Saturday, July 30, 2011


Today I went with a friend to Santa Monica.  I have not been there in years and I'm really happy we went.  It was such a fun day. 

You may be asking yourself - "What is there to do or see in Santa Monica?"  Well, come along with me and I'll show you.

Our first stop was to the 3rd Street Promenade.  We wanted to walk around a bit then eat lunch.  There are so many great restaurants to pick from. 

I love that most places have tables outside right by the sidewalks.  That way, you can enjoy your meal and still have a great time people watching.

For those of you who have never been to the 3rd Street Promenade, it is a street that is block off to traffic for several blocks. 

There is a lot of wonderful shops, food places, movies, street carts and entertainment. 

We came across several people who were singing and trying to sell their CD's.  Some were really good...some, not so much.

You will find all sorts of things to make you smile.

Like bushes that look like big dinosaurs.

Movie theaters with old fashion charm.

Unique art work.

Great candy shops.

Shoe shine stands that used to be on every corner, many years ago.

The list of super things there goes on and on.

We then went for a walk and ended up going over the beach side of the road.

I found the combo of these two trees to be odd.  Palm trees and Yucca trees just don't go together.  It's Tropical and Dessert.  Strange.

Santa Monica has a lot of new buildings.  However, they still have a lot of the old time charm that makes you feel like you are walking around in the past.

I fell in love with this old Hotel.   I want to stay here someday.

Why is there a big cannon here?  I have no idea.  There weren't any signs around and no one seemed to know. 

Yup, you can get your "Kicks on Route 66" right here in Santa Monica.

After walking several blocks, we came to the famous Pier. 

The Pier is a very popular spot for locals and tourist.  It was pretty crowded when we were there.

The beach wasn't as near crowded as most Summer days. 

Yes, I know most of the Country is burning up.  Yet, here in Santa Monica it was kind of overcast and not hot at all.  I think it only got up to 72 there in the late afternoon.

Yet people were still going in the water. 

In 1975, the Santa Monica Pier became a Historical Landmark.

You could spend the day on the Pier.  It's not like most Piers.  This one has lots of rides, many places to eat, shops and so much to see and do.

You can even take classes to become a trapeze artist.  Soon, you could be flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

You can see artists at work and even buy what they make.

If you walk to the very end of the Pier you will find the Harbor Office and take classes in Ocean safety.

It was fun playing tourist in my own back yard.  OK, so it's not actually my backyard, it's about an hour from where I live.  But, it still made for a wonderful day.

Friday, July 29, 2011


I am so happy that I found out about the group Blog Crush.  It's a group of bloggers that get together to share tips and ideas. 

They meet up every so often and Thursday night was the first time I got to join them.  Boy, what a night!

It was held at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine.  For those of you who live in OC perhaps you have seen the big orange hot air balloon flying high in the air. 

If you have not yet been to the Great Park, you must go.  I've been several times now and each time has been a blast.

I've taken my Girl Scout troop there to do Star Gazing.   I've gone there to fly kites.  Several times, to go on the hot air balloon ride and carousel.  Everything there has always been free.

This night was no different.  Hours of fun and enjoyment all for free.  That's right!  You heard me.  It didn't cost us one penny and we had hours of enjoyment and laughs.

I went there with some of my friends who are also bloggers.  They brought their kids with them and the one thing they loved the most was getting to test drive the new Razors. 

There were several different "rides" they got to pick from. 

There was the Graffiti Scooter.  This was fun because not only do they get to ride around like they are free as a bird, they can also step down on the area that holds down three large pieces of chalk.  This allows them to leave behind them a masterpiece of magic as they twist and turn their way around.

The E-Spark Scooter is an electric scooter that can make sparks.  Talk about blazing a trail!  This ride looks like a kids dream to me!

The BoGo is wild!  It's like a PoGo Stick only this goes so much higher then the PoGo Sticks I've ever seen.  It's like the Bionic Man's PoGo Stick.  The kids flipped for this!

I heard kids of all ages asking their parents to get them these items.  They are sure to make it on lots of Christmas lists this year!  I'm sure Santa and his Elf's will be seeking the help of Razor to fill all the requests.

As if this was not enough fun, there was a scavenger hunt.  Every 15 minutes there was a hidden treasure (one of these fabulous Razor products) for the kids to find.  The first one that figured out the clue and located the hidden spot would win the item they found.

The kids were able to run around, solve the clues and find great prizes like this BOGO.

Look at the happy faces of those six kids that found the hidden treasures! 

