Thursday, December 4, 2008


The flower that makes everyone think of Christmas is the Poinsettia. While I was out shopping today I noticed there are so many different colors of Poinsettias now. Growing up there was only red. Not any more.

I have to admit my favorite Poinsettia is the large red ones.

But you can also get the two tone ones. Red with splashes of cream.

Or this kind with each leaf being a different mix between reds and almost a pale yellow color.

There are cream and white ones.

Or these cute little Christmas Rose Poinsettias. They almost look like a rose that is fully open. They have tight curly red leaves rather then the big pointy ones.

Of course with all the pink lovers out there I'm sure Pink Poinsettias are a big hit.

Now you can get Poinsettias in almost every color you can think of.

Blues, purples, and different shades of every color you can think of. I think some of them they spray the color onto.

I think this is a beautiful one.

Did you know that the flower part of the plant is not the colorful part. Those are actually leaves. The flower is the center part. The little balls.

Those are the part of the Poinsettia that can make your children and pets sick if they eat them so please be careful.

I love Poinsettia plants but the traditionally red ones are the ones most likely to be found at my house.

How about you? Do you like them? Have you ever gotten one of the newer fancy colors?



Glenda said...

I like the red and white myself. I guess I am no fun.

But I do like the amber colored one for Autumn.



Beautiful plants and those little glittered houses are adorable!

Love and blessings,

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

I must confess I do get a pink one for my bedroom at Christmas but my favourite is the red which decorates the main rooms!

Victoria xx

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!

I love poinsettias too and EVERYTHING that glitters!!!

Big Hugs, Sherry

Janet said...

I usually get the white or sometimes the pink and cream combo. I detest the new "spray on color" and glitter ones. They look way too artificial for me. I love the traditional red, but they don't seem to go with anything in my house.


Unknown said...

Interesting and Very pretty. I'm more of a traditional gal but I guess in the right place the purple or blue could be nice. Happy Holidays!

Lorilee said...

I do like the variegated varieties! I planted one outside at my old house and it grew! I was so proud of it!

Anonymous said...

I'm partiall to the traditional old fashion red ones. Sue

Unknown said...

Wow, who knew there were BLUE poinsettias! What a wild nursery you went to! :)


Hi Joanne,
First, the glitter issue...maybe you can find a spot in the garage to glitter, cause a girl just has to glitter:) and I love the red poinsettia's:) I have seen the blue and purple ones and they don't look right to me!!I hope you can find a spot to glitter and can't wait to see whatelse you have been working on.
Christmas JOY to You.

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I have never seen blue and purple ones! WOW!

Anne Fannie said...

Wow Joanne, I never realized all the difference colors! I always have bought red too. The colorful ones in your last pictures are beautiful! Purple and blue??
Thanks for sharing!
love, Ann

Catherine said...

I didn`t know there are so many colors available. I guess I am partial to red because that`s what I grew up with, but all the variations are beautiful.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

The new colors are very fun... but gotta go for red. Tough to beat this time of year!
Karla & Karrie

w00ts up said...

Oh my! I love the purple ones!!! Do they have baby pink?