Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A few months ago I posted about the place I wanted to go to for my birthday this year. I wanted to go to Gold Class Cinemas in Pasadena.

My birthday was on the 22nd of May but I wanted to wait until this week to go so I could see a movie I've been waiting to see.

Today was the day! When we got there, they had the red carpet rolled out for us. Really, the guy that worked there told me it was for us. So what if he tells that to everyone. I like to believe it was just for us.

This theater is much different then any other theater I've ever been to. Nothing I had read or heard had prepared me for this experience.

When you first walk in you are in a small room. There you will get your tickets. You will then be told to take the elevator or escalator down two floors to the lobby/lounge waiting area.

It was not your normal movie theater waiting area. No popcorn machine, counters filled with candy or soft drink machines.

There were plush chairs and couches, a full stocked bar and rooms that looked more like an upscale night club then a movie theater.

When it's almost time for your movie to start, you will be guided to the theater. The room is about the same size as most newly built theaters, with a nice large screen in front.

That will be the only thing that is the same as other movie theaters.

Here you will find super plush automatic recliners. These chairs are so soft they make you feel as if you are sitting on air. You do not feel any pressure where you sit. You don't sink down, the chair is not hard. It's just soft and the most wonderful feeling you have ever had.

You won't have to put your purse, backpack or packages on the floor. Just open the extra wide arm up and slip your belonging inside.

Before the movie starts, you can order what you want off the gourmet menu. Anything from potato chips with blue cheese dip to pasta or hamburgers can be ordered.

Your food will be brought to you during the movie. There is a list of wonderful desserts to pick from as well as gourmet popcorn and candy.

I ordered pasta with artichokes and cauliflower in a cream sauce and a dessert of strawberries with toasted angel food cake tossed in a mascarpone cheese sauce.

My sister Patty and our friend Julie both got the beef sliders.

Your food is put on your tables and as you can see there is a button you can push should you need anything else. If you decide later on you want something else to eat or drink, just push the button and within seconds a server will be there to take your order.

If you get cold just push the button and your server will bring you a plush, soft and cozy blanket with a pillow if you want.

I'm not sure but I wouldn't be surprised to find out if you asked for a foot rub I think they would do that too.

This place is so great. I can't say enough about it. It is a bit pricey at $22 - $29 a ticket but it is worth every penny. The food is extra but on Tues it is all half price. You can even order a fancy cocktail for 1/2 off on Tues.

We saw, Sex and The City II. It was cute. I enjoyed it. I wish they would have kept the girls in New York though rather then traveling across the world. While the costumes were pretty and it was fun to a part of the world I will never go to, I feel like New York is really the 5th lady the show has always been about and I missed seeing more of her.

I want to thank my sister, Patty, for treating me to a perfect day. I had so much fun and can't wait to go again.



Rach said...

Wow. Now thats movie watching in style! Great pick for a movie too! I saw it Friday.

Donna said...

Thanks for leaving a comment for dad, Joanne!

Lovely theater! I haven't seen the movie yet, but even without seeing it I agree with your thoughts about New York being an integral part of the movie. I did go to see Letters to Juliet and we really enjoyed it.

Hope you have a wonderful week - and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Unknown said...

Oh My ! We need one of those places in Memphis. I would drive in to see a movie there, lol....

Thanks for sharing and Happy Belated Birthday !


Barb said...

Hi Joanne,

Thank you for your wonderful comment (Memorial day post). As you can see, I am a little behind-hehe.

Your memorial day post made me teary.
Happy belated birthday!
That theater is amazing. I have never seen one like that.
Boy I miss Ca!

big hugs,

Sandi said...

I agree about what you said about NY - not quite enough time there. It was fun to see Carrie's apartment all fixed up though!
That theater is AMAZING!! I can tell how comfortable those chairs were!