Friday, October 1, 2010


Every year, my good friend throws a birthday party for herself. Though it's really more of a party for her friends then herself.

She always has a cute theme, a lovely lunch, darling decorations and she also provides all the items for everyone to either scrapbook or make cards.

As if that is not enough, she sends everyone home with goodie bags filled to the brim with all sorts of fun items.

This year her theme was HELLO KITTY. She has always loved HELLO KITTY and even though most of her friends wanted her to pick another theme, she was true to herself and went with what she loved.

She starts planning and purchasing items for her parties up to a year in advance.

She found the cute little HELLO KITTY heads at Easter time. You know how they now have different type of plastic eggs in many shapes now? Well she picked up the HELLO KITTY eggs and used them to put pink and white bubble gum in them.

She made the darling place cards. The place card holders were sold at TJ Maxx at Christmas time. I loved these! My favorite part of the whole party was the place cards and holders.

She used little pony tail bands with HELLO KITTY on them as her her napkin rings.

The first of several "favors" for us to take home were packed inside the little pink bag at each place setting.

The pink flowers were perfect for this theme. They were so perfect looking I thought they were silk at first.

Pink has always been her favorite color so it came as no surprise to see she went with the pink HELLO KITTY theme rather then the red one.

Even her snacks were pink. Pink candy, pink and white cookies, pink lemon aide.

She had little displays all around her house. I have to admit, while I wasn't a big HELLO KITTY fan before this party, I really did find everything to be darling.

No matter what her party theme is, she will dress up her stuffed monkey. I have no idea how she finds a little outfit for every theme, but she does.

I made the cupcakes for her party. They were banana cupcakes with cream cheese icing and of course they were topped with little HELLO KITTIES!

After we ate, we moved into the other room where all the crafting would be done. Everyone had their own set up with kits for card making, rubber stamp sets, candy to munch on and everything you would need for hours of crafting.

Everyone had a great time. We had a lot of laughs and as always, it was wonderful spending time with friends.

Happy Birthday Sandra, I had a blast!



Kathleen said...

So cute! And we are all kids at heart.
You did a great job on the cupcakes!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This party looks so adorable! My daughter-in-law is a big Hello Kitty fan ..I will have to show her this post.