Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It was such a pretty day today. The heat is gone and we are now having beautiful weather. Not hot but, not cold either. Just a perfect nice sunny day.

My sister, Maureen, came over and we decided to go to Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach.

I thought it would be fun if you came along with us. If you have never been to Roger's Gardens you are in for a nice surprise. It has to be one of prettiest gardens.

The best thing is it's not just a garden you walk through. You can buy everything you see. So come on, let's take a look around.

The place is full of color! The flowers are all top quality.

The way things are set up is so pretty. Sometimes they put the same colors together. Other times they will go with a theme. Here they have all white flowers. So pretty. I hear white flowers are a great way to enjoy your garden at night because the white shows up nicely under the moon shine.

Roger's Garden also has a lot of outdoor furniture. I love this cute table setting. It looks so inviting to me.

I love the way they did this bird bath up with purple flowers. I think this would be a wonderful way to use those birdbaths or fountains that are old and can no longer hold water.

When you walk through this beautiful arch that is covered with climbing roses the first thing you notice is the smell. It's the entrance to the rose garden.

We spent about 1/2 hour in this area. I was looking for pretty pink roses to buy. I wanted the climbing roses but there was so many to choose from I had no idea which one to go with.

Don't you just adore this wreath! I would love to have this but the price was way out of my budget. Maybe I can make something close to it. I would like to hang it on our gate.

Look at this pop of yellow! I was thrilled with out pretty this photo came out. I think these flowers look fake. They are just so perfect looking. But trust me, they are real.

The gazebo is a favorite spot of mine. It's always done up with decorations of the next holiday coming up. At Christmas Santa is here and is always happy to listen to the children's wishes. He will even take photos with them. When I say children I mean children of all ages from 1-100. Santa doesn't care how old you are. He will let you sit on his lap and whisper your Christmas wishes in his ear.

This rose bush is called 4th of July Roses. They almost look like a firework bursting open in the night sky.

They have the best hanging baskets of any place I've seen before.
This urn is just breath taking. It's so big and full of color.

I just had to take this photo. I'm taking classes on how to make different flowers out of sugar paste and this is one of the flowers I'm going to learn. I love the bright purple color.

There is even a waterfall at Roger's Gardens. Look at the turtles on the rocks. They are saying hi to everyone that walks by. OK, so they aren't real turtles and they don't really say hi, but in my mind they do.

Here is an easy way to decorate your outside for the up coming 4th of July. Just tie a big bow out of flag ribbon and have a pot of flags sitting near the pot.

They really do sell just about everything at Roger's Garden. They not only have the best plants and flowers, but, they sell table clothes, napkins, dishes and just about anything you would need for your outdoor entertaining.

These are the roses I ended up getting. The pink is so pretty.

I think the roses are going to be perfect for my back yard. Don't you?

Here are all the plants I ended up getting. Now I need to get them planted.
Well, I hope you enjoyed coming along with us to Roger's Gardens. If you are ever in the area please be sure to make time to stop there. Even if you don't buy a thing you will love walking around and seeing all the beautiful things.

I thought I would leave you with a photo I took last night of the sun setting. The sun was a beautiful reddish color.
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Linda said...

I love visiting your site because you always bring me home! Roger's Gardens is a beautiful place indeed and has been a Newport staple for years and years.

All of the pictures you took are wonderful...thank you!

You asked if I would be interested in a bloggers get-together. It sounds you have any details as of yet? I now live about 3 hours away from you so I would need to do some planning. Keep me posted.

Angie said...

wow..i wish we had a place like that here..i would be there all the time. i love the roses you picked out. and what are those little pink flowers to the left? those are adorable! so far i am keeping all mine alive..which, for me, is some kinda record! hehe. the rain has helped me out some, i admit. thank you for the beautiful tour!


Joyce's Journey said...

Joanne! What beautiful pictures! Rogers Garden looks like an unbelievable place and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour you gave us. The wreath is to die for. I can only imagine what they wanted for that. Thank you so much for this post. It is just beautiful!!

Unknown said...

It looks like paradise! I wish we had a place like that in Louisiana!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful shopping trip. Shopping for flowers and antiques are my two favorite things!

Anne Fannie said...

I can't believe I live here in So California, not far from Newport and I never heard of this place! I have to check it out! Thanks! It looks so wonderful!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Joanne, Beautiful pictures. I wish I could of been there. I love flowers.


emily said...

What beautiful flowers they had at the garden center! Love the blue hydrangeas! Wow! Thanks for sharing the photos! Loving your blog!
I'm also having a giveaway at my blog to celebrate my boutique, come on over!!

Connie said...

That was magnifiquè!! And you are right - the photos came out beautifully, my little star flower!

Michelle said...

What beautiful pictures...looks like a lovely place to visit!

This is my first visit to your blog and it definitely won't be my last!

Have a wonderful day!

Diana Lyn said...

Good Morning My Sweet friend, Thank you for sharing your day, What a beautiful trip, My Friend Donna Lynn and i were on a small trip the other day and she asked me if I wanted to stop at this fabulous Nursery and I said, no , I had no money, but I feel bad now, cause Your pics. made me see what I missed , and sharing with a friend, Sorry Donna lyn, next week when we go to Centeral Market we will stop ! OK? Thanks Joanne, we all need to STOP and smell the roses everyday! XO Diana Lyn

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Nice tour, Joanne! What a wonderful place to shop! I've never seen so many beautiful arrangements in a garden store. It has always been a fantasy of mine to own a garden shop and now I can visualize thsi one when I dream.

The roses you choose are wonderful --they are such a pretty delicate pink and will look beautiful along with your pink outdoor furniture,

CA has so many beautiful spots --I love looking at them all through your eyes..thanks!

Hugs, Pat

Unknown said...

Joanne, I have to go there! This is a must see! Thanks for posting all these cool places. I'm going to visit the OC alot this summer. Thank God it's cooler this week in the Inland Empire...I can't take these 114 degree days! But still I'm an OC girl at heart.

Renee said...

Oh, this place looks absolutely beautiful!! I love the waterfall and the pink roses the best!!! The pictures you took of the sunset and the yellow daises? were great. Your camera takes pretty good pictures!!

Tutti Chic said...

What beautiful photos! My fav is the birdbath with the stunning hydrangeas!

Anonymous said...

that is such a great place to visit, so many gorgeous flowers!

Port Orchard florist

Cindy said...

That looks like a great place! I love those blue hydrangeas in the bird bath!

I think the sun is that color because of all the smoke. I heard there are over 1,000 wild fires burning in California. It's been REALLY smokey here. I'm getting tired of it. There's no sun, just haze!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
the roses and flowers you chose are beautiful! They will look so gorgeous in your garden. I loved going on the trip with you, it was so much fun!! LOL!
Hugs, Sherry

Nance said...

wow, i got here via other's blog. i enjoyed the flowers, they are beautiful. thanks for sharing.

Darlene said...

Oh wow what beautiful pictures from Roger's Gardens. The flowers you took pictures of are just stunning!!

Anonymous said...

I am in LOVE with that tiered purple flower birdbath set up ... oh my gosh, that is GORGEOUS!! You have SO much to do in your area!!...Donna

Unknown said...

I just went to Roger's Garden's for the first time this last January. I was amazed! What a spread! I always thought that it looked beautiful from the outside; however, I usually passed it by the Newport Coast and beach offerings. I didn't buy much. It was a bit pricey, but some wonderful things.