Saturday, October 3, 2009


After the sun set it was time to go meet up for our Night Time Ghost Tour.

I took this photo from my balcony. I thought the night sky looked perfect for a walk through the city searching for ghosts.

Our tour guide was dressed up in 1700's attire. She was great. She really got into the story telling. All the stories were true. Full of murder, mystery and mayhem.

She admitted to having seeing a few ghosts of her own. Though she couldn't promise us that we would see any on our walk, she could promise we would hear bone chilling stories of yesteryear.

We started the story telling in front of this great mural that was painted on a wall in the middle of the city.

It is a scene of what time was like durning the times of the stories we were going to hear.

Times, much different then they are today.

In this space only the basement area of the home still remains. Here lived a man who was accused of murdering his neighbor. However, the town was in dire need of a new executioner as the one they had died only days before.

So the man, once found guilty of the murder, was given his choice to either become the towns executioner himself or face his own death by hanging.

Back then, the executioner would have lead a very lonely life as no one would talk to him or his family. When people passed them on the street they would quickly look away fearing that the Angel of Death would follow them home.

The man, who feared death greatly, accepted the job of the new executioner.

Only a short time later, his wife had an affair. Back then this was punishable by death if they were found out.

The man discovered the affair and rather then having to watch his wife hanging from the gallows he shot and killed her in their home.

Right in the basement area that still remains today.

Many people have said that while walking by this area, a woman's screams have been heard as well as a feeling that someone is following them.

If you take a look at the photo, you will notice an orb right in the area where the murder was said to have taken place.

Could this be the spirit of the lady that people hear? Maybe.

In this next area, we were told about the story of the court yard where many hangings had taken place back in the 1700's and early 1800's.

It is said that a ghostly figure of a man can be seen walking back in this area.

Also, voices have been heard coming from the area of the stairs.

While we were there...we heard nor saw not a thing.

Just before leaving the area above we were told that the tunnel we were to walk through was the same tunnel that the criminals were walked through on the way to be put to death.

It was told that a man who was wrongly found guilty and put to death walked through this tunnel and once in the court yard looked around and told everyone, who was there to watch him die, that they had not seen the last of him.

He promised to return year after year until his name was finally cleared of any wrong doing.

It wasn't until many many years later proof appeared that he was in fact innocent of the charges. However, the courts refused to reopen the records and make any corrections. After all the man was already long dead and had no family to plead his case. So why bother to spend the time and money to legally clear the mans name?

Many people have walked through this tunnel and reported feeling someone walking in back of them. They also claim they have heard a man yelling "I'm innocent!"

On the way out of the tunnel, I was the last person in our group to leave. I don't know if it was my mind playing tricks on me or what but I felt like there was someone in back of me following me out.

So I turned around and clicked the photo. Take note that on the left side of the tunnel there is a bright orb. Was this the man who was wrongly hung? Or was this just dust? You decide.

Our next stop is pretty hard to see in the photo. It is a bridge/walkway where several people have been known to jump to their death.

It has been reported that screams have been heard in this area as well as loud thumps.

A figure of a young girl has been seen standing at the bridge as she gets ready to jump.

It is believed the girl is last known person to commit suicide here. She was in love with a man she dreamed of getting married to. He however, had his eyes set on a different woman and when he married her the young girl waited for them to walk by under the bridge area on their way home.

As soon as they got there she cried out to them. They looked up just in time to see her jump to her death.

We did not see, hear or feel anything in this area.

Our walk took us through back alley ways, up dark narrow cobblestone streets and through areas, that at night, in and of themselves seem creepy.

Again I was lagging behind the group. The reason I kept doing this is because we were told NO photos were allowed.

Well come on! You guys know me well enough by now to know I can not go somewhere and not click photos. So I would wait behind at each spot and once the group far enough ahead I would click my photos.

As we walked down this one street I heard footsteps in back of me. I turned around and saw nothing. I walked some more and again I knew I heard footsteps.

So, I quickly turned around and clicked my camera. Anyone who has ever gone ghost hunting knows that often when you turn around the "ghost" will not show up and will all of a sudden become very quiet. They like to play games with you.

