Sunday, November 15, 2009


My Paranormal Group decided to go check out the Old El Adobe Restaurant in San Juan and have a nice dinner too.

I had never been here before, though I had heard many things about it. I was looking forward to going.

As I pulled up to the parking lot I noticed I had a strange feeling right away. It was as if I was going to be getting out of the car and walking in an eerie area by myself.

It was dark back in the parking lot. Not a lot of cars and no one was in sight as I quickly walked towards the front of building.

Rather then scaring myself I thought I would get the camera out and start taking pictures. After all, this is a historical building and I should be enjoying it.

So I clicked away. All the while, I still had a strange feeling and really felt uncomfortable. I wanted to either run to the front or get back in my car and go home.

I've never felt that way at any location before. Haunted or not.

As I got to the front of the building, I remembered that this used to be one of President Nixon's favorite places to eat.

He didn't live to far from this place and would go often. In fact, it's because of him that they started to serve Mexican food. He requested it on one of his visits and from then on, the type of food switched over to Mexican.

This resturant used to be two separate structures. The first one was built in 1778 as a private residence and the other one was built in 1812 as a court house and jail.

In the late 1800's or early 1900's they joined the two and it's remained that way ever since.

Our group had reserved the jail cells for where we were going to have dinner. After all, this is the main area where they say most of the Paranormal activity can be found.

There were seven of us that were able to make it and everyone was excited about eating here. Most of us had not been here before and were very interested in the history of the place.

The room is downstairs and out of sight of the rest of the resturant. If you didn't know this room was here you wouldn't find it as you have to go through a storage room and downstairs to get here.

The walls still have the writting or I should say carvings from when it was a jail.

Some areas are just lines as if someone was counting the days they were inside.

It was a bit creepy seeing this as you couldn't help but think of the men who sat in the jail for days with no sunlight or access to the outside world.

Some of the marks appeared to be more modern. Perhaps visitors felt the need to leave their marks before leaving.

As we waited for our meals to arrive, one of the guys in our group was telling us of a new "toy" he found.

It was called Ghost Radar and could be downloaded to your phone.

One of the girls downloaded it so we could see what it was like since none of us had heard of this before.

It looks like a radar screen and if a "ghost" is in the room it shows a blip.

Also, everyone once in awhile they say if a ghost wants to talk it can manipulate the sound waves so a word will speak out of the phone.

While I really doubt this works we did have a few strange things happen.

One was words would speak out that seemed to have something to do with what we were talking about.

We asked if any ghosts were in the room with us then they should tell us it's name. A few seconds later we here "Ramon" coming out of the speaker of the phone.

When asked what else is around the area that is haunted it said "Church". The strange thing about that was San Juan Mission with a church is right there down the street.

It also showed a blip on the screen to show a ghost was there. So I pulled out my camera to see if I could catch anything.

Right over Rob's shoulder is where it showed a ghost was. So we were a little bit excited when in that same area an orb showed up in my picture.

The building is mostly original with brick, wood and adobe making up most of the place.

We were not really there to investigate but rather to meet up to talk about up coming locations to investigate and have a nice meal.

The stories that been told about this place is that ghostly balls of light have been seen by workers and customers, cold spots show up in what is known as a cold building anyway.

Many employees have claimed to have heard talking, their names being called out and foot steps in rooms where no one was near by.

The jail area has been turned into the wine cellar and many times when the employees go down to get a bottle of wine the bottles have all been moved around. Often with bottles sitting on the ground.

Laughter has been heard coming from rooms that are empty. Also a headless monk walking outside has been seen by several people walking by.

No matter if you believe in ghosts or not, I would recommend you go here. The building is very interesting, the place is full of history and the food was very good.

Other then a few orbs, the Ghost Radar going off and several of us having strange feelings, we did not see, hear or feel anything paranormal going on while we were there.

It was not until we were leaving that I noticed the wall with photos of President Nixon.

I had heard there were chairs that the President and First Lady used all the time and so the resturant put their names on them. I went in search of them.

In one of the side rooms I found a small table with two red chairs. I saw the gold plaque on the back and knew I had found them.

There is even an orb in this photo. Could that be President or Mrs. Nixon?

Here was Mrs. Nixon's chair. It was reseved for her in 1969.

Here was President Nixon's chair. It appears to be the same as it was since the last time he would have sat here and enjoyed a meal.

As I stood there, I could almost see the two of them sitting here, talking and enjoying the evening together.

Not the fancy surroundings you would picture the head of our country to have dinner at but more that of a man and women who still had down home roots in their hearts.

The evening was fun. Did we find any ghosts? Who knows. Like I said, this wasn't really an investigation but we did have a few strange things happen.

I would go back again in a heart beat. I would love to be able to one day investigate this place.



Unknown said... cool! Thanks for the tour and info....very interesting!

icandy... said...

I am so intrigued! What a neat experience for you... it looks like such a cool restaurant, I can just smell the food from here! :) How lucky that you were able to dine in such a spot.

I did notice all of the orbs in the photos, we get a lot of those in our home, too. I wonder if they should call Jason & Grant....*hehe*

Christina :)

Frugalious Living said...

Very interesting! Thanks so much for sharing.

Donna said...

Wow, you got lots of orbs in some of those photos!! In visiting Concord last month, I found 'twilight tours' in both Concord and Boston, and there is also a paranormal investigation group here in Mass that I never knew about! I'm glad you and your friends are having fun visiting places!... Donna