Thursday, June 19, 2008


Since so many of you have been showing me around your yards with all the pretty flowers, I thought I would do the same. This is the biggest of my hydrangeas. It's got really big bunches of flowers. The photo doesn't show how big they are really.

I love the deep pink color of this hydrangea. I have 7 different hydrangeas in my yard.

These pretty purple flowers are common around where I live. They are only in bloom for a few months out of the year and then you just have the green leaves. Looking at this picture I can see we need to trim the edges of the leaves on this one.

Here are the hanging basket I got awhile ago. I filled them with moss and put the flowers in them. They hang in the walkway to my front door. I love these baskets.

Here is a shot of my back. You can see the pool in the background. We have lemons, oranges and a plum tree in this area. Also, several different flowers.

Over by the pool there isn't any dirt so all the flowers have to be in pots.
I wanted to plant a climbing rose bush to cover up the old fence but since we are planning on getting a wall put in I didn't want the rose bush to be destroyed so I'll wait.

Here is the Gardenia plant. It smells so good!

Our plums are growing bigger. I can't wait to pick and eat them. Some years we get so many plums we don't know what to do with them. Last year we had a lot and I made homemade jam. This year doesn't look like we will be getting to many.

I showed this little basket I got from a thrift store before but now the flowers are filling it out and it looks so much nicer.

These are the flowers in the matching basket. I just love this little cherub peeking out from behind the flowers.

This little gardening bench is on the side of our house. I plan on painting it white and putting some embellishments on it. The climbing plant on the fence is also another one that smells good.

This is the plant that smells good up close. I forget what it's called but it just grows and grows. We trim it back and it just grows again. It's very easy to take care of.

This little area helps hide our trash cans. They are on the other side of the little white fence.

Another shot of the plants by the pool.

I found this little guy at TJ Maxx. I love him. Can you see the little birds on his back and feet? He has a darling shell crown on. He sits on the old bench by the pool with the flowers.

Well that's about it. Hope you had fun. Once I finish painting everything I will show an over shot of the pool area and the whole yard.

Until then, have a wonderful day! Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers!




Deb said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL Garden!! Just lovely :-)

Glenda said...

I would love to go out to your backyard garden and just enjoy it.


Connie said...

I LOVE THAT GARDEN/BACKYARD!!!!!!! I so loved living in San Diego and Oceanside in the 60s. It was true California living and the air smelled like oranges all the time. When we moved to N. California we loved it as well, but there is no place on earth as beautiful as S. Calif......where'll we'll be next month visiting kids and seeing the hydrangeas!!!!! Just beautiful, little bird!!!

Kim's Treasures said...

Your garden is so pretty! Love it!


Diana Lyn said...

BEAUTIFUL,BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL GARDEN! Thank you for sharing lovely lady friend of mine! XO Diana Lyn

LaVon Baker said...

Your flowers are glorious! I recently learned that the flowers in the basket with the little cherub peeking out are 'double impatients.' They really resemble mini roses.

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Oh my goodness Ms Joanne, that garden is beautiful. I love that pink Hydrangea and everything else. And you love to thrift,to boot. How wonderful it must be to live in CA. I bet you have blooms all the time. Hugs, Rose

Angie said...

what a wonderful retreat you have! i love the hydrangeas..i have been thinkin about planting some and you just convinced me what a good idea that is! thanks for sharing!


kari and kijsa said...

Your flowers are just beautiful!! What a wonderful stroll through your garden!

kari & kijsa

Cindy said...

Your garden is so beautiful! I can't believe you can grow ficus trees outside! At least that looked like a ficus tree to me??? I guess that's the difference between N. Cali and S. Cali. I see them on covered porches here but not planted in the ground. Our winters must be a little colder than yours!

Anonymous said...

Love your page! Beautiful flowers! The second one down is a "Agapanthus or Lily of the Nile" I had 2 last year, they didn't come back this year! dang it! I will be keeping tabs on your page for sure!! Beautiful back yard!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my you have so many lovely plants.... just beautiful... you are a very lucky girl... The white flower with the lucious fragrance appears to be a stephanotis ... I am not sure I spelled that correctly... It is used in alot of bouquets and bouts for weddings..... When you snip it you have to insert a pipecleaner or purchase a floral stem to make a stem for it to be used in bouquets... The fragance is lucious.... Thanks for your wonderful trip through your garden...

KimmyJ said...

Can I come over and just sit out there? those hydrangea are to die for. Glad Gene went home!

Anonymous said...

I want to come live in your backyard, Joanne!!! It's just beautiful!! I love how you've arranged all your plantings... Wish I had you here to guide me through the Roswell Crater experience - you definitely have an eye for putting flowre groupings together... And I had to crack up at your "cherub in a coffin" comment on my blog! LOL Now you know I'm going to have to move him since you said that! I never even thought that - until you mentioned it - and you're right! ha ha!...Donna

Janet said...


I love your yard. I still am in love with your little thrift store planter baskets. If you ever get sick of them, send them my way. That pool looks inviting on a hot day.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

My goodness Joanne! Your garden is spectacular! If you lived in NYC you wouldn't be able to ahve a garden like that -- we have postage size backyards if we have any at all, and our climate is so cool- cold so many months and then hot and humid for summer. So California agrees with you ;-)

Thank you so much for the kind comment you made about my "ground Zero" post, I'm very touched that you appreicated it so much. It wss hard for me to write that as it is still so painful.

Hugs, Pat

Melissa Lester said...

Beautiful flowers! Thank you for the tour!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
Your garden is gorgeous! It looks so peaceful and relaxing! Get the iced tea ready, I'm coming over to sit a spell with you!
Hugs, Sherry

Anonymous said...

Your garden is absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed everyone of your pictures.

Thank you so much for sharing!