Friday, November 6, 2009


On Wed. I went to Newport Beach to go for a walk. It was so empty there.

No one on the beach at all. It was overcast and almost eerie out there.

The life guard stations are all closed up until next Spring. The sand has been smoothed out and everyone is staying away.

A lot of the houses right on the boardwalk are vacation rentals and now the signs are back out as the houses sit empty.

One rental sign had the rental price on it. I almost fell over when I saw it was $4000 a month for a 3 bedroom place.

That was the Winter rental rate. What in the world do they charge for Summer time? How can anyone afford to pay that?

I loved these chairs. They look like they were freshly painted and already to go for next Spring/Summer.

I walked 3 miles and hardly saw a soul the whole time. A lone bike rider went by and a few mothers with a stroller went by but other then one.

Yes, the Beach is a different place in Fall/Winter but I love it. I find it to be peaceful and a great place to walk in silence.

I felt like I could have walked even farther then I did but I was running out of time as I had to get to an appointment I had.

I'll be back though. I'm sure I'll be back several times before the crowds come back.

Thank you to everyone who offered up well wishes for my sister. She came through the procedure with flying colors and is feeling fine.


Donna said...

Okay, Joanne, why did I assume that the beaches (i.e. food shacks, lifeguard stations, etc.) never closed in southern CA? I always thought they were open year-round for some reason! Now back here in New England, it's a different story!! The beach looks like a lovely place to walk at this time of year!!! Thanks for bringing us along!... Donna

Connie said...

Yep, those are staggering prices, sugar. We tried to find a house to rent on the beach at San Diego when we were young but it was beyond our reach. That wasn't for a vacation; that was for our living. Ridiculous what they get.

Furry Bottoms said...

That is my favorite season at Newport Beach. You have the entire place to yourself. Nobody judging how you look in a bikini, nobody littering, nobody blowing smoke in your face. It is all yours to enjoy! I miss that.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I have never been to the beach in California, but hope to come sometime. It looks so peaceful there this time of year. I love to be places like that when things aren't so busy. Hope you have a great weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

Michelle said...

I MISS NEWPORT!!! I'm coming home for the holidays though, Woohoo! If it's not too busy maybe we can quickly get together to say hi, either during Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday? No worries though if we can't make it work...holidays can be busy, I totally understand. I'll come home again in the Spring! :)



vintagebejoyful said...

it does look peaceful I love the beach anytime of year.....