Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I know I said I was going to post about this two days ago but I've had problems getting the photos to upload properly.

Anyway, Glenda, from Many Fond Memories and I went on a tour at the Queen Mary called Paranormal Investigations. They only have this tour on Fridays at Midnight. It is lead by a well known Paranormal Investigator.

We got there a little bit early so while we were waiting we decided to look around a little bit before the tour started.

Glenda had taken a few photos and then while taking a photo of a staircase she noticed she had what is called an orb.

For those of you who don't know, an orb is what they call it when you catch a "spirit, ghost or energy" of a dead person on film. You can not see them in person. They just show up in photos or on film.

Glenda showed me her photos with the orbs. I then took out my camera to see if I got the same things. After all, sometimes what appears to be an orb is really nothing more then a speck of dust or water or some other mark on your camera lens.

Having two cameras taking photos of the same area would not likely show an orb if one was not really there.

So I clicked my first photo of the stairs and this is what I got.

An orb! I was really surprised to see this. You see, I assumed all these ghost stories I've heard about at the Queen Mary was really nothing more then just that...stories. Stories of sightings in order to bring in the tourist.

So, after seeing that I too had an orb in my photo I then said out loud "OK then, is there anyone else who wants to come along on the tour with us? If so, come out now." Then I clicked the camera again.

Much to my amazement that photo had even more orbs. Now I was not sure if I was starting to believe yet or not. So again I spoke out loud. This time I said "If you are really a spirit showing up then make yourself much brighter so I can really see you." Then I took another photo.

As you can see I got a much brighter orb this time. There is also a smaller fainter one at the top of the stairs.

I have to admit I was a bit freaked out by this. Not scared. Just a strange feeling.

We then left and went back to meet up where the group was gathering waiting for the Paranormal Investigator to show up.

We spoke to the guy who had checked us in and told him about our photos. He was a young guy who had been working at the Queen Mary for about 2 years and when he first started he said he didn't believe in ghosts or anything with the paranormal. After working there he said he has never seen anything but he has felt things. Things like the room getting cold and someone touching him when no one was in the room.

He asked which set of stairs we took the photos at. When we told him he smiled and said that many people have seen things there. He then said those stairs were right by where the children's play room used to be.

Could we have captured some spirits that were really there? I don't really know. I do know it was strange that I asked for certain things and then the next picture they showed up.

Finally our Tour Guide showed up. His name is Pat and he is the one who founded the Paranormal Tours at the Queen Mary. He also is the founder of a Paranormal Magazine. I forgot which one. To be honest, I never even knew there was one.

He then explained what the equipment was that was used when doing investigation and showed us how everything worked. Then he handed out stuff so everyone had a flash light and some piece of equipment to use.

It turned out there was a team of Investigators from San Diego on the ship doing research. We ran into them at the pool area. We were asked to be quiet and careful so as not to disturb their work.

They were set up just outside the pool area in the hall. They were picking up some kind of readings of activity with their camera, infrared machine and something that measures the electromagnetic readings.

I didn't see or feel anything as I watched them.

Our investigator told us there have been stories by many people of a little girl that has been seen in the pool area. There have been sightings of wet footprints coming from the pool even though there is no water in the pool any longer.

Also a lady in white with no head has been seen there.

There is another tour at the Queen Mary that is a special effect show/tour and they darken the room and foot prints appear to be walking on the deck. Our guide told us he was the one who painted the foot prints for the special effect show and so we shouldn't come to him saying we saw foot prints as they were not real.

I took a photo to show the painted foot prints. However, right near them...an orb shows up. Right in the area where the little girl is said to be seen.

Her name is Jackie and it has been reported that she has been seen upstairs in this area and also heard. I didn't hear or see or feel anything and nothing showed up in my photos.

The investigator told us that while doing a four day investigation in the pool area they picked up the sound of a little girl giggling in this area at 3:00am.

This is just another shot of the pool area. As you can see, I didn't pick up orbs in every picture. In fact, more often then not I got nothing. So they clearly were not just something on my camera lens.

This area is in back of the pool and was the woman's changing room. There have been lots of reports of people seeing things and hearing voices in this area. Many believe this is where there is a portal that is a pathway between this world and the hereafter.

There are no lights in this area any longer. Glenda and I waited until everyone left this area and turned off our flash lights to see if we felt or heard anything.


We moved on to areas not open to the public at all. We went to the front cargo hold area. To get there you have to go through back rooms, storage areas and climb lots of stairs.

This is also the area where they kept the Prisoners of War. Many of whom died here.

We are sitting in an area just before we entered the actual room. We were warned that if we had any fear of heights or closed spaces that we should stay here and wait for the rest of the group to return.

To get to where we were going we had to climb down a very old, narrow and long ladder. Once we got down we would be in the very bottom of the ship where the Prisoners were held durning World War II.

We were also warned that down there we had to be very careful because there were several places of missing floor boards and we could very easily fall down through the boards and get hurt.

Do you see the orbs in the photo above? Could these be some of the Prisoners or Soldiers from the War?

This is a shot looking down to where were going. Believe me it's much further down then these photos look. It was a scary and eerie feeling just looking down there.

I did have a strange feeling about going down there. Like it wasn't a happy place. A feeling of sadness and gloom came over me.

Do you see the orbs?

But, we were brave and went down. Not everyone in our group did so.

