Thursday, December 18, 2008


My sister, Maureen, came over and we made white chocolate covered candy canes & pretzels for Trinity to take to her school Christmas party.

They are very easy to make and are really yummy so I thought I would share the directions with you.

You will need a box full of mini candy canes.

About four or five of these jars of nonpareils.

Around a pound of white chocolate discs.

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and heat another 30 seconds. Keep doing this until all the discs are melted.

Dip your mini candy cane in the white chocolate only on the top. Leave the bottom so you can hold onto the candy cane without having the chocolate melt all over you.

Sprinkle the nonpareils with your fingers or use a spoon to pour over the chocolate. Do not roll the candy cane in the nonpareils as the chocolate will slide all over and bunch up making your candy look lumpy.

Lay the chocolate dipped candy canes on waxed or parchment paper to dry.

We thought it would be fun to do the same thing to small pretzel sticks.


Then dry.

We then put them in vintage Christmas tins that was lined with parchment paper. Silly me forgot to take a picture of the finished project.

But I did get to eat a few and let me tell you...they are yummy! You can't have just one.


Darlene said...

How cute and easy!!! I just LOVE stuff like that!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Joanne
I love this idea, it's great. Thanks for sharing it. They look delicious.
Merry Christmas

Glenda said...

What a fun project. The kiddies will love it.


Unknown said...

I'm gonna have to make some this weekend, thanks for sharing it with us!

Unknown said...

Oh, JoAnne! What a fun, easy and FAST project to make treats for the holidays! This is PERFECT! Thanks for sharing it as I might try this idea sometime.

Angie said...

What a great idea..and easy enough to do with the kids! I have lots of candy canes so I think we will try this over the weekend..thanks! Oh, and thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog for my FIL..he is doing much better now! Have a great weekend, Joanne!

Lady Katherine said...

Just love it! such a great idea!