Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Inis at A LOVELY THING is hosting a wonderful Giveaway called CHRISTMAS IN JULY. She has asked that we all join in the fun and sign up to do the give away with her. Just like The Cottage Charm Giveaway that so many people signed up for.

I thought it sounded like fun so I'm joining in. I just have not gotten all my things together yet so I will be posting the picture of my giveaway in the next few days.

UPDATED: Please go here http://cottageinthemaking.blogspot.com/2008/07/pictures-of-my-christmas-giveaway.html to see pictures of giveaway.

To enter my giveaway just leave me a message on THIS POST or the one showing the pictures by July 31st to be entered. I will draw the winning name on Aug 1st.

If you want to join in, and make this as fun as the Cottage Charm Giveaway was, just click on the picture above, and sign up. Then post about it on your blog.

I hope we get lots of people to join us!

Be sure to stop by A LOVELY THING to see everyone who has joined in, so you can sign up for their giveaways also. Good luck to everyone!

I also wanted to thank Kelly at Tea Cups and Ponies for the nice ARTE Y PICO award. That was so kind of you Kelly.

Also, Pat from Mille Fiori Favoriti gave me the JUST PLAIN FUN TO READ award. That sure made me have a big smile all day.

I've posted both of these awards on the right of my blog.

I know I should pick other bloggers to receive these awards but, there are so many that I love it would be to hard to do. So, I'm going to leave this open to any of you who would like to pick them up. Because in my eyes you ALL deserve both awards.



Mistress Meeyee said...

I would love to win a giveaway! Super cool.

cpullum said...

I would also love to win!
Nice Giveaway!

Gone said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving the comments about the Tea Party!


Angie said...

congrats on your awards, joanne! you definitely deserve them...your photography is just gorgeous..i really enjoy it...you have a gift. your jewelry last post was breathtaking..wow! thanks for sharing that with us.


p.s. ohhh..and sign me up..crossing my fingers!

Debbie Kay said...


You know I never win but please enter my name, ya never know huh?



Sometimes It's Good said...

Thanks for coming by. The Carribean blue is my favorite color, too. It just came out last year so it's a little hard to find it on sale.

We still want to move to Huntington but the housing market is so down, we can't sell our house for enough money. So whenever the market picks up, we'll move. Our house payments are very low out here and we don't have any problems with our mortgage so we're just waiting it out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne, It was so nice to read your sweet remarks on my post. I do appreciate them! It looks like you are busy with a giveaway---sign me up, I'm always excited for the chance to win something! Happy blogging.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Glad you enjoyed the award Joanne. It is very hard to chose blogs to give it to as they are all great.

Yes, please enter me in your give away. Sounds like fun!

Hugs, Pat

Mary Ellen said...

It's me again, reading and drooling over your blog......if you have a minute, pleae pop over to mine, as I have given you an award.......you are a true inspiration......

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Joanne, you touch my heart so much. I have went back and re-read your comment about 3 times.
You are so knowledgable about the heart..
Thank you for your wisdom. I am so happy to have met you through blogging.
Your friend, Nita

Anne Fannie said...

Hi, please add my name to your giveaway. What a fun giveaway!

Connie said...

Joanne, the Red Barn is out in Beaumont. It's just the first exit after the fruit stand and as I recall it's one of the first things you come to on the left side after exiting. I'd definitely make the trip again.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up please! Sounds like fun!!

Michele P. said...

Sounds like a fun giveaway! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Sign us up - we are going to get something around too - we are doing Christmas in July this weekend anyway....we'll have everything out to snap pictures!
Thanks for letting us know!
Karla & Karrie

Lori said...

Joanne, So lovely to meet you today when you left a comment! And hey pretty cool a give away too! I had such fun loking at past posts of yours and the awesome flowers you have! CA is a great hydrangea spot I see! I so enjoy when you let us tag along and show us your shopping! Loved the resturaunt review! Take care dear! Lori

Unknown said...

Hi Joanne...I'd love to be enetered into your giveaway. But I was trying to find the blog A lovely Thing and could not...would you be so kind to post a link so I too could add my name for having a giveaway. Thanks so much!


Kristi Price said...

Count me in please and thanks Joanne!

I need to start a blog because one thing I can do is talk ALOT. ~grin~ Maybe one day soon I can try my luck at it.

Take care! Kristi

Beth Ann said...

I would LOVE to see what is in your give-away, but suspense is even better!
Please enter me! Thank you!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...


Football and Fried Rice said...

I would love to win too!!! Pick me! Pick me!! :=)

Evelyn said...

Thanks for offering a give-away for Christmas In July!

Debb said...

Just blogging around and come across your please sign me up for your drawing.
Thanks Debb

Jenna Z said...

Fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sue Cahill said...

Please throw my name in the hat, I would love to win some Christmas cheer!
Sue Cahill (sonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Susan said...

Would love to be entered into your giveaway.

Thank you, susan

Beth Ann said...

PS- I have you mentioned on my blog for the give-away! Come see! :)

Thank you!

chook said...

I would love to be in your draw please
hugs Beth

sewtakeahike said...

thank-you so much for the heads up on your giveaway! very lovely items!