I love pet photos, especially holiday ones. We have a new puppy this year and my kids are already talking about what we will give him for Christmas. :)


This year we bought a Santa hat for
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on the young cats. The older cats
are not as fussy! I also wanted you
to know that I used your Favorite
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for Snowballs and they turned out
divine. Snowballs are my favorite
also! ♥ Thank you for sharing the recipe and a Very Merry Christmas
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The Tattered Rose said...

Santa always visited my dear kitty, now gone on to her just reward. On year I decided to take her to have her pic made with Santa. While the dogs and most of the cats were well behaved, I was carrying a pet carrier from which horrible howls/hisses were emanating. It took me and two of Santa's elves to pry her out of the pet carrier and in the photo although I know she is hissing into Santa's face, she actually looks like she is smiling. I never put either of us through it again, but I do treasure the pic. I have another of her in reindeer antlers, among a collection of other stuffed reindeer, under the tree. She is lying flat to the ground and giving me "the look." You are lucky to have a menagerie that looks like they love to pose. I loved the pictures of them. Have a nice holiday. Cheers, Trish G.