Thursday, September 5, 2013


I love pies!  Most people I know love pies too.  Homemade pies are the best.  Yet, I don't have the desire to take the time to make them. 

That is until now!

I got a Breville Pie maker as a gift from my sister.  I love it.  I can now make pies in a matter of minutes. 

I can also make different flavors for everyone. 

It's so easy.  I thought I would share with you just how easy it is.

You can make four mini pies at a time. 

Just heat up the pie maker.  While you are waiting for it to heat, roll and cut out your dough. 

You can use your own dough, puff pastry or even store bought dough.  For this example I used Pillsbury already made dough.

A cutter comes with the pie maker.  I forgot to take pictures of me cutting out the dough.  But, it's super simple.  If you have a used a cookie cutter then you can do this.

Place the cut out piece of pie dough over one of the spots in the pie maker.

Then push it into the cup area with the little "pusher" that is included with your pie makers.

You will now have the bottom part of your pies ready to be filled.

If your pie dough should rip in a spot or two, don't worry. 

Just put a little piece of left over dough over the spot.  You won't even notice it when the pie cooks.

Fill your pies with whatever filling you like.  I canned some cherry pie filling a few months ago so I used that.

It says to put in 1/3 a cup of filling in.  I don't measure it out.  I just put enough in that it forms a little mound.  You need the mound so the pie crust on top reaches the top of the pie maker.  That way it cooks evenly.

Put the top layer of pie crust on top.  No need to crimp it.  The machine does that for you.

You can make all the same flavor or each pie could be different if you like.

Close the lid and make sure the handle locks.  Then in a few minutes your pies will be finished.  The booklet that comes with the machine says it takes around 10 minutes to cook.

I found that it doesn't take as long to cook.  After about 4 minutes I open the machine up and check to see if the crust is cooked and golden brown.  If it's not, I close the lid and let it cook longer.  I check ever minute after that.

One thing that does not come with the machine is this pie lifter.  I would highly recommend you get it.  Otherwise, I fear it would be hard to get your pies out without always breaking.

With the lifter, they just lift right up. 

So there you have it.  In about 15 minutes you have your mini pies all made.

Clean up is a breeze too.  You just whip out the machine.  Nothing sticks to it. 

If you need more pies, just start all over. 

You can make tons of things with this pie maker.  You can make things like a pot pie or even use bread rather then pie crust and fill it with meat and cheese for a sandwich.  The sky is the limit as to what you can do with these.

There are other models and makers of the pie machine.  You can get cheaper ones.  I can't speak for the others but this one works better then I ever dreamed it would. 

If you have any questions, let me know.  I would be happy to answer them.