Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yes, these lemons are nice bright yellow. Yes, these lemons smell so lovely. Yes, these lemons are a wonderful flavor. But, that is not why these lemons are so special to me.

These lemons were grown by my brother, Gene.

Today, I went to his house to take care of him while his wife worked her last day for the summer. She is a school teacher.

Gene was thrilled to be home. It was so great to see him there. He was so much happier and full of life. He asked me to take him outside to the backyard so he could water. While we were out there he gave me these two lemons.

My brother, who just had a stroke, gave me these lemons on his first full day home from the hospital. That's why they are so special to me.

Gene normally always has a garden and every year gives me things he grows. But this year, due to his stoke, he wasn't able to plant his veggie garden and the only thing he has growing were on this lemon tree. Which, by the way, is one strange tree. A third of it grows lemons, another third grows oranges and the other third grows grapefruit. That's right! All three on one tree. I had never seen anything like it. I wish I had my camera so I could show you what it looks like.

I am pretty happy though because, while Gene didn't plant a veggie garden this year my sister, Maureen, did. She was sweet enough to bring me some cucumbers (which I've already eaten or would show you a picture) and soon she will have tons of tomatoes to share.

Since I'm a vegetarian I love home grown veggies! To me, there is nothing better then fresh picked veggies! YUM!

Hugs to all of you.


Connie said...

What a sweet tribute to your brother, sweet thing! I really enjoyed it; although, I'm sure you are sad for him, it touches other people's hearts. I loved our Meyer lemon tree in Calif. I wish I could grow one here but I'm sure our winters in the high desert wouldn't support it. Give your brother a smoochie for me!!!

Angie said...

i agree there is nothing as yummy as a homegrown piece of fruit or a tomato picked right off the vine! how wonderful that he has something to tend to...to care for. it may help take his mind off of the hard work ahead of him. gardens are such amazing therapy...enjoy those lemons!


Anonymous said...

What GREAT news that Gene is indeed home!! And what sweet lemons. Wishing ALL of you a wonderful summer to relax and enjoy each other!...Donna

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
I am sooo excited about Gene!! He is doing so great! Those are the most beautiful lemons I'm sure you've EVER seen or been given! What awesome progress. Please tell Gene I am still praying for him every day. I know God is there with him with every new move he makes. God is so good!
They are assessing my mom this morning (wed) since they were too swamped with interviews yesterday. I will post the outcome. Thank you for your prayers!
My internet connection was out for 2 days... blog withdrawal!!
Hugs, Sherry

Janet said...

Glad Gene is so much better and I am sure being home will make his recovery much easier on him. What a strange tree; does this happen often or is his tree just an anomaly?


Donna Lynn said...

I am so thrilled that Gene is home again!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!! That was such great news today, I am rejoicing with you and your whole family! What a gift it is when we truly feel and know the love God wants us to have for each other, with nothing in the way, no games etc!!! Praise God Joanne!

I still need to email you my "story" and ask you some questions too...
I am trying to get settled back into a routine, will do that soon!

Glenda said...

So nice to hear Gene is settling in. It would be nice to plant a garden for him at a level he could work. It would give him something to look forward to and be able to work the earth. Hint hint.

I guess whoever grafted the tree did it with the two other citrus.


Part-time Gardener said...

I bet you will never find better lemons in all the world than those you received from your brother. Reading your story made my whole outlook change for the better. It always amazes me how I can get so off track from what is really important. I am so glad your brother is home and happy...As far as that vegetaable garden is concerned, I think you can still throw some beans seeds in his vegetable patch for him to watch grow! I live in Northern California and I planted my Blue Lake bush bean seeds only last week.
Part-time Gardener

Gail McCormack said...

I can quite understand why these lemons are so special to you. So glad to hear Gene is home!!!

Anne Fannie said...

Glad to hear Gene is home and is doing better.
Love, Ann

Deb said...

I have never heard of such a tree! Lemon/Orange/Grapefruit Tree...How cool is that! I too love home grown veggies... That't just about the only kind that I will eat... and that's tough because I don't grow my own. I either go to the Farmer's Mkt or wait until I go back home to Okla and pig out on nothing but veggies.