Tuesday, December 9, 2008


To me 1/2 the fun of presents are the pretty, cute, clever and unique ways you can wrap them.

I was looking for some different ideas to wrap presents this year and I found these great ideas and thought I would share them with you.

This Santa inspired package would be easy to make. Just pick up a box from a craft store, paint or wrap it red and then add a belt. You could even use a real belt and have it be part of the gift if you like.

How about taking plain brown paper and adding ribbons or colored tape to give it a classic Burberry look?

I love this idea. Take plain newspaper, wrap your bottle of wine, tie a ribbon on it then cut the top of the paper and with your scissors curl the paper like you would ribbon.

How about putting fresh flowers on the package of a Gardener.

Talk about recycling! This person used some of those Christmas catalogs that come in the mail every day at this time of year. Just tape the different pages together on the back side and wrap your gift up.

Take some of your favorite photos and copy them to make your own gift wrap. Past Christmas photos make fun paper for this year.

What about using the stock section of the paper for your fellow investor.

I loved this idea. Taking brown paper and adding buttons to make a tree and using strips of trim or material as the ribbon.

Another cute idea using brown paper. Take some red felt, cut with fancy scissors and then cut out circles to make a snowman out of white felt. Add buttons and twigs to finish the picture.

This package is pretty. Again using brown paper as the base, adding some vintage inspired material and lace, a page from a book and a few buttons. Very sweet.

More pretty trim, buttons and trim on brown paper.

What about using blue prints to wrap your gifts?

Of course maps always make pretty wrapping. You can even use the North Pole area and mark it as Santa's home.

I love this wrapped gift using a map. It wasn't for Christmas but could easily be turned into a Christmas paper by changing the the words "Mother of the Bride" to Merry Christmas and adding a bit of glitter to the star bow on top.

I hope you enjoyed these pretty wrapped presents as much as I did. I got some fun ideas from them. How about you? Did you get inspired to try a different look this year?



Darlene said...

Those are some really CUTE ideas!!

Anonymous said...

great packaging ideas! some are so pretty i would be afraid to open it!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Joanne!

I've been having some computer problems so I'm very behind in many of my favorite blogs.

These are great ideas! I've used the Sunday cartoons as wrapping paper in the past for birthdays. One of my friends used brown mailing paper for all her gifts and decorated them in pretty ribbons. Another used holiday dish towels instead of tissue paper in gift bags.

Hugs, Pat

Glenda said...

I really like some of these. I like the work map one more it just caught my eye.


Unknown said...

I loved all the ways to wrap, very cleaver ones, some too pretty to open! Thanks for sharing!


I stopped by to say hello. Great wrapping ideas!

Winter blessings,

Gone said...

Those are absolutely GORGEOUS wrapping ideas, Joanne.

Paula said...

I'm not one to really take time to wrap but these are just too darn cute!! I might have to put a little time into the outside of my gifts this year since there aren't very many! Thanks for the ideas....

Bek said...

What great ideas, I want to do something different this year with my gifts, I have lots of ideas now.



Catherine said...

That`s a nice bunch of ideas and easy to do. Thanks.

Alice said...

Such great wrapping ideas. Just yesterday I noticed that cheese boxes were on sale at my deli. I was thinking how I might use them for gift boxes. Now I know--the Santa look would work perfectly!

Unknown said...

Joanne, Those are some really good ideas! I love them all!

w00ts up said...

What a great post! Great ideas!