Friday, July 31, 2009


I got an email telling me the ghost hunting investigation was cancelled. So I have no ghost stories for you...again!

But, I do have another fun day in the sun. I took my two dogs to the Doggy Beach. Did you even know they have those?

Here in California dogs are not allowed on the beach at most places.

However, in between Huntington Beach and Bolsa Chica, there is a lovely stretch of beach that has been zoned to allow people to bring their dogs.

There are rules though. You must pick up after your pet (it did look like this was obeyed) dogs are to be kept on leashes (this was not followed by most dogs).

The beach provides little blue bags to pick up after your dog, which is a nice thing for those who forgot to bring their own bags.

They also made a little doggy drinking fountain next to the regular fountain. Yes, lots of dogs drank from it too.

It was Zeke's (black and white dog) and Elton's (black dog) first time going to the doggy beach. I was excited to see how they would act.

I did bring them before in the winter time but we just walked along the sand. Today, I wanted to see if they would go in the water.

Zeke didn't seem to like even being down by the water. Elton was OK. He had no idea that water would even come up and get him.

The first time a wave came in, Elton just stood there. It was like he froze. What in the world was going on? How did his paws just get wet? Should he run? Should he stay there? He didn't have a clue.

Zeke, on the other hand, hated it! He doesn't like water. He hates getting baths, he hates when it rains and he hates have the hose get him wet. So naturally he hated the water at the beach too.

He backed up as quickly as he could and wouldn't go near the water again.

I tried to get them to go back to the water. Zeke just refused and Elton wasn't to sure yet if he liked it or not.

Elton normally loves the water. He loves to run outside as soon as the rain starts and he puts his head up and almost dances in the rain. He couldn't care less if the hose gets him wet. But, he isn't to thrilled to have to have a bath. I don't think because of the water though. He just hates to smell clean.

They did meet a few other dogs who were not to thrilled with going in the water either.

Then Elton decided to give the water one more chance. He didn't seem to like it much. I think in time he would though. He just couldn't figure out how the water was coming in and then going out.

I think the feeling of when the waves go out and he felt the sand moving under his paws was a bit strange to him too.

We gave up on walking in the water and just walked along the shore. The waves were bring some "gifts from the sea" up for us to see.

This shell still was attached and had both halves. We saw some other pretty shells, rocks that had pretty pink in them and even a sand dollar.

We left them all there for others to enjoy. Didn't take any of them home.

After walking for about another hour, we decided it was time to go home. So we said good bye to the other dogs and headed to our car.

We then went for a drive along the coast just to enjoy the scenery as it was such a pretty day.

Once we got home both dogs got a bath and now they are sound asleep. I wonder if they are dreaming about their fun day at the beach?

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Tomorrow night I am going with my Paranormal Investigating group to The Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro.

It's a beautiful theater that opened up on 1/20/31. To this day it still shows movies that you can go enjoy. Only now they show only Classic Films there.

The theater is said to be haunted. People have claimed to have seen ghosts, heard voices and felt things while at the theater.

One ghost is said to be that of a man that used to be the Projectionist. He loved his job very much while he was alive and it is said he still enjoys the theater today.

Several people have sat down in a seat and heard "Get off of me" only to look and see no one sitting in the seat.

I would LOVE to be able to capture a great ghost picture. Something like the one above. Wouldn't that be fun!
Recently there was another Paranormal Investigation group that went to this theater and when they didn't come across any activity some started to get bored. They started to talk quietly as they still had their recorder on.

It wasn't until they left and listened to their recordings that they heard "Don't go" and then just before they left they heard "Get Out".

I believe there is a My Space page that has this on line so you can listen to it yourself. I didn't want to listen to it before I go so I didn't look it up on line.

I like to go on the investigations without knowing to much about what others have heard and seen because I don't want my mind playing tricks on me while I'm there.
Of course I'll let you all know what we hear and see on Sat. I'm hoping I have an exciting story for you all.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today was a very pretty day outside. Not as hot as it has been. Which is always a good thing to me. I'm not one who likes the heat. Most hot days you will find me inside with the air conditioner on.

