Monday, July 20, 2009


First I want to make it clear that this post is NOT meant to brag or make it sound like I'm so great. This is only to discuss Random Acts of Kindness to a Stranger.

If you have ever done something for someone just to put a smile on their face you have done an Act of Random Kindness. But, the truth is when you do this you not only make the person you are being nice to feel good but it makes yourself feel good for helping.

Normally when I do little things I just keep it to myself. The feeling of being kind is enough without having to tell others about it. Read on and I'll tell you why I'm talking about this now.

Last night I was reading Craigslist. I often read the WANTED section to see if I have anything that someone wants. I figure it is a good way to do a Random Act of Kindness.

If I'm able to help someone out and put a smile on their face then maybe they will pass it on and that person will pass it on...soon the world will be a better place.

Anyway, last night I read a post from a lady who said she had been taking in little kittens that have either lost their mommy or was sick and was abandoned by the owner. She would feed them, bathe them, take them to the vet, get them shots and when they are well enough or old enough she would find homes for them.

However, she lost her job and was having a hard time supporting herself let alone taking care of stray kittens/cats. Yet, a few weeks before she came across 3 kittens who was without their mommy because she got hit and killed by a car. So she took them in.

They were only 4 or 5 days old. She feeds them every 1 1/2 hours and was in need of help to buy them some milk.

So I emailed her and offered to meet her at PetCo. I bought a gift card from there and gave it to her to help feed the kittens.

I was so thrilled and touched because she brought the kittens with her so I would believe she really did have them and wasn't just trying to scam me. She let me hold them and even bottle feed them. They were so cute!

She was so touched that I would offer to help her. She even cried when I gave her the gift card. Yet I was touched by how kind she is to take these kittens in and help them even when she can't afford food for herself.

As I left she gave me a hug and said she was going to send me pictures of the kittens as they grow up and let me know when they found homes. How thoughtful of her.

I drove home feeling so good. Not only because I was able to help out, even if it was just a small thing, but because I got to see first hand, what wonderful people are out there. People we don't even know.

I got to thinking about ways to do small Random Acts of Kindness and thought there are so many little things we can do to brighten someones day.

I thought I would share a few ways I've helped out and was hoping you will share ways you help out. Sometimes there are ways that are wonderful that we may have never thought of so by sharing maybe we can give each other some ideas.

A few things I've done in the past are:

1. When going through the toll booth I'll pay for the car in back of me. I then drive off quickly as I don't want to be thanked. I just want to know that the person was surprised and for at least one minute their day was brightened by a stranger.

2. I've gone to Fast Food places and went through the drive thru. When I get to the window to pay I will offer to pay for the car in back of me. Again, I leave without being thanked. I will ask the person at the window to tell the person "A stranger paid your bill to make you smile today and hopes you will pass on that smile to someone else later in the day".

3. I've taken a homeless person to lunch. Not just buy the lunch and leave but actually sat there and ate lunch with him. He enjoyed having someone to talk to and I felt like I was honored to be able to take him out.

4. I've gone to an elderly lady or man in a rest home and just spent some time talking to them or listening to them. Often they have no one that goes to visit and even a few minutes really makes their day. They feel like someone cares and they are important, which they are.

These are just a few of the little things that I've done that doesn't really cost much money or time but hopefully will be a little nice moment that these people will remember.

So please, share with me things you have done or things that you have thought of to bring joy to a persons life, if even for a minute.

Or if some stranger has done something nice for you, please tell us what they did.



Connie said...

What a terrific post and idea, sugar! I'll remember that when I go through the drive-thru next time. You're a sweetheart, chick!

Tracey said...

Joanne, what a wonderful way to help people. I think your doing wonderful things for people who are less fortunate and the "Pay it Forward" theory is great! I try to do this for people, but I always ask them to "pay it forward" and try to do for someone else in there life. If we all did this, what a great, loving world we'd live in!!

Unknown said...

This is a great post, Joanne. I wish everyone did these things. I'm going to do more random acts of kindness. You inspired me.
Hugs, Susan

Brenda Pruitt said...

I'm so glad you did share this! When we hear of others doing these things, we think to do it ourselves. Just because it reminds us to take the time to do so. So thank you for that. You did a wonderful thing, and seem prone to doing nice things for strangers. Me, when my foot isn't in a steel boot (garden injury) I volunteer for Meals On Wheels once a month. I should do it more. That has been my schedule for two or more years though. You see a lot of elderly folk who are shut ins. So don't think you're tooting your own horn. You're just giving us a little "incentive" to do the same!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

You are so lovely Joanne. And don't forget, you offered to make a cake for a strangers birthday party :)

A Southern Rose said...

That was so kind of you! I know that she was very thankful! I think the gift card idea was a great one.

One of the things that I do is after I have visited with my grandma who is in the nursing home, I sometimes stop in another little lady's room and talk to her. Something about her pulled me in there that 1st time. She just looked so loney and sad sitting there all by herself. She didn't have any pictures on the walls of family like the other people had. It made me so sad. One of the nurses said that she didn't have any family left. She looked to be around 90 years old. She never had children. She doesn't talk a whole lot...she just listens. When I walk into her room her whole little face just lights up. Sometimes she will talk about her husband that passed away many years ago. I can tell that she really loved him. It makes me feel warm inside whenever I see her face light up like it does and I know that it makes her feel good to have someone to visit her.

Elenka said...

I don't know you, really or vitually, but you seem like a wonderful person. You're an inspiration.