Saturday, October 27, 2012


I know I've been gone for awhile but I've been super busy lately and just have not really had time to post much. 

I got several request to start posting again and I promise to try to be better and post more often.

I'll start with a fun little Witch Party I had for my girl scout troop tonight.  I wanted to do this party on a pretty tight budget.

I had a lot of fun making decorations for this party.  I searched on line and found this cool "book of Spells".  I can't remember where I found it but if you know, please tell me so I can give them credit.

It was super easy to make.  It's just a book cover really.  So inside is a book I had hanging around the house.  Next year, I want to make a more detailed book.  I'll have to start much earlier though.  However, once it's done, it will be able to be opened and look more real.

I also made a bunch of "potions".  Again, I searched on line and found several different types.  I used a bunch of old bottles I got for free from Craigslist.  Got to love free!

Then I printed off different labels and had fun filling them up with different things.

Toad Bladders was actually some dried cherries I had made with my dehydrator.  Mermaid Hair was easy, I just cleaned out my brush and used that hair.  Green Grubs, well that was dried cilantro.

My favorite was the Snake Oil.  I used real oil and then rubber snakes.  It really is a creepy effect!

You can go crazy finding things to use.  I loved searching for different things that would be great for the color, the thickness of the liquid or some other fun reason.

I also found a picture on line to print off and I put it in a frame.  It became instant family ancestors.

Legend has it that, the green frog was the witches old boyfriend that upset her and so she turned into a frog for all eternity.

The tablescape was very cheap this year.  I borrowed the big witch for the centerpiece from my good friend. 

The beware sign was from Target for $2.00.  I had the cauldron, tablecloth and spiderweb three tier plate on the left.  So those were all free to use again.

The same friend that let me borrow the witch gave me the plates and napkins, as she bought a lot and had extra.

I had the little black cauldrons that I had purchased two years ago and didn't use.  I filled them with flavored Tootsie rolls and put the green ones on top so it looked like witches brew.

I covered large candy bars with some fun scrap booking paper, a little ribbon and black flower and added a few orange stones. 

The paper was only 59 cents and the flowers and stones came from my same good friend that loaned me the witch.  I had the ribbon.  Cheap and much nicer then just putting a candy bar on the table.

My favorite thing was these witches.  I found them at the Dollar Tree.  Then I just printed out the names of the girls and used them as place card holders.

These little spider web napkin rings were already in my Halloween supplies.  I had purchased them at Kohl's on clearance a few years back.

I found the witch finger suckers at Knott's Berry Farm.  I couldn't pass them up.

Rather then use plastic glasses, I thought the girls would enjoy having real glass to drink out of.  So when I came across these green glasses, I knew that with a little black glitter spider sticker they would be great to use for this party.

Again, found at Dollar Tree. 

I know you can't see the coaster but it's of a witch.  I don't remember where I found them but I had purchased them last year.  I think they came from Target and were in the clearance section after Halloween last year.

Oh the skulls in the background also came from Dollar Tree.

I love these fans.  The color and black cat theme went perfectly with my theme so I got five and hung them up as a back drop to the party.  Yes, they also came from Dollar Tree.

So see, it really doesn't take much money to decorate and have fun on Halloween.

Even the little witch shoe candle holders came from the Dollar Tree.

Oh, I almost forgot they each had a witches broom that was pen at their place setting and a fun orange and white paper straw. 

The broom came from a candy store in Laguna Niguel and the straws were ordered on line. 

At the end of the party, the girls all got to take home everything at their place setting.  That way, they get to remember the party every year as they put out the decorations. 

I don't like to use the same decorations over so it also keeps me from having to pack this stuff away.

I didn't get a good picture of the aprons but they were cute.  They were witch bodies. 

We made pumpkin bread so they were great to keep the "witches" clean.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our little party as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Happy Halloween!