Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My good friend, Sandra, has a Hanukkah party every year at her house. She serves the traditional Jewish dinner.

For the last four years I have gone over to help her make potato pancakes. Or Latkes as they are called.

It's become a tradition for us and we always have fun doing it.

Sandra makes her own invitations to her parties. She makes some really cute ones.

She spends days wrapping presents.

Decorates her house with so many cute things. I don't know where she finds some of the decorations because it's hard to find different Hanukkah decorations. It's not like Christmas decorations that flood the stores every year.

She has ever inch of her house decorated at her parties. Even her chandelier in the dinning room.

This is where we got the recipe for the potato pancakes we make. It's very good.

You can click on the photo to get the recipe if you like.

Sandra always peals the potatoes every year.

Depending how big of a party she is having will of course depend on how many potatoes she has to peal.

This year we used 10 lbs. We divided them into batches as the potatoes start to turn brown if left out to long.

Rather then grate the potatoes we puree them.

That's my job. I know, I know. I have it made!

Since we don't want there to be to much water in them we drain them by putting a paper towel over a strainer and let the water drain off for a few minutes.

Then we add in the eggs, pureed onions, flour and salt.

It's into the pan after everything is mixed up.

They are then cook until golden brown and crunchy.

Drain over paper towels after they are removed from the pan.

They are best eaten warm. They can be served with apple sauce, sour cream or strawberry jam. If you have never had these before I'm sure you are thinking "Potato pancakes with strawberry jam????" I thought the same thing. Until I tried it. The taste is wonderful together. It's sort of that crunchy, salty and sweet taste together. It's hard to describe without trying it first.

We decided today that not only will make these next year but we are going to make the strawberry jam too. I love to make jam and she has never made it so I will teach her how.

Even though Sandra and I are different religions we have found a way for us still to have a fun Holiday tradition together. It's one I look forward to every year.



Glenda said...

That's the beauty of this world. People can celebrate together regardless of their beliefs.

And besides it's fun.


Michele said...

Ooooo I love me some potato pancakes!


Lindsay-ann said...

Those potato pancakes look delicious. I love your friend's Hanukkah decorations and beautiful invitations.
Hope your Christmas preparations are going well. Mine are not!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Joanne!

I love potato pancakes and sharing in the Hanukkah traditions of Jewish friends.

I'd love to ahve the kitchen Sandra has! It's so big and beautiful! My kitchen is so small I bump into myself --lol!

What do you prefer with your pancakes? Applesauce or sour cream?

HUgs, Pat

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
Oh how I love them!! I never thought about pureeing the potatoes & onion, what a great idea!! I'm gonna try it.
Your Victorian tea looked wonderful! Oh what fun that would be.
Loved your wrapping ideas & cupcakes too.
Sorry I haven't been by lately, just too busy working retail right now!!
Holiday hugs, Sherry

Melissa Lester said...

I haven't tried those before, but the combination sounds wonderful! I have enjoyed stopping in today for latkes, cupcakes and tea!

LADY JANE said...

Those sound wonderful...I am grabbing that for Christmas Brunch...Thanks for sharing!

Cottagecheap said... I am hungry! I am glad she caries on her traditions and that you join in!

Ps- Come by and sign up for my giveaway...It is 'different' butI think you will appreciate it!