Thursday, July 31, 2008


OK, it's time! Time to announce the names of the lucky winners. I added up everyone who left a post saying the wanted to enter. Then on the Christmas in July giveaway I added an extra entry for the people who posted about the giveaway on their blog. Then I went to Random Numbers on the Internet and put in the numbers. Got the numbers and then matched the number to the person who was assigned to that number.
So let's start with the Plate and Cloche. The number was 16. That number was assigned to Jan & Tom at Jan & Tom's Place. Congrats to you! I just need your address so I can get this out to you so please email me with the info.

We had a lot more people in this giveaway. The random number picked number 5. That number belongs to Debbie at My Vintage Daydreams.

Hey Debbie! Looks like you are on a winning streak. Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket. LOL

Now, those of you didn't win, don't be upset because just around the corner will be another giveaway. I putting together some fun things for you. Keep coming back so you don't miss out.

Thank you to all who entered these giveaways and visit my blog.



I have met so many wonderful new people out there in Blogland! I enjoy going to all your blogs and reading about your home, family, hobbies and places where you live.

I've been blessed enough to even speak to a few of you on the telephone. I've written and received emails from lots of you. Soon I'm even going to get to meet one of you in person (that's you Debbie, I can't wait!).

I've laughed with you and cried with you. I've learned so many great tips, ideas and stories from you.

You have become my friends!

I wanted to take a little bit of time today to say THANK YOU for all you do for me. You are all so wonderful.

A special thank you goes out to Sherry and Wes at Edie Marie's. For no reason at all, they sent me this darling little tea cup and saucer. It's so cute with little pink roses and pretty gold trim.

What a lovely surprise! You guys are so kind! You made my day. Thank you!

Please remember, when you are happy or sad, angry or glad, I'm here for YOU.

Don't forget that today is the last day to sign up for both my Christmas in July giveaway and the little Quickie giveaway. I'm going to draw the winners tonight so if you have not joined up yet and you want to, then hurry on over to the posts and do so.

The Christmas in July Giveaway has a link to the post you need to leave the mesage at, on the right side of my blog. Just click on the picture. The other giveaway is just below this post so go there for that one.

I wish you could all win! But, if you don't win this time don't worry because I like to have giveaways often. Come back and you are sure to find another giveaway going on soon.

Thank you all for being my friends!



Wednesday, July 30, 2008


GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Yes ladies! It's time for another quickie giveaway. I love doing these.

Today, the giveaway is a very cute white plate with pretty little pale turquoise blue shells around it and a great glass cloche. You could put all sorts of cute things in here.

So, to qualify for this giveaway, all you have to do is post a message here saying you would like it and then if you win, you have to promise to post a picture of it on your blog and show what you put in it.

So there you have it. Any takers? I will do a random number drawing on Thurs July 31st in the evening.

Oh, and don't forget about my other giveaway. There is a link on my right side showing the Christmas in July giveaway. If you have not already signed up there is still time. Last day to enter is not until July 31st.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


There is just something about Vintage Aprons that makes my heart sing. I don't know if it is the dream that some beautiful woman used to wear them as she cooked and cleaned for her husband and family or what.

Maybe it is the hope that when I put these on, I too will become a "Susie Homemaker" or "Martha Stewart".

I won these darling aprons on eBay and they just came in the mail today so I thought I would share them with you. I have a lot more but they are in storage right now. Maybe someday I'll get them out and show you.
Isn't this a darling one! I love to wear the full big aprons the most as I'm a pretty messy cook!

This pretty purple rose one would put a smile on any girls face as she put it on.

This one and the one below are vintage Victorian/Edwardian aprons that are handmade.

Now if that doesn't conjure up great stories I don't know what would.

This one has beautiful fine lace sewn into it.

This one is so cheerful and bright. I love it.

This one that reminds me one that would be an everyday type apron the ladies would wear in the '50's.

I think this one was a souvenir one. It has ladies all dressed up in there native style dresses.

This one is also home made and has a sweet little tea pot embroidered on it. There are not ties to the neck area though. The seller thought the women would just pin it on to their clothes. I think some ties need to be put on it.

Now, I have a question for you. Some vintage linens have spots or stains on them. I know several of you have ways to get these out. So, would you share your tips and ideas. What kind of soap do you use? Do you starch your linens? Do you let them sit out in the sun to bleach out whites?

There are all kinds of hints and tips for linens and I would love if we could share the ones you have tried and that worked here.



