Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hey ladies! Since I am having this 8 week challenge to lose 10 lbs by the end of the year, I thought I should offer some help to get you to your goal.

What better way to do that then to offer a giveaway for a wonderful cookbook from Weight Watchers!

I purchased this book for myself and knew I had to go buy another copy to give to one of you.

This is not just any ol' cookbook. It's full of recipes for COMFORT FOOD! Yum!

Super great desserts like Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.

Yes, you heard that right. Plus it's all diet friendly!

So now, you can have your cake and lose weight too.

Or what about a nice bowl of Chicken and Dumplings on those long cold winter nights?

Again, great flavor yet you will drop those pounds too.

We all know those parties are coming. So, how about having some great recipes for dips that won't pack on the pounds.

Like this great Warm Cheese, Spinach and Artichoke Dip. Doesn't that sound heavenly!

If you are interested in winning this super good cookbook that is full of 150 favorite home style dishes, then just leave a post here.

For a 2nd chance to win you can post about this on your blog. Just come back and let me know so I can add your name a 2nd time.

I will draw the winner on next Tues the 17th of Nov.

Good luck ladies! I know you are going to love this cookbook.



Donna said...

Oooh, what a generous giveaway, Joanne! I'd love to enter... I'll also post your giveaway on my sidebar. I was down another 1.2 lbs. Monday night - woo hoo!!... Donna

Gone said...

Oh Joanne, I'd love to win the cookbook!! I'm going to post about your give-away ~ where I have another give-away posted.


Debbie said...

Oh count me in! I AM on a diet (for a year now!) and would love to win this!! Thanks for offering this great book! Too nice!

Anonymous said...

Joanne, thanks for the giveaway! All the food looks and sounds delish :)

sharenel said...

Dear Joanne,
I am not too sure if I am eligible to win that cookbook. However, I have been trying to lose weight over the years but it seems that my weight just stays the same. I am now a full time mommy of 3, and currently exploring my new found passion in baking.

Cheryl said...

Wow, it looks like a fantastic cookbook. I would love to be entered.

Faythe said...

Oh yeah..I love to eat and lose weight at the same time..LOL

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Joanne; Good luck with your goal,, I would love for a chance to win such a generous give a way... you are so sweet.....


Tina Schiefer said...

Hi Joanne.

HUGE CONGRATS on reaching, more like LOSING, 30 lbs. That's AWESOME!!!

It's amazing how the pounds just seem to creep-up on women as we get older. I've never really been overweight, per se, but gained 15 pounds in 5 years, since moving from CA to OR.

A friend of mine did Medifast and lost a bunch of weight. I've never been on a formal diet, but lately I've really been watching what I eat, and even though they are pricey, I've been supplementing my food with Medifast bars and Hot cocoa's.

I'm not a die-hard Medifaster, but I've lost 13 of those 15 over the last few months just by eating those darned bars here and there.

I've NEVER been a breakfast eater. I eat lunch with my DH, usually some sort of fast food AND then eat a home-cooked dinner, usually around 6-7pm.

By eating the bars as breakfast, my metabolism is jump-started. I've cut back on lunch - instead of 2 or 3 items at The Bell, I have one. Then dinner is on a small plate or in a small bowl.

Lots and lots of water. Not a hard thing for me 'cause I'm a water drinker - not so much soda.

My down-fall craving, though, is Hot Chocolates and Mocha. That's where the Medifast cocoa's come in. I actually prefer then iced. TRUE, NOT quite the same, but as long as I alternate, it's been good for me..

Long comment, I know, but I'm proud of you!!!! GREAT JOB!!! Even 10 lbs. makes all the difference in how we feel.

Oh, and I'd love to enter the giveaway.



Anonymous said...

I love your blog!! I have been out of town so I am so glad I can still enter this giveaway. I am also on a diet and it really gets hard to come up with new ideas on what to have so this would really help.

I really enjoy reading about everything you do in your life. You really have a way with words and take great photos.

my email is

Thanks!! Lexi

Unknown said...

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