I'm sure this summer there will be not only these six happy kids outside having fun with their Razor's, but lots and lots of kids will be seen with these great inventions!

Parents also love these items because the kids, not only, get outside in the fresh air more, get exercise and have a blast, but, they also are a great price and don't break the bank.

So, if you are a parent, my advise to you is to, run to your nearest store that carries these products and purchase them now.  They will make your kids happy and we all know that happy kids make happy parents!

I did not get anything (other then a fun night)  in return for writing this post.

Everything I wrote is just because I saw, first hand, the pleasure these products bring to kids and I happen to think they are great fun.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My great niece and I both entered tablescapes at the OC Fair.  It was the first time either of us have ever entered anything at a Fair before.

I was so happy when we walked up to her tablescape and we found she won the big prize for her division!

That's right, she got 1st place and wins the money prize!

We talked about it before we went down there and I explained that it would be ok if we didn't win.  It was just fun being able to do this together.  Plus, neither of us know anyone else who has ever entered anything before the fair.

But, when we walked up and saw she got the blue ribbon and then the ribbon for winning her division we both were so excited! 

She is a lot like me and loves to set a nice table.  She has always helped me when we have family holiday dinners.  She likes to play with dishes like me.

She asked if one day she could have my dishes so she could continue to set pretty tables when I'm tired of doing it.

I told her of course she can have everything.  Whenever she wants them they are hers.

I'm so proud of her.  She picked everything out herself and learned the proper way to set the table and even measured out how far from the edge everything goes.  Yes, they are that picky at the Fair.

Congratulations Trinity!  You did a wonderful job.

Oh and for those who wanted know...I took 3rd in the Adult Division. 

I'm linking up to Susan's Tablescape Thursday.  If you have not yet been there please stop by to see all the wonderful tablescapes throughout blogland.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have lived in Orange County for almost 40 years and I have never once been to Wild Rivers Water Park.

But, I'm going to go this year!

I won't be going just for the fun rides though.  My main reason for going is to join in the fun with the Rubber Ducky Derby. 

I've always wanted to enter one of these contests.  Have you heard of them before?

You can "adopt" a rubber duck for a donation.  Your duck is given a number and entered into the race.

All the ducks are then dropped into the water at the same time and float down to the finish line.

I hear it is a lot of fun to watch them as they twist and turn and often get go off track.  Sometimes they get caught up on something and it takes awhile to break free.

The first few ducks to cross the finish line.  There are several prizes to be won. 

You can even win up to one MILLION dollars!  Wow!

Plus you're helping a good cause.  The money is all donated to the Children's Bureau which helps abused children.

On top of all this, you get a free entry into Wild Rivers to go on all the rides yourself.  So, you can't lose.

This doesn't take place until Oct. 2, 2011 but, I wanted to get the word out to everyone.

I have read that Wild Rivers is going to close and the rubber duck derby is the last day they will be open.  They plan to tear it down and build apartments.

So, if you are in the area, I hope you too will go and race along with me.  To find out more info you can click here to read more.

No, I'm not getting paid for this post.  I just thought it was a great cause and also a super good deal for anyone interested.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Tonight we decided to head over to one of the local parks that are showing free movies on a large screen.

I've heard about these movies that are shown all over this summer.  Some are at the beach, some are in parks and some are even down the street from us at the Orange County Preforming Arts Center.

I've never been to one though.

We got there early so we could get a good seat and eat the dinner we brought with us.

They had an area set up to take photos.  It was a backdrop and blow up guitars. 

This sort of gives you a hint to the movie we saw.  Can you guess what it was?

Before the movie started, a local dance group came up and danced to a few of the numbers in the movie.  It was really cute.

Once it got dark outside, everywhere you looked seemed to glow from the glow sticks/necklaces they handed out.

They also tossed out a few free t-shirts.  Trinity one one and put it on to help keep her warm.

Even though it's the middle of the summer and most of the country is in a heat wave, we have been lucky to have nice days and the evenings cool off. 

Since we were pretty close to the beach, it got down right chilly.

OK, here is a big hint about the movie.  I bet most of you can guess what it was now.  Right?

Yes, it was Grease.  I've always loved this movie and it was even more fun watching it tonight with a lot of fans.  Everyone was singing and dancing in their seats. 

I really had a blast.  It was sort of like when I was younger and would go to drive in movies, only better.

I'm sure this is only the first of many outdoor movies I'll be seeing.

How about you?  Have you gone to any outdoor community movies in your area?