Monday, July 28, 2008


Today we are going to do a drive by on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills CA 90210. So get in, buckle up and hang on.

Does this street look familiar to you? It should. This street is often the street they film whenever they show Beverly Hills. I guess because it's lined with the famous Palm Trees CA is known for.

So, here we are on Rodeo Drive. It's a bit crowded today. Guess the economy isn't that bad in Beverly Hills.

When one thinks of Rodeo Drive, one conjures up images of wealth, movie stars, moguls and expensive shopping. Rodeo Drive is famous for designer labels and haute couture fashion.

An appointment and $1500 may buy you a private dressing room complete with Martini Bars. But, in some stores that price could run double or higher.

Here we are at Giorgio Armani. Did you need anything there? I could drop you off and come back to get you.

Well, well. Look at this store. There is no name and no address on the building. I guess if you have to ask where it is then you really can't afford to shop here, at Prada.

Care to buy a Fendi bag? If you do, I hope you have around $20,000 and time to wait up to four years for the latest style. Because that is what it will take if you want to shop here. Yes ladies, there is a waiting list for the most popular Fendi bags and unless you are famous or super rich you won't be able to get one here.

This is at the end of the street where it dead ends. See the man in the middle that is wearing red. Well as we drove by he yelled to us. Did you hear what he said? No. He yelled "Welcome to Rodeo Drive! You have finally arrived!"

Hmmmm, I never knew you were nobody, until you made it to Rodeo Drive.We can't drive up here. So you can just take a peek. We would have to get out and walk here.

Yes, this is the street where you will find Ralph Lauren's Polo shop, Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston, which is where many of the stars get their beautiful jewelry they wear when they go to the award shows.

Do you remember the movie Pretty Woman? Well this is where it was filmed. Yes that's right. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts lived in this Hotel for weeks. All the shops they went to were on Rodeo Drive.

Rodeo Drive is 3 blocks long and some of the shops may close down so they can cater to their elite clients. Some shoppers want the whole store to themselves and will pay big bucks to get the shop owner to close down for them.

What is that? You say you can't afford to shop on Rodeo? Well then let me tell you a little secrete. If you look around you will find a shop right there on Rodeo Drive with nothing over $15.00. Yes you heard me right. You too can wear clothes and tell people you bought it on Rodeo Drive.

Well ladies, we have to leave now. I'm getting a bit dizzy being around all this money, fancy cars and expensive clothes. I need to get back to TJ Maxx where I belong.


Sunday, July 27, 2008


This is the famous Hollywood sign up in the hills. It can be seen for miles and miles away.

It stands watching over the City. You can almost hear it speak, as it calls your name, bring you closer and closer, on your search for the Glitz and Glamour of the by-gone days of HOLLYWOOD!

As you drive down the 101 Fwy if you look to the right you see the Hollywood sign. Look to left and you see the high rise buildings that make up the skyline of Los Angeles.

It's not as impressive as the New York skyline, but, it still makes your heart beat a little faster as you know you are about to hit the City that has so much to offer you. The City where all your dreams can come true...if, you are one of the few lucky ones.

Once you get off the freeway, onto Hollywood Blvd, you will see some of the fun places to stop at. Places like Ripley's Believe it or Not museum.

If you enjoy seeing world records being set then you must stop at the Hollywood Guinness Museum. Here you find some of the many things that have been done in order to get into the Guinness World Record Book.

If you enjoy watching plays or musicals then you would enjoy a trip to the Pantages. This beautiful theater has been redone and is a sight to see on it's own. Let alone the great stage shows they present.

This is where many of stars go.

As you can see WICKED is playing now.

Across the street from Grauman's Chinese Theater is The El Capitan Theater. This is owned by Disney and shows only Disney and Touchstone movies. Before the show there is a live performance by some of the Disney characters. Often downstairs in the basement you will find movie props or drawings from the movie that is being shown.

Next door to the El Capitan is the Disney Soda Fountain. Here you can can sit down and have lunch or a yummy ice cream sundae. There is also a gift shop full of fun Disney items that you can't anywhere else.

We parked at the Kodak Theater. This is where the Academy Awards are held. Last year's American Idol's final show also took place here. It is attached to a large mall with lots of shops and places to eat.

This is where you enter into the Theater. Think of how many stars have walked this same path. I bet some of your favorites have walked through those doors.

This is Grauman's Chinese Theater. Movies are still playing here. I've never been inside but I hear it's a very large movie theater just like they used to have. Many premieres have been held here.

