Sunday, October 24, 2010


This coming Tues. we are having our Halloween party for my Girl Scout Troop. Today, I started to put things together.

I had found these cute little hat box looking containers and purchased them awhile ago.

I knew our Halloween party was going to be in the color theme of orange, black and white. So these were a perfect fit.

They are filled with little toys, craft items, an orange flash light to use for Trick or Treating, candy and other items.

I just added the orange ribbon and a craft sticker to make them a tad cuter. Oh yes, and the orange and black sucker.

I still have not decided if I'm going to have these at the place settings of each girl or give them to them on their way home. But, I do like how they came out.

I will not be having my annual big party I normally throw for Trinity and her friends. This year, Trinity said she didn't want to have a big party. I guess because of that, I have not really put my "party planning hat" on and so I'm a bit last minute with planning the Girl Scouts party. That is not like me!

I better get a move on! Thank goodness I have a small Troop.



Rach said...

So cute!

Kathleen said...

Those are adorable! Your troop is very lucky indeed!
I have been sick, pneumonia, so I haven't been around.
Good luck with your camera. I just got the Rebel T2i. Have lots to learn.
Used mrrebates and bought on line, so I think I got a good price.