Friday, July 3, 2009


Well I went with a light blue for the top part of the bathroom walls. What do you think?

I almost went with pink but at the last minute went with blue. I also will have lots of polished chrome accents in the room.

Polished chrome was very popular in the 1930's and so that's why I went with that. It's hard to find things in polished chrome anymore. Most things have had to be special ordered.

Here is the new door. I don't really like it. I wanted a french door but then I wouldn't be able to open up any window and since we use this door a lot to go outside we didn't want to remove it.

I want to cover the window up with some kind of curtain or maybe even a fancy pull down shade like they used to have. Any ideas?

When I was growing up the house I lived in had push button light switches. So I knew someday I would use them somewhere.

I thought this room was perfect for them. I love them. Funny how I can get so excited about a light switch but I do.

Even the door hinges were replaced with polished chrome. It's the little things that really make a room, don't you think?

The plugs were lowered and covered with polished chrome also.

The grout on the floor is finished. Sadly the toilet tank had a crack in it so we have to replace it. The sink is ready to be put in but we don't have the faucets yet. Nor do we have the faucets for the bath/shower. They have to touch up paint too.

I did buy a shower curtain but am still looking for a polished chrome rod. Then the only other thing is a ceiling light. I found a few I liked but again I have to order them. It's going to be about a month before they come in! So I'm still looking around.

Oh and the door knobs, I'm getting fancy polished chrome door knobs too but for now we will keep what what is on there to use until the new ones come in.

So the next time you see this room it will be finished! Then the 2nd bath will be started on.

I'll be gone on the Alaska cruise when the bathroom is finished so I'll be excited to come home and see it all finished.


Unknown said...

That blue is so pretty! It really softens the stark black and white! Love it!

Happy 4th of July to you and yours! :)

Allidink said...

I like it blue! I think you should put an old fashioned pull shade on that window so cute!

All the best,

Harbor Hon said...

Happy 4th Joanne!

Loving that blue so much. I haven't seen push button light switches since I lived in our old house with my parents. I adored them then and still do with you using them now.

Enjoy your trip. xxoo

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Blue? Who would have thunk? I was sure you would do Pink. But the blue looks fabulous Joanne! It looks really great with the chrome accents. What a great makeover this is! Great job Joanne!

Hope your 4th was grand!
Hugs, Sherry

RachelD said...

This is looking quite beautiful, and I know you can't wait to see it finished.

A shade would be perfect, with a pretty pattern, maybe, like same-color brocade or like that Anaglypta wallpaper, just lights and shadows. And a dainty satin-covered "pull" on a silken cord.

Windows of that time were often dressed with little top-and-bottom rods holding a single curtain stretched tight between them.
They also caught them in the center with a pretty binding, making an hour-glass shape when privacy was not needed.