Saturday, February 27, 2010


I went to another thrift store yesterday and was thrilled with my finds! I got four large black plates that I will use as chargers.

They are solid black and perfect for a back drop to so many different plates.

But, it was the white with orange stripe plates that really made me happy. These will be perfect for my Halloween Luncheon this year.

If you recall, last year I had a Halloween luncheon that was a witch theme and we loved it so much that we decided to have it become an annual themed luncheon. Yet, who wants to use the same tablescape? Not me!

I'm sure I'll find another plate to go on top of the white and orange one. Maybe a spider, witch or black cat silhouette?

Then I found four of these, Haunted House with bats flying around, napkin rings. Again, perfect for our theme!

I love finding things in thrift stores that I can use later. Knowing I'm going to have these little gatherings gives me lots of time to find items for little to no money!

The black plates were 99 cents each and the orange and white plates were $3.00 for four plates. The napkin rings were only 39 cents each. Not bad at all.

I would love to know what tablescape items you have found at the thrift stores. Also, do you look for items to use for Holidays later in the year? If not, start. It's when you start to look at things differently that you come up with some great ideas.


Tardevil said...

It is probably a good thing that we don't shop the same thrift stores (mine obviously aren't as good as yours! :O) because we would probably be 'fighting' for the same stuff. What great finds you've found. I always love to find holiday treasures.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Joanne!
I wish there were more thrift shops near me, or at least ones with affordable prices. You alwsys find such great goodies!
♥ Pat

Kathleen said...
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Kathleen said...

Kathleen said...

You are killing me! I love those, and I adore the prices!
Look how cute those napkin rings are!
You are amazing!
Yes, I always buy things and put them away for the next holiday. I tale pics of it so I remember what I have..but sometimes I don't remember where I put it!
Great finds, J.
As my friend Pat said, here in NY we don't have great thrift shops.
I have seen them asking more for a used item than I paid for it new!!