Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today is weigh in day. Once again I was very pleased to see the scale number going down.

I lost another 2.6 lbs. That's a total of 26 lbs gone.

I don't know where those ugly pounds go to but where ever they go I hope I never come across them again.

Maureen also lost 2.6 lbs. Way to go Maureen! She is still ahead of my loss by 1 lb. She has lost a total of 27 lbs.

It's really funny how often we lose the same amount of weight down to the ounce. We don't eat the same things or move around the same amount. Since we don't live together we don't really even know what the other one has been up to most of the time.

Yet, come weigh in day and there it is. The same amount, time after time.

Sure we have had a few weeks that were different but most of the time it's the same amount.

I have to tell you, I just love doing this new program. I really can say for the first time ever, I don't feel like I'm on a diet.

If there is something I want to eat, I will fit it in my weekly allotment and then I don't have a craving and pig out, only to feel guilty later.

Once a week we do have anything we are in the mood for. It's easy to put off eating something if you know you will have it within a few days.

I can't believe I've met my first big goal of 25 lbs. I now can book my next cruise. However, I'm thinking I may turn it into a land vacation rather then a cruise as I'm not to excited about going on a cruise in the rainy months.

I also must admit I did not reach one of my goals. That is joining the gym. I just have not been able to get myself to sign up. I don't know why. I won't give up that goal. I'll get there soon.

I hope all of you are still sticking to your Better Me plan and are doing well.



Elizabeth and Gary said...

You are doing "GREAT". I have been stuck on the last 3 pounds to drop down to next 10 I need to lose. Of course my husband has lost so much quicker then me. I agree W.W. is really a good program, I have an W.W ice cream every night(yum,yum).
enjoy your day,

Joyce's Journey said...

I am so proud of you Joanne! I started the Better Me plan with you at the beginning of the year and it was difficult. One thing I have done, though, is join the gym. I go six days a week and am now in my 4th week and really enjoy it. I even worked with a personal trainer for a few weeks to get me going and that was a great way to start. It also just kinda forces me to watch what I'm eating because I don't want my vigorous workout to be in vain. You started this . . . so I thank you!! Keep up the good work!!!

Donna said...

Congrats, Joanne!! You are doing SO great! I still haven't headed back to meetings since moving the girls out at the beginning of September! I really do need to!... Donna