Saturday, December 20, 2008


This year my fireplace mantel is full of nothing but snowmen.

Big ones, little ones and teeny tiny ones.

This jolly fellow is one of my favorites. I got him at a Christmas party years ago. We did a gift exchange and I have loved him ever since.

I don't know why I love snowmen so much. I've never even built a real one. But for some reason they make me happy.

I've been collecting them for years now.

Some I have bought myself. Some came to me as gifts.

But, each one has a special memory with it and a story behind it.

Some came home with me from vacations. Some from vacations with family members.

I love how there are so many snowmen yet they are all different.

Every year I try to add to my collection. I've gotten several new ones this year.

I love unpacking them every year. Normally I put them all in the china hutch with little trees, street lamps and so on.

This year I didn't do much decoration so I decided to put them all out on the fireplace mantel. I didn't have room for all of them so I had to put some throughout the house in other places too.

I have a Santa collection too but they didn't get put on this year. Maybe next year will be the year of the Santas.

But, this year is the year of the snowmen. All with their darling outfits and cute little smiles.

What Christmas items do you collect?


Unknown said...

Those are REALLY cute! :)

Mistress Meeyee said...

I do not collect anything but I do like your snowmen!

Glenda said...

I don't collect anything, but I like your collection.

You need to build a snowman before you get to old to do it. Head to the mountains with your sisters and build that puppy.

Happy Holiday

Unknown said...

I collect snowmen too. My "rule" is that they cannot be Christmasy. I put them up after Thanksgiving and take them down after Valentine's Day, since I live in a cold climate. I have a few of the ones you have, and I'm jealous of your Boyd's. I can't believe they stopped making them.

Catherine said...

Your mantle is covered with big cheerful smiles! It`s great!

Anonymous said...

Those are so delightful as is your blog. I am so happy I stopped by!

I collect demented little vintage elves for my mantel although I now want to switch midstream and start collecting reindeer.

Unknown said...

I love your snowman collection. I collect the dept. 56 North Pole Village pieces. But the collection has about outgrown my home.

Merry Christmas,

Anonymous said...

I also collect snowmen and
the pine trees!
I did not buy any new snowmen this year.
And did not get all my out
Pamela from Michigan

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne! Your collection is delightful! My boys would love them - they have a favourite house to visit each year that lights up with loads of decorations to show everyone and they are besotted with each and every thing they see.

You were 100% correct with your answers. Thanks for joining in. Blessings. Naomi

Laurie and Chris said...

Holy cow! I thought I had a lot of snowmen. Yours are so cute.

Joyce's Journey said...

Joanne - you have a great snowman collection! They look wonderful on the mantle. I also collect snowmen, but only have about ten so far. I collect Santa's and have a good amount of those. I keep my Santa collection out all year in my curio cabinet. I always hated putting them away at the end of the season because I was always so busy throughout the season and felt like I never got to enjoy them. Now I enjoy them year round!!

Paper Roses said...

I love your snowmen,
hope you all have a great Christmas,

LillyB said...

Hey! I think some of our snow men are related!! They favor each other!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!!