Monday, June 27, 2011


We have all been to many fundraisers in our life time.  So, when I went to this one today, I thought I knew what to expect.  Boy was I wrong!

This was not only a fundraiser with a great cause (buying pet oxygen mask for local fire departments), it was also a class in how to give first aid and CPR to your pets.

It only cost $10 and all the money went to purchase Pet Oxygen Masks for the fire departments.

I got there a little bit early and so I joined the people who were outside.  Many people brought their dogs with them.  It was fun watching them play together.

There were little pampered dogs that were being held.

But, mostly there were bigger dogs.  Some were kept on a leash and some were let loose to roam around and make new friends.

We all went over to the grass area as we were going to be treated to a short show put on by some World champion Frisbee dogs.

Some of the dogs really jumped high to make their catch.  It was hard trying to catch a photo of them because they were so fast.

We then headed back inside and learned about the oxygen mask for pets and how most Fire Departments do not have them. 

They are very important to have because a human mask does not work that well on pets.  So, sadly many pets die when in a fire.

There are three different sizes of pet masks.  They will fit all animals from small to large.

This is how they fit on dogs.

All of these bags are the pet oxygen mask kits that were donated during our gathering.

The EMS director from the Anaheim Fire Department was there to accept them.  Now all the trucks in Anaheim carry them on their trucks.

We then had our class on Pet First Aid and CPR.  We learned how to help our pets out should there be an emergency. 

We were shown what to do if our pets were choking.

How to do CPR on our pets.

What to do in case of Heat Stroke, snake bites, Heart stop, not breathing, bee stings and several other things that could happen to our pets.

We learned how to make our own Pet First Aid kit.

We also learned what to put in an emergency kit for our pets.  Just like we should have a kit, so should our pets.

One tip was to keep your emergency kits near an outside wall.  That way, should you have to knock down walls to get to them, it will just be one wall.

Also, keep your pets vet records in there in case something should happen to your vets off.

We sure did learn a lot of great information and I've very happy I went.  I had been waiting to learn First Aid/CPR for my pets and I feel so much better now knowing I would know what to do rather then just panic.

I also bought tickets to enter the raffle drawing.  They had three big baskets that valued between $100 and $200 each.

I was thrilled when my number was called for the 2nd basket.  Then when they called the number for the 3rd basket I couldn't believe it when they called another one of my tickets.

Rather then be greedy though, I told them to draw another number so someone else could win too.

The items that were in my basket that I won't use will be getting donated to one of our local Pet Shelters.

If you ever get a chance to take a class like this or join in a fundraiser to raise money for pet oxygen mask, I hope you will. 

Your pets will thank you for it.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Being a Girl Scout Leader means of course, taking the troop camping.  Even though I've already taken my troop camping I still was required to take a few classes so I could be sure I was doing things "The Girl Scout Way."

So, last night I went to my class.  It was basically to learn different ways to cook outdoors. 

Since the first thing a cook should do is, wash her hands, they had an outdoor "sink" set up.

Just fill up a large water container with water, put a bar of soap in a clean old sock or nylon and use a pan to catch the water.  After all, you don't want water running through out your camp area.

We all made our own watering can, like the one in the photo.  All it really is is a coffee can with wholes punched in the bottom and attached to a coat hanger.

Keep this near you in a bucket of water while you have a camp fire going and should anything catch on fire you will be ready to put it out.  Plus, when you are finished with your fire, just sprinkle the water over fire or hot coals and it quickly goes out.

Normally, when one builds a fire they would pile the wood to look like a tee pee.  That will allow plenty of air to get to the fire and it will be build a nice high fire.

If you are building your fire to cook over, it's best to stack your wood in a square or "log cabin" style.  This will allow the fire to burn more low and spread out.  Therefore, making it easy to put a grill over the fire.

Once you do this, you can then use your fire like a stove.  Just put your pots and pans on top of and cook away.

Keep your coffee pot full of hot water so you can enjoy coffee, hot chocolate or tea through out the day.

Or just use it to heat up your water to wash your dishes later.

A tip to keep your pots and pan nicer is to rub dish washing soap on the outside before you place them over the fire.

By doing so, it will be easy to wash off the soot that builds up on them from the fire.
Bring charcoal with you when you go camping.  If you do, you will open yourself up to a whole new way to cook outdoors.

Just heat your coals up.  Use one of these charcoal chimneys to get them ready much faster.

While your coals are getting hot, line a dutch oven with foil (to make clean up a breeze).

Mix up your ingredients for whatever you want to make.  We made Apple Crisp.

Then set your filled dutch over over some hot coals and place some more hot coals on top.

There are charts you can find either in your booklet that came with your dutch oven or on line that will tell you how many coals to use on the top and how many on the bottom.  It will depend on how hot you wish to cook your dish as to how many you should use.
The one way of cooking that excited me the most was using a box to make an oven.