Outside the theater is where the stars foot and hand prints can be found as well as several people dressed up as old time movie stars or characters. You can pay them $5.00 if you want a picture with them.

Looks like someone forgot to tell these girls that Marilyn Monroe was NOT a twin.

There are many many people walking around. They want their pictures taken of themselves as they step in the foot prints or place their hands on the same spot as their favorite stars.

On the sidewalk, next to the foot and hand prints you will find the Stars Walk of Fame. These stars line the streets for miles.

Did you know, that before anyone could get their own star, someone who already has a star has to nominate them. Then they have to pay thousands to have a star made up before they could be honored and recieve their own star on the Walk of Fame? I wonder who the first person was who got their star. Do you know?

Here is Halle Berry's star. Due to the sun shinning, it was hard to get pictures of the stars without a glare or shadows.

Here is Johnny Depp's hand and foot prints. All the blocks are signed and dated by the stars.

New blocks are roped off for several weeks so people don't stand on them until they are completely dry.

Here is Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra's prints.

Kevin Costner's print had several men trying to see if their hands and feet were the same size as his.

Joan Crawford made this one back in 1929. The women's feet all look so small back then. I think it's because they all wore high heals tried to squeeze their feet into smaller size shoes. For some reason they thought smaller feet looked more feminine back then. I say they were foolish! High heals hurt enough without getting the shoe to small to begin with.

The Roosevelt Hotel is where the first Academy Awards were held. Many of the stars used to live in the Hotel. Stars like, Carol Lombard and Clark Gable had a suite there. They still have it named after them and you can now sleep where they did.

This Hotel is said to be haunted by the ghosts and spirits of some of the rich and famous guests that stayed there. They say, such good times were had here that some of those who died refused to leave the Hotel.

Those who believe these stories claim they are all true. Those who don't believe, just laugh and roll their eyes.

What about you? Do you believe?

This is one of large rooms where the rich and famous would hang out, have drinks and dance the night away.

As I stood in this room, I felt a sense of others being in there with me, yet I didn't see any ghosts or anything that lead me to believe anyone else was there with me.

However, when I got home, I looked at the photos I had taken of the day and this one is the only one that had an orb in it.

Now it could just be a coincidence or it could be the presence I felt? What do you think?

This is part of the main lobby.

Another part of the big lounge.

This is where you check in. I hear it cost several hundreds of dollars to stay here.

I guess if you are a big fan of the Golden era, you would think it was worth it.

I hope you enjoyed your walk around Hollywood today. Tomorrow we are going to Rodeo Drive. This is a famous spot where many of the rich and famous shop. Who knows if we will run into any stars there. One never knows.



Saturday, July 26, 2008

BEVERLY HILLS TOUR ~ So this is where the stars live

Yesterday, I went with my sister, Maureen and a friend, Rene, to Hollywood where we thought it would be fun to play tourist and go on a Tour to see the stars homes.

There are a few ways you can do this.

You could hop on this bus that will take you through Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the surrounding area. You can hop on and off at different stops.

This is good if you want to do a little walking and really get a close look at the sites. I don't think it stops at the star's homes though.

They also have this convertible bus. It takes you around for about 2 hours showing you the hot spots where the stars hang out. Where they like to eat, shop and where they live.

This is the one we took. It was so fun even though the wind was really messing up everyone's hair. No one seemed to mind though as we all just laughed.

My sister said she finally understood what Shirley Maclaine felt like in that scene from Terms of Endearment. You know the one, where she goes on a date with Jack Nicholson and he picks her up in a convertible. She is all dressed up with her hair done perfectly and then she gets blown to bit by the wind. If you have not seen the movie it's a must.

The other way to see the sights is to buy a "Map" of the Stars home and drive around yourself. We did buy one and talked about coming back one day to see the cities this way.

But for now, I'm only writting about our tour in the convertible bus.

We drove by The 1st House of Blues. Owned by Dan Ackroyd. I've never been to this one. There is another one in Downtown Disney which is right outside of Disneyland and I have been to that one a few times. The food is good and it's always a fun place to go.

We went by places that were used in different movies. This street is called "Anywhere in USA" as it looks like it could be in just about any city. It's been filmed many many times for movies and TV shows.

We went by The Viper. This is a nightclub where many stars hang out. It's also the place where River Phoenix died several years ago. Such a sad story.