But not today! My nephew, Jason and his daughter, Trinity, went for a nice long walk with me down by the beach. We went to Balboa.

Not long into our walk we came up to the Pier and noticed that Ruby's Diner was at the end. So we decided to walk down there and have lunch.

The beach wasn't that crowded.

The water was beautiful! Normally the water here is more gray then blue. So seeing it when it's a pretty aqua blue is a real treat.

As we walked we came across this machine where you can put a few coins in and then look around at things as they seem much closer. You know, those machines that are just like binoculars.

I don't know why, but, these remind me of when I was a kid. I loved to look through them. Sadly, I didn't have any change on me or I would have taken a peek today.

There were several people fishing off the pier today. I hate seeing that. I always feel so sorry for the fish as they gasp for their last breath after they are reeled in.

We have been having big waves here in So. California the past week or so. They weren't very large today but you sure could tell by the slope of the shore they had been pounding away.

The shore was pretty steep. The water would go out pretty far and people would walk to the edge of where the water and sand met. Then the waves would come in and soon those people were up to their necks in water.

They were all pretty safe though because the Life Guards were training a new set of Jr. Life Guards. So if anyone started to need help there was plenty near by.

After we ate lunch (I had a lite veggie burger and diet coke) we continued on with our walk

We went to the end of the sand area where there is a sidewalk right in front of the beach houses.

There were several people out walking, riding bikes, on skates and pushing strollers.

There was this one small stretch of beach that had cactus. That was odd to see. Cactus and beach just doesn't go together.

I loved seeing all the beach homes. I of course was dreaming about living in one and watching the sun set as I sat outside having a nice cold drink.

We walked as far as we could go until the sidewalk went away. Then we crossed the street and walked back.

It was so nice to spend time with Jason and Trinity and just talk and laugh together.

Before we got to our car we came upon the Fun Zone. It's always fun to go there so I asked if they wanted to stop by and play a few games. Both said yes so we did.

The Fun Zone is an area in Balboa where they have a few carnival rides, a place to play games, go whale watching or take a boat cruise. There are shops and places to eat and it's just a fun atmosphere.

We went to the area where you can play games and win tickets that you later cash in for small prizes.

Here is Trinity and Jason playing one of the games.

Here they are again, after Trinity cashed in her tickets. Her daddy also won her a stuffed animal in one of those machines with the claw.

We then headed back to our car and drove home.

I not only had fun but I also had a nice healthy lunch. I also got some much needed exercise in by all the walking. All good for my diet!

Day two and I'm doing good!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I think we have all heard that saying above, haven't we? Well, it's true. The rest of our life starts...NOW.

The first day of the rest of my life (today) I started on Weight Watchers. I had signed up yesterday but didn't really start eating the way I should until today.

I ate my healthy foods and wrote everything down. I found it kind of funny that I had a hard time eating all the food they told me to.

Normally on a diet I feel hungry. Even after I just ate. It's like my body knows I'm on a diet and a diet means "being hungry". At least to me it does.

No more eating the food I really like. No more sweets or fat. Just dry toast, salads with no dressing and food that tastes like cardboard.

This time I'm not on a diet. I'm changing the way I eat. I can have anything and everything I want. I just need to watch the portions and be aware of what I'm eating.

Just knowing I can eat what I want made me not crave anything and I wasn't hungry at all.

I read the materials Weight Watchers gave me. One thing that I knew, but really thought about today, was how we can pick to eat a little amount of high calorie foods or we can pick foods that are healthy and filling and have much more food.

When you eat right, with lots of fruits and veggies, protein and fiber, you don't get hungry. In fact you get full!

So today was a good day. I followed my new eating life style to a tee. It was easy.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet up with my nephew and we are going to go for a long walk and have lunch at a healthy restaurant.

I love my nephew. He has always been there to help me when I want to exercise or eat right. He has always been willing to walk with me, hike with me and meet me at the gym when I needed that extra boost of having company.