Just get a cardboard box and line it with a few layers of foil.  Tape the foil to the outside to keep it attached.  That's it!  You now have an oven to bake whatever you want.

Place a cookie sheet or even a pie tin down first.  You don't really have to do this but it will help to keep your oven clean and you can use it over and over again for many trips.

Put your hot coals down on the pan (or directly on the foil if you like).  Use one coal for every 40 degrees you want to bake your item at.  This means, if you are baking at 400 degrees then use 10 coals.

Then put four empty cans down.  Place a rack (can use a baking cooling rack) on top of the cans.  Place your cake, pie, bread or whatever you are baking down on the rack. 
We made corn muffins.  So we put our cupcake pan down directly on top of the cans.  We didn't need to use the rack as it fit just fine without one.

Put the top of your box on.  Be sure you lined it with foil also.

Then bake your item for as long as the recipe says.

It most likely will take the longer time to cook.   Our muffin mix said to cook 15 to 20 mins.  We had to cook it longer as it was not completely cooked at 15 mins.
Sometimes you may wish to cook hot dogs on a stick or roast marshmallows.  Just make a regular fire and cook away.

In order to build your fire and keep it going you may wish to use a fire starter.  Sure you can buy them at the stores.  But why?  You can make your own for free.

Just use an empty egg carton.  Make sure it's the paper kind and not the Styrofoam ones.

Fill the cups up with lint from your dryer.  Finally a use for all that lint!!!
Melt some old candles, crayons or even purchase some new wax if you like.   Be careful though because it will be very hot!

Then pour the melted wax over the lint.  Fill up each cup with the wax and let dry.

Break or cut the cups apart and light these on fire.  They will burn great and get your fire off to a great start. 

Easy and free.  Now who doesn't like that?
Another quick and easy way to cook a meal is to cut up your veggies and/or meat.   Let everyone pick out what they enjoy and put it on top of a piece of foil.

Add a little butter to keep things from sticking.  Season it with whatever spices you like.  You can even top it with cheese.

Wrap up your meal in your foil.  Be sure everyone writes their name on their own packet so they know who gets which packet.

Be sure your foil is sealed so you don't lose all the yummy juices inside.   Then place your foil packet on top of the hot coals and let it cook.

Once everything is cooked through, pull off the heat, unwrap and enjoy.

This works great on a BBQ as well.

You can cook your marshmallows over a wood burning fire or over hot coals.  I actually prefer to use the hot coals.  I don't like mine burnt like some people do.

Using the coals allows them cook slower.  Then will lightly brown outside but still be all melted inside.

Either way you like your marshmallows, they are yummy on their own.  However, get a graham cracker, some chocolate and place your cooked marshmallow on top then add another graham cracker and you have a wonderful S'More. 

What a great way to end your meal.

I hope you had fun seeing all the different ways you can cook outside.  Now you can eat anything you like while camping.  You are not limited to just a big fire any more.


Being a Girl Scout leader has really been a lot of fun for me.  I have done so many new things and gone so many places I don't think I would have gone otherwise.

I love the girls in my troop and it's been so great to see them grow over the past year.

They all said they wanted to have a tea party and use fancy china and get dressed up.  I was thrilled to have a reason to host a tea.

I had no idea what the theme would be or what colors I should use. But, I just started to add things one by one and the girls loved the way it turned out.

They enjoyed eating on china plates that were almost 100 years old.

They loved having all the tiny finger food.  We had egg salad sandwiches, cream cheese with homemade strawberry jam sandwiches and ham and cheese sandwiches.  All cut in small small sizes with no crusts, of course.  Colorful cheese crackers were also enjoyed.

There were fresh strawberries, carrots and celery sticks with ranch dip. 

Mini eclairs, mini pink frosted cookies, German chocolate cake, white cake with white frosting and white chocolate covered pretzels satisfied even the biggest sweet tooth.

No one really wanted tea so we had pink lemonade served in china tea pots.

But the biggest hit was the warm, freshly baked mini cinnamon rolls.

There were flower cookies on a stick for each girl to take home and enjoy later.

I used my real silver and even my real silver tea pot napkin rings.  The girls said they felt like they were at a fancy restaurant.

Of course there were fresh flowers on the table and they were flanked by candles in crystal holders.

All the tea cups were from my collection.  I was impressed that the girls were so mature and grown up acting. 

We did discuss proper manners while we all enjoyed the food and drinks.

I loved seeing each girl dressed up in her fancy clothes and most even wore hats. 

They all had the best time and said they can't wait for our next tea party. 

I surprised them and gave them all bags full of goodies to take home.  They said they never expected to get a goodie bag.  They thought the tea party was a big enough present.  Of course, they were still thrilled to get a little something to take home though.

I learned that bringing out the fine china, real silver and cloth napkins and tablecloths is not scary when you have children around.  In fact, what it does is make them slow down and appreciate the table setting. 

The girls had a great time but to be honest, I think I enjoyed just as much, maybe even more.