Thursday, February 26, 2009


I admit it, I have a crush on Craig Ferguson. He is the Scottish comedian on the Late Show.

When I first started to watch his show I thought he was funny and entertaining. But the more I watched the more I found I had a crush on him.

I love his accent! I think he is handsome. I find his personality to be wonderful. He seems to be down to earth and friendly.

He just became an American citizen and he just got married.

Every night I make sure I'm done doing whatever needs to be done so I can turn on the TV and end my day with a laugh as I watch his show.

Have you ever seen him before? If not, then I suggest you stay up to watch him or at least set your DVR or VCR to record him. I think you would get a laugh or two and find that pretty soon you too had a crush!



Cottage Way of Life said...

I agree with you Joanne, Craig is pretty darned cute!

Harbor Hon said...

I have loved this man since I first saw him on the Drew Carey Show. He's fabulous! xxoo

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What have I been missing? I will try and find him and watch. Sounds interesting. Well..and he is a doubt about that! :)
YOU have no idea how I miss watching my shows. Another story for another day...but I do miss TV.