Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I love to eat out. Doesn't everyone! It dawned on me that everyone, in different States and other Countries, has their favorite restaurants. We often forget that even though one of the restaurants we go to all the time may not be in those other States or Countries.

So I will be sharring different places I go to eat around here in So. Calif.

Today I had lunch at a cute restaurant called Mimi's Cafe. When you first pull up in the parking lot you can see it's going to be a fun place inside.

The outside is built to look like a cottage with beautiful flowers everywhere.

Little awnings cover the windows.
When you step inside there is a cute little waiting area if the place is full. But if you go on off hours, like I did, you get the place pretty much to yourself.

Even though you are inside, there are little places that you get the feel you are sitting at an outdoor Cafe in New Orleans.
There are special touches everywhere you look. Like these cute flowers that are in blue water bottles.
The tables are set with cute black and white checkered table clothes. Pictures on the wall showing fun jazz scenes.
Signs written in French.
Even a little bar area where you can pull up a seat and eat or just have a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine.
If you are in the mood for some fresh air then sit outside in the darling patio area.
We started off our meal with some yummy fried zucchini. It's served with grated Parmesan cheese on top, ranch dressing and marinara sauce on the side.
Then I had some delicious corn chowder and a lemon and sour cream muffin.
I finished off with a great salad. It was chocked full of baby greens, dried cranberries, strawberries, walnuts, feta cheese, tomatoes and for those that like it, bacon. I don't eat meat but today I forgot to say to leave the bacon off so I just pushed the bacon aside. This salad is topped with a wonderful balsamic vinaigrette.

Boy was I full after all this food. There was no room for desserts.

But I knew tonight while I was watching TV there would be. So down the road I went.

To another restaurant we often go to. It's called Marie Calender's. Not only is the food good there, but they have a bakery with pies that they make fresh daily. The best part is this month all pies are only $6.99!
On the way in I noticed the flowers outside. So pretty!
Oh no! With all the different kinds of pies to choose from I had no idea what to get. They all sounded so good. But in the end I picked one that I have never had before and thought I would give it a try.
I got a fresh Olallie berry pie. The girl waiting on me said it tastes like raspberries and black berries mixed. Sounded good to me. Can't wait to try it.
Well I will try to remember to bring my camera with me when I eat out now. If I do, I will post more places around town that we eat at.

What about you? Do you have some favorite places you like to eat?
Hugs to you all,


Timalee said...

Mimi's is my favorite! You are right about not having the same restaurants in different parts of the country. I was first introduced to Mimi's in Colorado, than in Arizona & California. Then I moved east and had to wait 5 years for them to finally open one in North Carolina. But it was totally worth the wait!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I love Mimi's. Their onion soup is the best and their crab cakes are fantastic too!
My fav....Red Lobster...I can never have enough shrimp!

Janet said...


We don't have Mimi's or Maries here. I have eaten at Mimi's in Huntington Beach/ Fountain Valley a few years ago and it was delicious. I have never eaten at Marie's when I have been to the West Coast because I can't get past the image of the frozen food. Call me silly,lol.


Diana Lyn said...

Hello Joanne, I was told by My Good friend Donna Lynn I had to come visit your blog and introduce myself, how fun is that resturant! thanks for blogging about it, I will remember that one for sure! Stop by for a visit sometime and I will put the tea on! Diana Lyn

Linda said...

I've visited your site a few times and thought I'd leave a message this time around.

I LOVE Mimi's's been a favorite of mine for years. Mimi's has the best muffins/rolls don't they! They also have an awesome chinese chicken salad...yummy!

I do like Marie's their potato soup and coconut creme pie.

With all this talk of food...I'm headed to the kitchen!!

kelly said...

we love mimi's too! my favorite is the french onion soup & their bread basket is yummy!

Unknown said...

Hi, Joanne,
I'm so glad you came to visit me and then I got to visit you. Your blog is gorgeous and I'll put it on my favorites.

If you would like to do Red Hat Stuff with our group you'd be welcome. We only have a few people and are looking for new members. You can check out the Red Hat Society web site, too for events to go to.

I'm really new to blogging and have to do more of my own pictures and learn how to link things up. I have very basic computer skills but I'm learning all the time.

Best wishes for your brother's continued healing and hugs to you!
Susan from the Little Yellow House

Anonymous said...

Joanne - what a great idea! OMG - Marie Calenders... I haven't eaten at one of those since I lived in northern CA almost 30 yeas ago! I used to get their fresh steamed vegetable plate topped with cheese... I'm sure the cheese took away all the benefits of the veggies! My husband says I definitely need to get a cell phone with a camera because I never remember to bring my camera with me when I go places!! I'm going to try really hard to remember from now on! Hope all is going good out your way :)...Donna

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This was fun Joanne! I loved seeing your favorite restaurants and the dishes they serve. Everyhting looked delicious! How was the pie? It sounds so good!

Now I'm off to eat lunch as you've nmade me huingry.

Hugs, Pat

Deb said...

That pie looks YUMMY!!!

I live in the burb's of Denver and we too have a Mimi's Cafe but I've never been there. Now I'll have to check it out. I will say however, Our Mimi's is NOT as pretty as yours on the outside. Can't say about the inside. We also have a Marie Calender's near by. I have bought their pies for Thanksgiving before.

I'm looking forward to your next Restaurant post!

Melissa Lester said...

How neat to see a little of Southern California. I'm sure you have no shortage of great places to take us to. Thanks for the tour!

Michele said...

I live in Northern California, and I think a friend of mine took me to a Mimi's Cafe years ago for my birthday. The one you went to is way cuter, though with all the flowers and the quaint decor inside. That food looked delish, though!!!

I love going to Marie Calendars!! The last time I went I had one of their pies for dessert, but I can't remember which one because there were SO many to choose from!!! I just remember how yummy it was!

Okay, some places that we like to go to eat are The Old Spaghetti Factory, Olive Garden, The Elephant Bar, The Sonoma Chicken Coop, and Uncle Chens. Those are just some. When I get a digital camera I'll have to take pictures of The Old Spaghetti Factory because it's a very unique kind of decor. It's not a cottage style place at all, but just...unique.


Anonymous said...


I must agree! I love MIMI's Cafe! They do not have one in Amarillo, but when we go to see Jana in Albuquerque, we always eat there at least once.

Delicious! And, I love the atmosphere!