Thursday, February 4, 2010


On Friday, I will be having a full fun filled day. First I'm going to be going to my girlfriends annual Girls Valentine's Day party.

Each year she picks a different theme and we all get together to chat, eat lunch, do crafts and we even have a gift exchange.

I love the theme she is having this year. It's a Vintage Valentine's Day theme.

She made this cute invitation and I knew as soon as I saw it we were going to have a fun day.

Our gift exchange is going to be a Vintage Apron. Well, they don't have to be a real vintage apron but just the style of the vintage aprons. How fun will that be!

I told her I would help her out any way I could and she took me up on that. She asked me to put together the little boxes she wants at each place setting on the table.

Aren't these cute! Guess where she found them? At Big Lots! They are Martha Stewart brand and she picked them up months ago knowing she would one day use them. I adore the sweet lace look to them.

So, I put them all together, filled them with a pink lace doily and then packed them full of cinnamon red heart shaped candy. I love those candies and could have eaten the whole bag myself.

In fact, they were tempting me so badly I had to open them up and put these together a few days sooner then I had planned. I knew if they were all put together I would not open them up to eat them.

She also asked to use my lace table clothes and napkins. So I ironed them and put the flatware inside the napkins and tied on pink hearts with pink ribbons as the napkin rings.

She had a lot of wonderful Vintage Valentine's Day Hankies that is going to use to decorate with. Since I knew I was going to be having the iron out for the table cloths and napkins, I offered to iron them too.

I collect vintage hankies so I really loved seeing all these laid out together. They are so pretty.

Then I walked around to the other side of the ironing board to unplug the iron and I noticed how pretty they would all be if turned into an ironing board cover. Very cute, don't you think?

I don't know what the whole party will look like once it's all put together but with the little parts I've seen I know it's going to be a hit.

I'll be sure to post photos of the whole party on Sat or Sun.

After the fun party I'm going to head out to do a Paranormal Investigation with my group. I'm looking forward to that.

They say it's going to rain so I hope that it isn't a down pour that causes to much noise in the church we are going to.

I'll post about that on Sat or Sun also.


Rach said...

looks so fun!!

Pellie / Penny said...

So fart everything looks wonderful - for that vintage party. The hankies are so beautiful - I love vintage hankies -still carry one in my purse to this day. Kleenex may be convenient but it lacks class.
Can't wait to hear about the rest of the party.


dana said...

Would you be able to get ME an invite to that party? OMG...that's such a great idea! I do believe I might have to try to organize something like that next year!!!

Hope you're having a great weekend! Dana

Rebecca said...

I adore your Valentine hankies!