Monday, November 16, 2009


I've done a lot of fun stuff this week. I've been to several movies, gone to Hollywood, saw a play, ate dinner at a haunted resturant and did some shopping.

All fun things right? Well, I was bad. I was very bad! I ate way to much. It seemed like every time I turned around I was eating things like Pizza and Mexican Food.

I was hungry all week long.

I finally decided enough was enough. I have worked to hard getting the weight off I have already lost and I have so much more to lose.

So, I put my walking shoes on and went to Mile Square Park. So named because each side of the park is one mile long.

Walking the whole park is four miles and I was going to do it.

It was a beautiful day out and while the sun was shinning it wasn't really hot. A perfect walking day really.

This is a nice park with lots of things to do. Since I was walking the whole four miles I had to pretty much stay to the outside of the park area yet there were lots of things going on even in those areas.

Here you can play tennis. I have not played tennis in years. I was thinking perhaps I should search the thrift stores for some tennis racks and maybe go hit a few balls.

It is good exercise and you have fun so you don't really think of it as exercise.

There are volleyball nets set up. That is another way to have fun and burn some calories. Though I would need to find several people to join me in this one.

The Gazebo was empty today. I love Gazebos! There is something so romantic about them.

I passed by one lake and there were still lots of ducks swimming around.

I've always liked ducks. These guys were really friendly and must be used to having people around because they didn't scare away at all.

Who said California doesn't have lovely Fall foliage? OK, so most trees stay green all year here but every once in a while we come across a pretty tree that has leafs that turn colors.

Wow! These guys sure had a big fire going in the BBQ! Don't they know the leaves are falling? What if they caught on fire from a spark from the BBQ.

It's been awhile since I've been to this park and I noticed they now rent paddle boats. How fun. Again, another great way to exercise in.

I broke away from my path long enough to go see what the prices were for the boats.

I was thrilled to see they also now rent bikes. I want to rent these guys for sure!

For those who want the more normal bikes, they had them too. I thought the prices were pretty good too.

While most of the outside area of the park has side walks there are areas where the sidewalk leads you more inside the park.

Those die hard walkers and runners who want to know they are getting the full four miles have made their own path through the grass area.

There is even a golf course in the park. It is always so green and pretty.

Four miles is almost to far for my liking.

I was getting tired by the time I was almost finished. Then I noticed this little guy looking at me. He would run to catch up with me and must have felt safe as he was on the other side of the fence.

He was so cute. I felt like he was cheering me on. Like he was saying "You can do it! You are almost finished! Don't quit now!"

You know what? He was right! I did do it. Four miles must have burned off a few calories don't you think?

I wonder if two days of being good can really make up for five bad days. I guess time will tell as weigh in day is bright and early Tues morning!
Wish me luck!


Furry Bottoms said...

I have not been in that area in like almost 15 years. It is amazing how it stays the same, yet not? Those paddle boats are new!! I remember going to that park for fall carnivals with abunch of my friends in high school. That was fun :)

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Your walk in the park looks like it was very enjoyable.
Don't worry about going off your weight loss plan, we all do it,your back on track now.
Take care and have a great day,

Linda said...

I'm originally an OC girl myself but now live in Kern County. I know Miles Square Park well. Congrats on finishing all 4 miles. We're on vacation now and I've walked 4+ miles everyday. I only hope I can keep up the momentum when I get home!

LaVon Baker said...

Confession is good for the soul.

NOTHING taste as good as SKINNY feels.