See that little shopping center. Well take a look at the shop upstairs over where the umbrellas are. It's a tanning salon. This is where Britney Spears gets her tan. Now haven't you always wondered about that. LOL

Did you ever watch Happy Days? Well this is where Mel's Diner was filmed. It's really called Mel's Diner. It was packed too. I don't know if people love the food or just knowing it's where one of their childhood shows was filmed at.

I fully expected to see Fonzie come out and give us a thumbs up with his famous "Heyyyyy".

One thing I learned, was that Beverly Hills has many strict rules about what can and can not be built there. One thing the do not allow is fast food restaurants. So, in order to help with the hunger that can only be satisfied with some quick fast greasy food, they have trucks driving around.

I guess even the stars long for a hamburger and fries at times and don't want to drive to the next city over to get one. Well, maybe not. It's more likely that the staff and gardeners and pool people eat here. At least that is what we saw.

So here we go. The famous Beverly Hills sign welcomes you into the land of dreams and wishes. Where only the rich and famous are allowed to live. The rest of can look but do not touch anything.

All the lawns, flowers and trees are perfect. It's almost like a movie set with nothing out of place. Fancy cars are on the streets and we didn't see one child playing outside.

But there were several dogs we saw. Some out walking. Some sitting by the big fence guarding the home and we even saw a mobile dog groomer at the home of Courtney Cox.

But where were the children?

Of course, no tour would be complete without seeing the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. Many stars have spent the night here.

But then again, many stars have spent the night here too. This is the Beverly Hills jail.

This house way up on the hill was Merv Griffins. I have no idea how lives here now.
This is the home of David Spade. It doesn't look all that fancy. But then again, is he really a "big" star?

Well, I'm sure he is a big enough star that people go through his trash a lot. I don't know why but I found it funny that movie stars have these ugly trash cans just like we all do.

At least he recycles. You can tell by the color of the trash cans.

I was hoping the owner of this house would come out and invite me in. This is the home of Richard Gere. Sadly no one came out.

Can you see that house peeking out from the trees with a flag sticking up? Well, this is the house that belongs to Tom Cruise. I don't think he stays here very often though.

Most of the stars have houses that you can hardly see. The trees or walls block most of the view.

Behind these gates is the house that Ozzy Osborne used to live in. If you ever watched his reality show this is where it all took place. I know some other star lives here but I forgot who. Do you know?

This home has been the home of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward for many many years.

Now that they are older and Paul Newman is sick, they no longer stay here. But they still own it.

This is where Christine Aguilera lives. It seemed like something was going to be happening there as there were lots of cars and workers all around.

Here is where Courtney Cox lives with David Arquette You can see the mobile dog groomer is there. Nice to know they take care of their of dogs.

Around the corner from Courtney Cox is where her best friend, Jennifer Aniston, bought a home for millions and tore it down. She is building her own custom home.

This fence opens up to Ringo Star's home. See the stars on the fence?

This is the only high rise building around and it is the home to many stars. Cher has two floors, Lindsey Lohan lives here (when she is not in jail or rehab), Mathew Perry from Friends lives here. The top penthouse floor is owned by Elton John.

Then we turned down this street to the home of one of Rene's favorite stars.
The white house on top of the hill is the home to David Beckham.

The street was full of cars with paparazzi just waiting for him to come out. Of course he didn't come out while we were there.

But, after the tour was over, we got our map out and went back to his home. Here is his mailbox.

Rene and I got out of the car and walked up the long driveway hoping we could get a better look at his house close up or maybe even see him outside sunbathing.

As we were walking I told Rene "I bet we are being watched." I just had that feeling that there was a hidden camera somewhere. We couldn't find one anywhere so we kept walking.

As we approached the box you announce your visit to so you you can be buzzed in we heard "Can I help you?". We just looked at each other and then Rene said "We just wanted to know if this was the home of David Beckham." The unknown man said back to us "NO! You are trespassing on private property. Remove yourself from the driveway now."

This sounded like he wasn't kidding either. So we quickly turned around and giggled the whole way back to our car.

We knew we had the right house. There were so many tourist driving by and taking photos and the paparazzi was still out front. But, sadly we didn't get one glance on the other side of that fence.

Sorry Rene, we tried.

So there you have it. No stars seen today. Maybe another day.

We also spent time in Hollywood at the stars walk of fame and Grauman's Chinese theater where the stars foot and hand prints are in the cement. Then we went over to the famous Roosevelt Hotel. That was the first place they held the Academy Awards show. Many say the ghost of the stars have been seen and felt there.

So if you are a lover of old Hollywood come back tomorrow for that part of the tour.

Hope you enjoyed your trip today.