Saturday, November 21, 2009


I figured that since I don't seem to be able to make it to the gym (not for any other reason then I just hate it) I would stock up on some workout DVDs and do them at home.

I have to tell you that I am really the worst when it comes to working out! So no matter how bad you are, know I'm even worse!

In fact, my first try at doing a DVD was to lay in bed and watch it. After all, I had to see how hard it was before I even gave it a shot!

So the other day I put in the Biggest Losers Boot Camp DVD. It has different levels you can pick from.

As I watched it Bob kept saying how everyone was feeling the burn and getting a great work out in. How doing these steps was burning off the calories and helping them lose weight.

The exercises are done by past winners of the Biggest Loser and they were all saying how much they felt the work out and felt the burn!

Now I've not been a Biggest Loser fan for long and have only watched this seasons show. But, I've seen how they work out. For hours and hours and they do some really hard stuff.

So, of course I was not believing how hard these level one exercises were. They didn't look hard at all. In fact, I figured even I could do those.

Today I put the DVD in and did my first Boot Camp lesson.

Let me tell you.... it's true! Those easy looking exercises really do make you feel burning in your arms, legs, back and stomach!

I couldn't believe it. I wasn't sure if I could make it through them.

The good thing is each exercise is short so you move on to the next one quickly. No breaks! Bob wants to keep your heartbeat up and you moving at all times.

So when we came to the end I was happy. It wasn't that bad. In fact it was kind of fun. WHAT! Did I say that? OK, not fun but surely doable.

I have the Biggest Loser Wii game too. I can't wait to try that out. But, I think I'll stick to this DVD for the time being as it is set up to give you weeks worth of work outs on a timed schedule.

On top of the work out I went for a long walk today too. I am bound and determined to lose weight this week. For some reason I do not seem to be losing this week. I know, I should stay off those scales!

I'm going to weigh in a day early too. I'm going to be going to Laughlin with my sister, Maureen, so we are going to weigh in on Monday rather then miss out completely.

So tell me, what kind of exercise are you doing these days? Do you go to the gym? Do you walk? Do you do the DVDs or exercise at home?

I would love to know what you are all doing.



Connie said...

What are you trying to do taking away my title, sugar?!?! I am the queen of "not doing exercise." BUT I recently purchased a tape of Jazzercise and like you of course had to watch it before I tried it. I used to love Jazzercise and still do. Also, hubs and I went to WM and bought a big exercise ball as our chiropractor recommended. Look, chick, it ain't prudy, but I, like you, have to do it and want to get this extra weight off! So let's hear it for us and stop trying to steal my "title"!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I walk my new dog Izzy twice a day, for about a half hour each time. So that's an hour of walking every day! Good job for doing the dvds. And good luck with a loss this week.

Angie said...

I walk out to get the mail...hey...we have a long so counts! But, seriously, I also like to walk on the treadmill while watching The Food Network...heehee...I am just funny like that. I tried the Tae Bo workouts and I like those until the next day when I can't move my arms above my shoulders. :-)

Hugs ~ Angie

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Thanks for visiting and setting me straight about the teapot giveaway. I love the blog about NYC. Thanks for letting me know about it!!! Love & blessings from NC!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I didn't know they have a Biggest Loser workout for Wii! I'll have to put that on my Christmas list!

I'm so glad you tried it and finished the workout. Keep going!