Another shot just before I turned around to go down the ladder. I had a fear that maybe I was doing the wrong thing by going down there.

No orbs in this shot.

This is once I'm down there. I was taking a lot of photos. I caught many orbs down in this area.

It's said to be the most haunted place on the ship.

Our guide played a recording for us of sounds and voices that he had captured over time.

It was scary as we heard voices saying "Help me!" and "We are dying". There were banging sounds and clinging noises.

Our guide had us all sit down so we would be safe. We were going to turn the lights out and record as he asked questions. Everyone was very quiet and we all waited to hear answers to questions such as "Is there anybody with us? Can you make a noise so we know you are here? Will you show yourself to us? Do you want us to leave?".

My heart was beating a bit faster as I waited. It was pitch black down there. I just knew were were going to hear something or see something right before our eyes. The feeling in there was so strong that we were not alone.

After about 15 minutes he stopped the recording and we turned our lights back on and listened to the recording. Again...nothing.

Yet the photos once again showed more orbs.
I snapped a few more photos before heading back up the ladder. Which, by the way, was even scarier going up then it was going down. I had a feeling someone or something didn't want us to leave.

I had a photo showing the ladder and near it were orbs but even though I finally was able to get it to upload here I notice it is now missing again.

Is there a problem with blogger or does someone not want that picture to be shown??? I don't know.
We then went to the engine room. You can see one of the other investigators was in there running tests.

You also notice that to the left of the door it says 13. That is door 13 where a young man of 19 who had just become a fireman was killed as the door shut on him trapping him between rooms.

It is said that this young man still is there in the engine room. Seen by many over the years.
At this point I was standing next to Glenda and we both took a photo of this area. She took a picture first and I then clicked my camera thinking maybe I would capture an orb that may or may not be the young man that was killed.

What I saw was not an orb. I saw a shadow. This shadow did not show up on Glenda's photo so I knew it was not something on the wall or the way the light was shinning.

One of the San Diego Paranormal Investigators heard me talking to Glenda about maybe seeing something. So he asked to see my camera. He agreed that was was captured was not what we could see with our own eyes. He said he wasn't sure what it was but it wasn't a shadow made by any light up in the area as nothing was up there. He found it to be very interesting.
I zoomed in and took another photo and captured it again.

Click on the photos to blow them up for a better look. Everyone agreed it looked like a shadow of a person with a hat on.

The real strange thing was Glenda did capture this same type of image only in the swimming pool area.

Did someone decided to walk with us on the tour???
Now I don't know if what we caught on film is a ghost or spirit. I do know we could not explain them or rule them out as being anything certain.

Are they from those who lost their life while on the Queen Mary years ago? I can't say. I'll let you decide.

I had so much fun on this tour. However, I did think our Investigator was all wrong for this tour. He would try to put a damper on everything everyone saw, heard, felt or captured on film. He said it was his job to explain what these unknown things were. Though he did agree that not everything could be explained.

At the end of the tour we returned all the equipment and he said "So did you have fun? Wasn't that boring? That's what 99% of the time is as a Paranormal Investigator". I was shocked he said that. After all, doesn't he want people to think they saw things, heard thing or felt a presence? Isn't that how they get more people to sign up for the tours? Strange.

There are a lot of words I would use to describe this tour but boring was not one of them.

I want to thank Glenda for finding out about this tour and for asking me to go along. It was really like no other tour I've ever been on before.


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Wow! Incredible! There are so many orbs there. Your photos are great! What interesting stories. If I ever get the chance to visit Calif that would be a very interesting place to visit. Especially with someone that can sense those things, but then again maybe they wouldn't WANT to! LOL!
Big hugs, Sherry

Anonymous said...

Wow... how awe and inspiring... how did you sleep the next couple of nights... It would have been hard for me.

Thanks for sharing...

Just A Gal...

Nancy at EmbroideryIt.com said...

That was really interesting. Spooky! Thanks for sharing all your photos!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

That is totally cool! I took my kids on the tour last April. I'm going back to look at my pictures a little closer now! Thanks for sharing.

Come and check out the pictures of the Breakfast at Tiffany's party!

Cindy said...

That sounds so cool! I think my daughter would love to go on that tour and so would I!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hi, I got handful of photos with lots of orbs to various places we visited here in China. I hope I could meet or talk to someone about it too. Thanks for sharing..

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hi Joanne,
It's me again. Thanks that you mentioned about the "someone" in my husband's photo I had taken last Valentines. Yeah, there are lots of orbs in that area. I can show you some more photos if you want. It's really scary. Even in the toilet, you can almost feel their presence.
Hope to hear from you. I hope to share this.. Thanks

Jean Tuthill said...

WOW! I wish I was there. My sisters, nephews and I have gone to cemeteries and took pictures of orbs. I have many of them. We think it's fun and it's scary at the same time, so I know how you felt. We don't mess around too much, 'cause we don't want any evil spirits coming around! Thanks for your story, it was great!

Sonia said...

I saw the episode of TAPS when they investigated this ship. Very interesting.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I'm with you! That would never get boring,cause you never know what lurks around the corner or when a spirit will decide to make their presence known. Great fun!

Sweet Wishes,

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

VERY interesting! I enjoyed this post and really appreciate your honesty about what you found or didn't find. Scary but cool!!
Patricia :o)

Anonymous said...

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