If you turn and click your camera you can often surprise the ghost and capture them on film before they have a chance to go away.

Well, when I first looked at my photo I couldn't see anything as it was so dark and even with my flash on I couldn't really see anything. So I lightened up the photo and then I was able to see what I heard.

I was correct, I DID hear footsteps. There were two people walking in back of our group! Boy I felt foolish. LOL

This is the courtyard to a wonderful old building that now is a school yard.

However, hundreds of years ago this was hospital. Not just any hospital though. Not like the ones we have today. This hospital was known to do experiments on people.

Sometimes the "doctors" ended up driving the "patient" mad and sometimes the "treatment" they were given killed them rather then healed them.

It is said that even today, late at night and even sometimes when it's not so late, screams and laughter can be heard coming from the building.

Also, several people have reported seeing people walking around inside long after the building has been locked up for the night.

The area in the photo below that shows the brick on the ground a different color is the actual location of the first known gallows were located.

The towns people would come and watch as the men and women accused of crimes were put to death.

Even today people report seeing women in this area walking around crying and pleading for the life of their loved ones. The strange thing is, these women are dressed in clothes from the 1700's and when looked at can be seen through.

Our last stop of the night was at a church. A beautiful church. It was locked up for the night but our guide had the key and we were allowed to go inside.

The lights were kept off. It was pitch black and only the light from the guides flickering candle showed us where to step.

George Washington is said to have worshiped here. As well as the Queen of England.

The organ player would often come and practice while the church was closed. She would be alone inside and after awhile she started to feel "strange". So she started to bring her little dog to keep her company.

Often the dog would start to bark, as if someone was coming near them. Though no one was there.

The dog would bark and growl and look up at the balcony area. This went on for weeks and weeks.

Finally the organ player could no longer stand the feelings of doom and watching her little dog going crazy. So she quit.

One day the Queen came and the church was closed off to the public. The upstairs was closed and as expected the Queen was highly guarded.

The Queen saw a lady walking around upstairs looking at her. The Queen reported what she saw and quickly all areas were surrounded and searched. No one was found.

Since then, others have reported seeing a woman walking around upstairs too. Only when searched closer, no one was ever seen.

To this day, it is not known who this woman could be.

Our guide told us that durning a few of her tours she herself had seen the woman. Several people in her group reported hearing a woman singing. Many people have take photos and caught shadows and orbs.

This is the organ where the lady would play and practice before being scared off.

While in the church, we were told, it was OK for us to take photos inside here. When asked why, our guide told us that the church is trying hard to figure out who this lady could be and is hoping that someone will catch her and finally figure out who she is.

It was strange taking photos inside this old church. It was not until the flashes went off that we could catch a quick glimpse of what the building actually looked like.

As far as I know, no one in our group was lucky enough to catch the mystery lady on film.

This city is full of so much history and has so many stories. This ghost walk could have gone on and on. Sadly our time was up and we had to end our tour.

If I ever go back to Quebec, I do hope to do so, I will be sure to take this tour again. I'm told that each tour is different as the guide is free to take you where they like. They seem to "get a feeling" to go one way or another.

This tour was lots of fun and very interesting. It also was a very very good walk. You go up and down so many steep hills and climb lots of stairs so you are tired by the time the tour is over.

I headed back to the ship. We were spending the night here in Quebec and early in the morning we were expected to get off the ship and go home.

I had a hard time going to sleep that night. I had such a great trip and learned so much. Yet there was so much still to see and do. I was not ready to leave.

But, as we know, all good things have to end and so in the morning I got my bags and made my way to the airport. It took me 15 hours to get home. I had to take three different planes and of course had lay overs at each airport.

I was happy to be home and I think I fell asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow.



Esther said...

I love reading your ghost stories. They're so fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

Frugalious Living said...

I love your ghost stories! I was fascinated when you said this tour was in Quebec. That is my hometown! I didn't know our town offered tours! How sad is that?

Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to your stories.

Marcia@ Frugaliousliving

Furry Bottoms said...

I love looking at your ghost hunting pictures. I keep looking closely at them to see if I could find something! HOW do you find these tours?

Donna said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time, Joanne!! I loved hearing about all the 'ghosts' and haunted areas!... Donna