He is a great cheerleader for me. I'm lucky to have him.

Another thing I'm trying to work on is getting to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I want to be ready for my big time change when I go to the East Coast in a few weeks!

Now that is going to be the hard thing for me to do as I've always been a night owl and sleep in late. But, I'm going to give it a try.


Monday, July 27, 2009


Today my sister, Maureen and I went to our first Weight Watchers meeting. We both signed up.

I am not one that can lose weight on my own. I tried. Over and over I've tried.

Yes, I've been to Weight Watchers before. In fact, I've joined a few times. Never made it to my goal weight but I do know it works. I always lost weight when I went.

The only reason it stopped working was because I stopped following the plan and went back to my old eating habits.

So, I'm back again. This time I'm going to use rewards.

They say it's good to set smaller goals and to reward yourself when you reach them.

Since I love to cruise I thought I would use them to help me reach my goals.

How you ask? Well, I've decided that since I have a cruise coming up next month I need to stay on plan the whole month or I can't go. Yes, you heard me. I will not go if I do not stay on my plan.

Then after that for every 25 lbs I lose I will book myself another cruise.

No more just going on a cruise when I feel like it. I have to earn them.

Now when I want to cheat or eat junk food I'll think about if it's worth giving up a cruise or not.

Even when I go on my cruise I know I'll be ok. Yes, they do have tons of food and you can eat 24 hours a day if you want. But, they also have lots of fruits and veggies and they have a gym on board.

There is so much walking on the ship and on the excursions. They even have a morning club you can join where you do so many laps around the ship that equals a mile. Then you get a stamp and you can cash your stamps in for little gifts.

I'm excited. I'm really going to do my best to make it work this time. I know I can do it.


Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yesterday, I shared a bit about the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. Today, I wanted to let you know a few reasons why one could have been found to be a witch back then.

Do you have any of these traits? If so, you could have been put on trial too.

1. You talk to yourself.
2. You are reclusive.
3. You have eccentric behavior.
4. You have had a dispute with your neighbor or a family in your town.
5. You don't go to church.
6. You don't go to the "right" church.
7. You speak French.
8. You were accused of lying.

If you do any of these things or someone thinks you have done these things, then you could be arrested and brought to trial. You would not be allowed to have a lawyer or witnesses to testify on your behalf.

If you plead innocent and the courts found you guilty (which everyone was found guilty) then you would be hung. If you plead guilty, then your life would be saved but, you would be in prison for life.

Those who were hung were not allowed to be buried in the cemeteries, as witches were not allowed to be buried in consecrated grounds. The family would have to take the body and bury it where no one would find out.

Even after the hysteria was over and the Witch Trials were found to be frauds many still had to stay in jail. Back then, you had to pay for your "room and board" while in jail. Even if you were arrested and found not guilty.

Those who were pour could not afford to pay the fees in order to get out of jail and some even ended up dying in jail.

If you were found guilty of being a witch then chances were good that your spouse would soon stand trial for being a witch also.

Often when we look back in our History we find strange things that we can't understand how people allowed to happen. The real scary thing is we never know when something just as foolish could happen in our time.

I, for one, am happy I didn't live back in 1692 because I fear I would have had to stand trial for being a witch. How about you?

If you were arrest back then and accused of being a witch, how would you have plead?

Friday, July 24, 2009


We have all heard of the Salem Witch Trials right? But, do you really know the story behind them?

When I go on my cruise next month, one of the stops is going to be in Boston. Now I have to admit, I was excited to stop there because I've never been to Boston and there is so much history there that I have always to see and experience.

However, when I saw one of the shore excursions we could purchase was a tour to Salem, I just had to sign up. I've always been very interested in the Witchcraft Trials and this was my chance to see things up close.

I did a little research and found out more about the Trials and thought I would share them with you too.

Between June and Sept. 1692 there were 19 men and women who were hung because they were found guilty of being a witch. One man in his 80's refused to stand trial and so he was brought out to the fields and heavy stones were placed on him as a way to get him to agree to the trial.

