Saturday, November 14, 2009


Turkeys are starting to take over my table!

Little glass amber colored turkeys! They showed up out of no where and now they are everywhere.

OK, well not really, I bought them and brought them home myself. LOL.

They don't photograph that well but they sure are pretty! They sparkle and shine and look like they are made out honey or golden sugar.

These little beauties will be telling everyone where to sit at Thanksgiving.
I thought they were so pretty that I couldn't pass them up when I saw them at the store.

They will go great with my Turkey plates and the new tablecloth and napkins that I purchased.

The tablecloth and napkins almost look like they are made from burlap but of course they aren't. They are nice and soft.
I'm excited about doing the table-scape this Thanksgiving.

What about you? Do you have special plates for Thanksgiving or do you combine your daily dishes in a way to make things look special?

This is the first year we have had special Thanksgiving dishes. Normally we use the plates we have and bling them up with the silver and other items we have.
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Donna said...

Those are very pretty, Joanne!! Such a nice fall color, too!! I'm afraid I don't do much for our Thanksgiving table. We often use my Nana's china for holidays (the pattern that I display on my hutch); but other times, it's just my everyday white dishes on one of my everyday tablecloths... Boring, huh? LOL... Donna

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

First, would you look at how much weight you have lost! You adorable thing you! I am so happy for you!!
Now..about those Turkeys! :) What cuties!