Saturday, December 13, 2008


It sure has been cold at nights and in the morning here. We don't get snow but we do get frost. Sometimes is pretty thick and almost appears to be light dusting of snow. At least in my mind it does.

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We even turned the heater on this morning. Yes, I know for you who live where it gets really cold you must be laughing at us California girls who get cold when it dips down into the 50's. But, we are used to much warmer weather here.

Don't get me wrong. I'm loving ever minute of cold. I wish I lived where it was cold all the time. I hate being hot. Besides, it's meant to be cold at Christmas time. Who can get in the mood for Santa when it's 80 degrees outside? Not me.



Darlene said...

Brrrrr it does look cold. We are possibly in for some nasty days here in Oklahoma starting Monday....they are talking about sleet, ice and highs in the 20's and 30's. We will wait and see what happens.

Glenda said...

Amen sister, it's now staying in the 40's up here.

It's still cold in this house. I refuse to turn the heat on at night. I bundle up and turn the blanket on. My son just puts layers on the bed.

I like it cold too. I am not a heat girl, all though I did live in an area that was hot for a bit.

Stay warm

Mistress Meeyee said...

I am in Mississippi and it gets so hot in the summer here!! You wouldn't believe it,really.It gets very cold here in the winter too.It's been in the 30's at night but we do not get snow every year.So far,no snow this year.Not where I live in MS. Other parts have had snow last week.

w00ts up said...

Lol! Yes, as a fellow California girl my relatives laugh at me when I talk about how cold it is here. But ya know, it's hard to weather the cold when all you have is flip flops.

Michelle said...

Hi Joanne ~ Just stopping in to say hi...sorry I haven't visited lately :( Hope you're doing well.

It's been quite snowy and cold here in MI (highs in the 20s)...the kids have had 2 snow days so far. I am not much for the cold but I agree with you - what's Christmas without it being colder (with snow, in our case)?!

Kris said...

My first visit to your blog. Love your blue and white Christmas colors.

Have a nice day,


Lady Katherine said...

I am always sad to see the frost get my flowers. But we got snow, which is rare in Mississippi!