He never did agree and finally died from the weight of all the stones that kept him from being able to breathe.

Many many more men and women were placed in prison for life because, if one admitted to being a witch their life was spared. The people felt that if you admitted your "sin" then it was up to God to decide how long you lived.

But what caused the frenzy anyway? Do you know?

Well, the Salem Witch Museum will answer all the questions. I can't wait to go and see what awaits me there.

But until then, I'll share what I do know.

Rev. Parris was raising his daughter Betty Parris and his niece, Abigail Williams, who's parents had died.

The two girls were not allowed to play normal children games like Hide and Seek because Rev. Parris felt that playing was sign of idleness and that idleness allowed the Devil to work his ways.

So the two girls read a lot. One book popular at that time was a book about Prophecy and Fortune Telling.

To help the time pass in the long cold winters, young girls would form circles and practice what they learned.

Betty and Abigail asked two of their friends to join them and formed their own circle. Rev. Parris' slave, Tituba, joined them and would often tell the girls stories of witchcraft, demons and mystic animals as well as participated in fortune experiments by cracking an egg into a glass of water and "reading" the picture the egg formed.

Several other young girls sooned joined the circle when they heard about the stories Tituba would tell.

Soon, Betty and Abigail got frightened over what their "fortunes" were reviling. They started to act out with throwing tantrums. Screaming and throwing their bodies on the ground.

Rev. Parris brought the girls to see the Dr. to find out what was wrong with them, as they never told him about why they were acting out. By doing so would surely get them into a lot of trouble with Rev. Parris.

The Dr. found nothing wrong with the girls and advised Rev. Parris that he felt the girls were bewitched.

At first the girls didn't want to speak the name of the "Witch" who put a spell on them but finally felt so pressured to do so they claimed that Tituba was the witch.

Since she was a "lowly" slave the people were quick to believe the children.

Two other women were named. One an elderly lady that never went to church. The people felt she clearly was a witch because of that. The other woman was a homeless woman that would go door to door begging for food.

Tituba admitted to being a witch and thus was saved from being hung. But she also testified against the other two who claimed they were innocent.

This is how the Trials began. The people picked up on the hysteria, as they figured out a way to get the people they didn't like or those they didn't agree with to be removed from their life. Just act like you were possessed and speak the name of the "Witch" that put the spell on you.

Over 200 men and women were arrested during the 3 months in 1692.

We look back now and wonder how this all happened. How could a few young girls cause so many to lose their life.

Tomorrow I'll tell you what "proved" if someone was a witch or not. I'm sure some of you will be thankful we are no longer living in that time. If we were, then some of you may have to stand trial yourself. I know I would.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have to admit I am not one who lives in the here and now. I'm always wanting to move ahead to my future rather then looking back or enjoying my today.

If it's Fall then I'm counting the days until Winter is here with Holidays and New Year looming around the corner.

If it's Winter, I'm looking forward to Spring and all the pretty flowers.

If it's Spring I'm waiting for Summer and the long days spent out doors enjoying the beach or BBQs.

Summer comes and I'm dreaming about Fall and it's crisp cool days.

So I was thrilled to find the new Celebrate magazine was out on the stands. I quickly snatched it up and in my basket it went.

It's time to start thinking about cooling off (it's been hot here in CA) and planning parties for Back to School and Halloween.

Looking forward to sharring dinner with my family at Thanksgiving.

Changing the decor to oranges, reds and golds.

Celebrate helps with all these great days. Like this darling flower arrangement in the colors of Fall.

Adding apples or pencils are a great way to turn your Fall arrangement into one for your child's Teacher on the first day of school.

Who doesn't love caramel apples? Top them with chocolate drizzles and you have an extra yummy treat.

But, don't stop there. Wrap your sticks in lovely ribbon and your caramel apple now takes on a whole new look. More gourmet and classy.

What a fun table setting for a lunch or dinner with Friends on Halloween. Learn how to set your table so it's not only cute but doesn't break the bank.

