Monday, June 7, 2010


Last year around this time, I did a mini cupcake review. I didn't go to a lot of different places to try cupcakes. But, when ever I happened upon a cupcake for sale I bought one and did a review.

This is I'm doing an all out big cupcake challenge review.

I am searching for the best cupcake in So. Cal and I'm willing to drive up to an hour away to find it.

That means I'm willing to go to Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside and parts of San Bernardino Counties to find great cupcakes.

I've always loved cupcakes but now that it seems they are more popular then ever, it's getting to be easier and easier to find cupcakes being sold.

My review will be in many different areas. Things such as:

Price - Most affordable to the highest price
Size - Smallest to largest. Not counting mini cupcakes
Frosting - both taste and amount
Most creative flavors
Best over all cupcake

Cupcakes make me happy. Heck, they make most everyone happy.

The hunt is now on. For the next several weeks I will be giving weekly reviews and then at the end I will give my "awards" to the best cupcakes around.

So, if you have a favorite cupcake place or if you own a shop and want to be included, please send me an email or leave me a comment here to let me know.

My first stop for cupcakes will be tomorrow. So, look forward to the review in the next day or two.



Unknown said...

I think you need to try The Perfect Circle Cupcakery in Orange, I hear they are very good.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Joanne..
Cupcakes seem to be sort of on a least I have not been hearing so much about them. They are still being served at our bakery..but...I would not say they were anything to scream about.
Too bad daughter #3 is not selling here..because they are just beautiful...
The bakery has made some that were in comparable..but she isnt' selling them. So...I am of no help whatsoever.

Am I still having company? So far just the dog (if that is what it really is) and my dog has a great time chasing it into the guest room and under the bed...and that was HER scratching because I caught her at it. First she stares under the bed with her butt in the air and scratches intensely and walks away. I watched that mystery has been solved. She scratches so hard in anger (guarding what she thinks is HER territory) that the marks splay her paws out. I am not persuing it. Mele watches and reacts sometimes...but otherwise not much. Something is there...just nothing going on and I refuse to get involved however...the last big hubbub was during the day and I was alone..and SOMEONE was there. I will keep you posted for any activity like that again.
Really can be upsetting and unnerving...
Thanks for checking..

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Have you tried Sprinkles in LA?