Friday, October 22, 2010


Every year the local school puts on a Fall Festival. I like to go to support the school and to watch all the kids having fun.

They have good food. A Taco Truck comes and cooks up fresh tacos. Lots of yummy salsa, beans and rice too.

There are snacks to enjoy all night long. Dippin' Dots was just one of the many treats to be found.

There were raffle drawings.


The kids dressed up in costumes and had a costume parade and contest.

There were all sorts of costumes and while most years there is one or two costumes you see a lot of, this year was different. Not to many duplicates at all.

I enjoyed seeing the kids dressed up and having fun.

Most of the costumes were purchased from the store.

But, the winner of the costume contest was a homemade one. I loved it! Very cute and clever.

Here, the gang is going into the Haunted House. I didn't go in with them but I heard screams coming from inside. So, it must have been scary!

Trinity sought the comfort of her best friends mom when she came out. While I think some of it may have been real I do think she was putting on an act of being way more scared then she really was.

It was then Tattoo time. So many to pick from...

It wasn't just one of those wash off ones. It was more like Henna.

Trinity picked a cross with a heart on it and was very happy with the way it came out.

My friends cousin came and brought his new puppy that he rescued. This sweet little boy was found tied up and being used to taunt Pit Bulls into attacking it. How sad!

He was so kind to rescue the dog but is now looking for someone to watch the dog for 30 days so he can find a place to live that will allow dogs. I really hope he does. This dog seems to really love him and I know he loves the dog.

The longest line was for the Hamster Ball. From the looks on Trinity's face, I would say it was well worth the wait.

I know it was fun just watching everyone trying to walk around inside the big ball like a human hamster.

We all did the cake walk. They always remind me of when I was a kid at school.

It seems like they are still as popular as ever.

Trinity was lucky and won a cake. She picked the one her best friend made. They were going to spend the night together and she brought it over there so everyone could enjoy it.

I was happy I went to the Festival. It was fun spending time with family and friends. It really put me in the mood for Halloween!

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Kimberly Kay said...

Those are great! Thanks for sharing. Congrats to your cousin and the dog, what a cute fluff ball!! makes my blood BOIL when people abuse dogs...PEOPLE give pit bulls such a bad name! Ugg...sorry about the soap box. My mom has a rescued pit bull, she is great with the kids and way more well mannered than her Chihuahua-haha!