Make your menu just as fun as the party itself. Not sure what to do in order to make that happen? No worries, Celebrate gives you all the recipes and ideas you will need.

The first thing your company sees when coming over to visit you is the front door.

Make it welcoming and put your guest in the mood with Fall items set out to greet them.

If you have not seen this magazine before then you must search it out. They sell it at Target and all the book stores.

It only comes out four times a year. Once a season.

But beware. Once you get it, you too, will long for what's ahead in the Season that awaits us.

Monday, July 20, 2009


First I want to make it clear that this post is NOT meant to brag or make it sound like I'm so great. This is only to discuss Random Acts of Kindness to a Stranger.

If you have ever done something for someone just to put a smile on their face you have done an Act of Random Kindness. But, the truth is when you do this you not only make the person you are being nice to feel good but it makes yourself feel good for helping.

Normally when I do little things I just keep it to myself. The feeling of being kind is enough without having to tell others about it. Read on and I'll tell you why I'm talking about this now.

Last night I was reading Craigslist. I often read the WANTED section to see if I have anything that someone wants. I figure it is a good way to do a Random Act of Kindness.

If I'm able to help someone out and put a smile on their face then maybe they will pass it on and that person will pass it on...soon the world will be a better place.

Anyway, last night I read a post from a lady who said she had been taking in little kittens that have either lost their mommy or was sick and was abandoned by the owner. She would feed them, bathe them, take them to the vet, get them shots and when they are well enough or old enough she would find homes for them.

However, she lost her job and was having a hard time supporting herself let alone taking care of stray kittens/cats. Yet, a few weeks before she came across 3 kittens who was without their mommy because she got hit and killed by a car. So she took them in.

They were only 4 or 5 days old. She feeds them every 1 1/2 hours and was in need of help to buy them some milk.

So I emailed her and offered to meet her at PetCo. I bought a gift card from there and gave it to her to help feed the kittens.

I was so thrilled and touched because she brought the kittens with her so I would believe she really did have them and wasn't just trying to scam me. She let me hold them and even bottle feed them. They were so cute!

She was so touched that I would offer to help her. She even cried when I gave her the gift card. Yet I was touched by how kind she is to take these kittens in and help them even when she can't afford food for herself.

As I left she gave me a hug and said she was going to send me pictures of the kittens as they grow up and let me know when they found homes. How thoughtful of her.

I drove home feeling so good. Not only because I was able to help out, even if it was just a small thing, but because I got to see first hand, what wonderful people are out there. People we don't even know.

I got to thinking about ways to do small Random Acts of Kindness and thought there are so many little things we can do to brighten someones day.

I thought I would share a few ways I've helped out and was hoping you will share ways you help out. Sometimes there are ways that are wonderful that we may have never thought of so by sharing maybe we can give each other some ideas.

A few things I've done in the past are:

1. When going through the toll booth I'll pay for the car in back of me. I then drive off quickly as I don't want to be thanked. I just want to know that the person was surprised and for at least one minute their day was brightened by a stranger.

2. I've gone to Fast Food places and went through the drive thru. When I get to the window to pay I will offer to pay for the car in back of me. Again, I leave without being thanked. I will ask the person at the window to tell the person "A stranger paid your bill to make you smile today and hopes you will pass on that smile to someone else later in the day".

3. I've taken a homeless person to lunch. Not just buy the lunch and leave but actually sat there and ate lunch with him. He enjoyed having someone to talk to and I felt like I was honored to be able to take him out.

4. I've gone to an elderly lady or man in a rest home and just spent some time talking to them or listening to them. Often they have no one that goes to visit and even a few minutes really makes their day. They feel like someone cares and they are important, which they are.

These are just a few of the little things that I've done that doesn't really cost much money or time but hopefully will be a little nice moment that these people will remember.

So please, share with me things you have done or things that you have thought of to bring joy to a persons life, if even for a minute.

Or if some stranger has done something nice for you, please tell us what they did.