Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Oh it's raining again today and tomorrow but thankfully it wasn't yesterday. My sister, Maureen and I decided to go to Knotts Berry Farm to get some extra steps in before our weigh in. I needed all the help I could get after being so bad this past week.

We took Trinity and one of her good friends. We all had so much fun! Plus I think the walking around for hours helped a lot. I ended up losing only .4 lbs but that put me over losing 45 lbs which was a goal I had. Plus, with all I ate this week, I was shocked I didn't gain.

While we were there, it dawned on me that perhaps a lot of you have never even been to Knotts Berry Farm before. So, I clicked away all day long to share what it looks like inside.

Years ago, before the park opened, Mr. and Mrs. Knotts owned a farm and grew boysenberries. People came from all over to purchase them. So it wasn't long before Mrs. Knotts figured out she could open a small restaurant and the people who came to get the berries could also have a bite to eat.

She started out with Chicken dinners and for dessert was boysenberry pie.

The word quickly got out at how wonderful the meal was that in no time at all, long lines started to form for Mrs. Knotts Chicken dinners.

In order to help the customer kill time during the long waits, the Knotts built a "Ghost Town" that was like taking a step back in time to the Wild West Days.

That was the start of what we now know as Knotts Berry Farm.

You can still get a great Chicken Dinner (or lunch) and a slice of yummy boysenberry pie if you like.

The girls, decided to dress alike with the same shirt and hat. They thought it would be fun to be sisters for the day.

There are a lot of items that are for sale that are of the craft/homemade type. Here the girls each picked out a leather bracelet and got their names inscribed on them.

There are lots of rides at Knotts Berry Farm now. When it first opened there were no rides, only shops and sights to see.

A lot of the rides are roller coaster type rides. It seems like the older I get the less I enjoy those. So I only went on two rides all day. One was the train ride and one was Pony Express. I had never been on that ride.

You get onto horses, like the one the girls are on in the photo above. Then you get locked in and go around fast on a roller coaster. No spinning or going upside down so I thought it was fun.

The girls are of the age where they LOVE all the twists and turns of the fast and scary rides. They went on this one. It not only whips you around, upside down and at a speed to fast to take a picture, but then it stops and does it all again...backwards! YIKES!

This one would make me lose my lunch if I went on it. It spins around and goes up and down and pushes your body towards the outside of the ride. If you sit side by side you squish the person next to you.

No thanks! But, the girls liked it so much they went on it twice.

The log ride was the first thrill ride at Knotts Berry Farm. It's a smooth ride that takes you through a mountain with loggers working like they used to. Then at the end there is a big drop down a waterfall and you get splashed.

Again, another hit with the girls. This ride is one I normally would go on but by this time, the girls decided they wanted to go alone.

Not only did they want to pretend to be sisters, they wanted to pretend they were old enough to be at the park alone. I remember doing that when I was a kid too. Did you?

They even wanted to share everything they ate. Here they were eating lunch. Chinese food. I have to admit, the smell was driving me crazy. I really wanted to order a big plate for myself.

But, Maureen and I were so good. She brought us food that we could eat so we wouldn't have to purchase anything there and blow our eating any more then we already had last week.

Thanks Maureen! I'm so lucky to have two sisters who watch out for me and help me as I try to reach my goal weight.

Even while eating, the girls wanted their own table. Maureen and I sat several tables away from them. Close enough to see everything but far enough away they felt like they were living their dream of being older.

Camp Snoopy is an area more for little kids. I remember the days when that was where we would spend the whole day. Oh, kids grow up so fast, don't they?

The main part of the park is done in the Wild West theme. Here you see beautiful flowers and plants in a covered wagon.

Of course, Indians were also a big part of that time period. So there is the Indian area with all the decor in the style of Indians.

Totem Poles can be found in this area. Each one tells a story of it's own.

The old style of Wooden Indians stand proudly, in front of stores.

Indian shows, shops and entertainment can be found in this area.

In the Ghost Town area this Glass House has always made me smile. When I was a kid I was so amazed at this house.

It's made out of glass bottles. Pretty clever huh?

I've always loved to go into the Saloon. You can go up to the bar and order a drink and some snacks and several times a day there is a show here.

When I was a kid I would pretend it was a real Saloon. I used watch a Western show on TV called Alias Smith and Jones. They would go into the Saloons and order a drink and I would pretend I was on the show.

Does anyone remember that show?

The Bird Cage Theater is like the old Theaters with live shows and you, the audience, would boo and hiss at the villain and clap and say Awww at the heroes.

There is an old school house from the 1800's. This always reminds me of the TV show and books Little House on the Prairie and again, when I was a kid, my mind had me living in those shows every time I walked in here.

There is an old graveyard too. I used to wonder if real people were buried there when I was a kid.

When you stand on this "grave" you can feel the heart beating. I had no idea how they could make that happen when I was little.

This little shop looks like one of the old houses would have looked. I say, put some paint on that place and even today I would love to live there. I love old wooden houses.

The old Post Office where the town would have to go pick up their mail and get caught up on the gossip is a must have at the Ghost Town. Again, another reminder of the Little House on the Prairie Days.

The Old General Store. Can't you just picture kids going in there and dreaming of being lucky enough they got to walk out with a candy.

This store looks like the old Hotels that would be rented by men on the road. The luxury of a nice hot bath and a soft bed wasn't something they often had.

Yes, going to Knotts Berry Farm is like taking a step back in time as well as a chance to get some good food and have fun on rides.

It's a place where kids can pretend they are older and adults can remember their youth.


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Oh my goodness! You and I must have been neighbors a couple of years ago (I live in TX now). I used to live a stones throw from Knotts Berry Farm. I lived on Knott and La Palma. Thanks for sharing these great pictures. It made me a little home sick, but in a good way. Thanks again,
Patricia :o)

Rach said...

Great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun.