Saturday, October 30, 2010


I thought it would be nice to have a family day outing with some Halloween fun for my Girl Scout Troop.

So, that is what we did! We went to Boo at the Zoo.

The girls always enjoy getting to share time with family members. I know Trinity was happy her grandpa got to go with us.

I think the girls form tighter bonds when we go on outings. They get to laugh, run around and just have a great time.

They went through the maze. Thank goodness they didn't get lost.

Guess it goes to show that Girl Scouts are good at finding their way even without a compass.

Oh the hours they could have played with this beat up old jeep as the back drop for using their imagination.

They had a show called Creatures of the Night, where they brought out creatures that do best in the night time hours.

Like this big hairy tarantula.

Creepy, slithering snakes.

Also, opossums are seen mostly at night.

I've always thought these little guys are so cute. I know a lot of people hate them and think they look like big rats. But hey, I happen to think rats are cute too.

I fell in love with the Merry Go Round.

This bright blue hummingbird was my favorite.

All of the animals were so vivid and beautiful.

I think it was one of the prettiest Merry Go Rounds I've seen.

The kids picked the one that spun around. They got it spinning so fast. I was surprised I was able to catch a picture of it. Thanks to my new camera I was able to.

Even some of the animals were dressed up.

I can honestly say, I have never seen a goat dressed like Superman before. Have you?

The girls had so much fun.

They had games, trick or treating, rides, music, food, dancing and lights. What more could you ask for...oh yes, and let's not forget the animals on top of it all. It was at the zoo, after all.

It was only $12. Such a bargain. The laughs and smiles were worth way more then that.

I'm happy we went. It was a great time and we all made some super Halloween memories.

Happy Halloween to you!


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Unknown said...

looks like a great time, well worth the 12.00! Happy Halloween xx